🇬🇧 Birthday chocolate and coffee cake, an amazing keto dessert

Hi everybody! It’s May the 18th and it’s
my birthday.
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let’s start today’s recipe that is of
course a birthday cake but not a normal
one my favorite cake
the ingredients for the base of this
cake are 100 grams of 90 percent dark
chocolate 100 grams of unsalted butter
and 2 eggs but you will also need
parchment paper and a 20 centimeter
diameter cake pan better if it’s the one
that you can open but let’s start by
melting the butter together with the
as you ready no you can do it using your
microwave but if you like the delicious
smell of chocolate in your kitchen you
can use the bain-marie technique also
known as water bus
while our ingredients are melting we can
cover the cake pan with a parchment
paper if you spread some butter under
your paper it will stick very easily
like I’m doing right now
add two entire eggs to your yummy liquid
and mix them very fast to make it faster
I use an electric mixer but you cannot
see me because I do it inside my sink
so the melted dark chocolate won’t
destroy my kitchen it’s very important
to do it fast so the eggs won’t become
hard due to the warm melted ingredients
so be careful with this step now into
the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees
Celsius there are about 400 Fahrenheit
the ingredients for the top of our cake
are 1 espresso coffee 1 spoon of instant
coffee 10 grams of gelatin 250 grams of
mascarpone cheese 250 milliliters of
heavy cream erythritol
as much as you need and some nuts for
the decoration I choose macadamia in
Peckham because I love them and they are
very low carbon don’t worry about the
ingredients you can read them below in
the description but now let’s go on with
this deliciousness
to stack the preparation of the top part
of our cake is better to wait until the
bottom is cooked because we must give it
the time to cool down so as you can see
the time arrived
let’s put our gelatin sheets in cold
water because they must soak for 10
minutes meanwhile we can warm our
espresso coffee together with the
instant one and some heavy cream put
your heat at medium because the cream
must not reach boiling point
still quite vigorously in order to mix
the three ingredients together and after
10 minutes squeeze and add your gelatine
at this point the steering is even more
important because we don’t want to boil
the cream but we want to use the warm to
melt our gelatine completely it will be
very unpleasant to find little pieces of
gelatine while eating our cake so be
sure not to skip this important step
while both the coffee and the chocolate
base are cooling down we can prepare the
rest of this birthday cake by mixing the
mascarpone cheese with the airy treat
all of course you can use your favorite
sweetener but to be ketogenic it must
have zero calories so as usual be
careful and read the labels of the
products you buy now to the sink for
whipping the rest of my heavy cream for
this specific recipe it must be very
thick so keep whipping a little longer
than usual and check it by turning
upside down your bowl if the cream won’t
fall it’s just perfect a disclaimer is
needed if it falls is not my fault
now let’s add our cream to the sweet
mascarpone when you incorporate whipped
cream or you add some other ingredient
to it it’s always better to mix by hand
so the cream want an width and if you
add some liquid like I do with a coffee
for it little by little as you see in
this video the chocolate base is
completely cold so we can add this
creamy topping I know this is not the
most beautiful cake but it’s definitely
my favorite so I choose to prepare it
being a chocolate and coffee dessert
it’s also a great treat for adults and
turning 48
I’m definitely well into my adulthood
after resting and getting harder into
the fridge we can unwrap the cake and
decorate it I like writing my edge on it
because at this point of my life candles
are too many
this is a peek of last year birthday
cake that has been an epic success so if
you are interested to know the easy
recipe you can find the link up here in
the description below and at the end of
this video but to prepare it you must be
very proud of your age we all know that
age is just a number so I proudly
present you my huge and happy 48 made
with bacon nuts because they have only
4% net carbs and macadamia with 5% carbs
and a great taste
it’s my lucky day the cake didn’t fall
so we are ready to party
I really hope you will like this cake as
much as I do but now it’s time to change
my outfit
for my birthday aperitivo I just invited
a few people and I will not make videos
see you next Monday with another recipe
video or suggestion about intergenic
diets thank you so much for being here
and thank you so much for my birthday
present that is subscribed to a channel
with the ingredients I used we had eight
generous slices of cake but don’t worry
if it’s too much for you because you can
keep it in the fridge and it will be
delicious for two or three days more
so enjoy keto and have fun

William Babineau

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