๐Ÿฅ—20+ DUMP AND GO FREEZER MEALS for a MONTH! Healthy Crockpot, Easy Casseroles, LOW CARB!

– Well hello friends,
happy day, happy day.
You’ve been hearing me run
my mouth about this already.
It is here, we are excited.
I am cooking up, I’m doing
all the freezer cooking
for my brand new large
family freezer meals
pack number seven, which is one
of my first two new low carb packs.
I also have a brand new
dairy free pack out.
Packs seven, eight and nine are available
to the universe, yay,
and now the super mega
ultimate freezer cooking
bundle is available too.
We’ll chat all about that,
but let’s get freezer cooking.
Today we are cooking up low
carb buffalo chicken wraps,
we’re doing Caesar pork roast, low carb
bacon cheeseburger casserole
bake, lime and cilantro
chicken, stuffed peppers,
chicken cauliflower curry,
Italian peppered beef roast,
low carb turkey meatballs,
I almost said murtballs, meatballs,
easy Italian chicken
and low carb meatloaves.
All of these super favorites.
We’re gonna end up with
right about 25 meals.
It’s going to be fantastic.
Also, a peek into how the
freezer cooking guides work
is there is a shopping list for everything
that is needed that is included.
Then there is a freezer
meal cooking prep guide
and it has all the little
prep steps you can do
to get cooking and then
you have all your recipes.
As a bonus there’s also the single
large family freezer meal plan.
If you don’t want 25 meals,
if you only need like 10,
you can use the single addition
and that’ll guide you
through just making a single
of each of the 10 recipes,
so if that’s what works
best for you, we have that
all laid out for you too.
Here’s a look at, we’ve
got two, both of the black
units there, those are refrigerators,
both of the white units are my freezers.
Here is my one freezer, this
is two freezers condensed.
So, we have a variety of freezer meals
when I was just putting these in here.
We’ve got some baked mac and
cheese, some baked spaghetti,
all the things that are not low carb, huh?
Yeah, that’s another baked spaghetti.
And there’s some burrito pie.
So we’ve got five, six,
seven, eight, nine,
10, so out of these 10,
couple burrito pies,
couple based spaghettis,
could baked macaronis.
We have the riced cauliflower,
we have some other meats
that are already frozen and hanging out,
some other veggies and such.
So this just kind of the catch
all for everything freezer.
And then, this freezer,
now I did just condense it
into the other one, this
one has nothing in it.
But I’m going to cook all of
pack seven, eight and nine,
and we’re going to get this
freezer nice and packed up
with those freezer meals, yay.
I got my bag packed up,
I always like to say
that I go shopping in
my outside refrigerator.
So I’ve got my big pile of vegetables.
We’re gonna go through here and prep.
I do like chopping, so I’m gonna sit
and do it the old fashion
way, and I will say
yesterday I actually, with
the Big Batch Cooking Guide,
I got started and I got the ground beef
that needed precooked, precooked.
So this is actually 20 pounds
of precooked ground beef.
For this particular pack
I only needed 14 pounds,
but my meat in 10 pound wraps from Costco,
so I went ahead and did 20.
So much cooking is
going down it won’t hurt
to have extra meat prepped
for the other packs too.
I can put my new faucet to good use.
I just love being able to get
things under there easily.
Gee, life changing.
I have some little odd and end vegetables
hanging out from my
last misfit market box,
so I’m gonna be adding
those in with these recipes.
And that’s the great
thing with a lot of them
and how I always cook is when
I have vegetables hanging out,
they get shoved, get shoved
into extra spaghetti sauce,
tuna cakes, meatloaf, whatever you got.
(bright music)
I went to heat my coffee
up, like you know,
I need coffee for cooking,
look what’s in my microwave.
Hey Jamerrill, you ever waste food?
Yeah, whenever I forget
it in the microwave.
Perfectly good broccoli.
Good thing we have chickens now.
All of those hens will not mind my error.
Okay, so yes here I am juggling
things on kitchen stools.
We’ll have to see if I get
my big table out or not.
Anyway, here’s everything that’s chopped.
We got parsley and cilantro,
whole lot of green onions,
all those peppers are scooped out.
Now many times I will take my pepper tops,
and obviously this is
good parts of pepper here,
that could be used for other things.
But I’m trying to get this
done, and since again,
I have those chickens, with all that
forgotten broccoli underneath,
I’m gonna take this
out to the chickens and how
about you come with me now
and I’ll give you a peek
at the chickens too.
So, behind these bushes here
we have this big chicken yard
and a chicken coop and all the hens.
And then the dogs are down here with them
during the day keeping everyone safe.
Are you excited?
You know what this means?
And they’re not quite full grown
yet but they’re getting there.
Okay now we’ll go in and wash
up and get to filling bags.
And then I come in, I look at my guide,
which I should have been reading,
and it reminded me I needed
to do some carrots and celery.
Got the celery done, now we’ll do onions.
(bright music)
Got all the prep done.
Now we’re gonna throw
these meals together.
Including the time that I
fooled around precooking
the ground beef and everything yesterday,
I got an hour total invested in prep.
Most of these meals are
quick and easy slow cooker,
or even Instant Pot or whatever
electric pressure cooker type meals.
Okay, these are the low
carb buffalo chicken wraps.
I’ve made this recipe a bazillion times,
but I like to look at
my freezer meal packs
so I can basically cook it along with you.
(bright music)
Next up we’re doing the Caesar pork roast.
Now, we need four three pound boneless
pork roasts, the creamy Caesar dressing
and the parsley that I have chopped.
What I did with the roast
you may see over there
that way on my counter is at Costco,
they had the larger roasts,
they were eight pounds
and they were, oh 10, 11 dollars each
so I got two of those which was 16 pounds.
I’m gonna chop those down into the roast.
Don’t worry, we’ll bleach
the counter when we’re done.
These boneless pork loins
are about nine pounds each.
They’re eight and some change.
So I’m getting almost three
pound roasts out of these.
I’m just gonna do two cuts.
It’s 1.99 a roast, it’s a savings,
they end up looking like this.
Again, don’t worry bleach is our friend,
we’re going to embrace
it here in a moment.
And I need six roasts total.
I need four for large family freezer meals
pack seven that I’m currently doing,
and then I will need
two more for pack nine.
Don’t worry I’ve done that in
my kitchen ten million times.
Everyone has lived through mama
chopping her own pork roast.
Before I touch the roasts
to get them in here,
I’m going to do, I have
the Ken’s Steak House
Creamy Caesar dressing, I love a lot
of Ken’s Steak House dressings.
Many of them, if you see
up there on the label,
are also gluten free,
so like for my friend
who I’m sharing some of these meals with,
she has some gluten free
kiddos at her house.
Anywho, I’m going to do half
of this bottle in one bag,
half in another, so it ends
up about a cup of each.
Now the parsley.
Parsley is so pretty.
Okay, so now I’m going to take
my home chopped pork roast
here, one in each bag, and
just mix it up like that.
As I said, I’m gonna do all three packs
so it’ll be a total of 75 of
these low carb, sugar free,
medi-gluten free, medi-dairy free meals
and I am again, going to split them
with one of my very best
friends for her family
and we’ll both end up with, I think when
I did the math, it was
about 37 or so meals.
I will not necessarily use
for we’ll say, a month or so
straight, I will stretch
them over a few months.
Next in the pack is the low carb
bacon cheeseburger casserole bake.
I’m gonna do two of those.
One of them I’m gonna get in
the oven for my family tonight,
the other one I’m gonna
get in the freezer.
I’m not gonna do that quite yet
because I have my slow cooker
bag meals here ready to go.
So I’m gonna skip through, okay
we’re gonna do lime cilantro chicken.
Chickens eat lime rinds as well.
We learned this.
I was on a kick, I had
so many limes sent to me
in my last fruit and veggie box that
I’ve been doing lots of lime water.
Okay so, I’m gonna put these
all in the chicken bowl.
More minced garlic, we
can’t go wrong with garlic.
Some cilantro, yay.
Then we’ll put in our
olive oil and then chicken.
Okay, so next up we will do the chicken
cauliflower curry, which
is also oh so good.
Pull together mister can opener, come on.
Come on, I didn’t mean
the mean things I said.
(bright music)
So next we have these awesome
Italian peppered beef roasts.
These were so popular last
time I made them, love them.
I love peppers in all their forms.
And I actually have several
kids who enjoy this.
Okay, so these are the main,
the peppers that are going in.
These are two to three pound roasts.
I’ll do about half and I do
the juice too from these peppers.
And these peppers just cook down nicely
whenever you put them
in your pressure cooker
or your slow cooker, it just makes
for a beautiful, beautiful roast.
So this is just totally
a meal that I would dump
in the slow cooker, then
in my other slow cooker
I might have brown rice
going or baked potatoes
for the kids, or even sweet potatoes.
I’ve got quite a bit of
sweet potatoes right now.
So, that’s where I’ll get
two slow cookers going.
Or, two pressure cookers
depending on my time.
But we’re back in school now.
It’s Saturday when I’m filming this,
and I will say that I
sure like the convenience
of dumping whatever it is I want to cook
in the slow cooker in
the morning, and then
I don’t have to think about
it for the rest of the day.
Okay, last but not least,
you may have seen me
do these a million times, this
is just easy Italian chicken.
Now after this, we have to do three things
for freezer meal pack seven.
Still doing well on time,
but just take a little bit
more time to dump it in the bags.
We’re gonna do the low card meatloaves.
The pack says to do two, I may go ahead
and do four once I have it all out,
we always love meatloaves around here.
And then the Parmesan turkey meatballs.
There was one more thing
there, oh what I’m doing
for dinner, the bacon
cheeseburger bakes for tonight.
And you can, on any given
morning, you can put in
several pounds of chicken and
a bottle of Italian dressing.
You don’t have to have
it prepped like this.
But what the prep work does for me
is it just takes all
the thinking out of it.
So, here I am, I already
poured my dressing.
All I have to do is dump it
in my slow cooker and dinner is done.
And you can still do meal prep with meat
that is still frozen, I just
take my frozen meat out,
prep it however I want
to, stick it right back
in the freezer in just a
few minutes, no big deal.
The only time I get
chicken that’s not frozen
would be like a deal from
Aldi, and haven’t been into
Aldi lately, so this is my
bags of Costco chicken here.
We have four things left.
Meatloaves, we have to do stuffed peppers,
then the Parmesan meatballs
and the cheeseburger bake.
So I guess next I really will
do that cheeseburger bake
since my family would like to eat tonight.
Now I have drawers in my freezer
where I can freeze these
freezer meals flat;
however, if you just have the
metal bars in your freezer,
you’re gonna want to take a
sheet pan or something flat
out there and then freeze
your meals on top of that pan
solid first, then you
can stack them and such.
But otherwise, what happens
is the bags can freeze
to your shelves in your freezer.
So I had a mama recently
write me with that
and I’m like oh I’m sorry girlfriend,
because she had stacked all of hers,
they froze together,
and then they also froze
to her metal bars, so I
said sheet pan for that.
Mine, I know I have room
in my pull out drawers,
so I’m gonna freeze mine in there
and then later I can move them out.
(bright music)
Plug in, step, ouch, ugh, ah.
Step one, try to use the can
opener without it plugged in,
step two, drop a can on
your toe, then you’re set.
So that was the other
thing, along with precooking
the ground beef while we were doing school
I just put the ground beef into two pots,
put some water in with it,
let it cook for a while.
I also cooked up four
pounds of bacon in the oven.
We needed three pounds for this recipe,
and like I said the
kids and I ate the rest.
I tell you, the more I
use this meat chopper
the more I say you folks were right.
Thank you again to my viewing
friend who sent it to me.
I appreciate it.
So if you are interested
in buying this large
family freezer meals
pack seven, or the trio,
new packs seven, eight and
nine, or the even better
ultra super mega bundle, which
is packs one through nine,
which you can get that
bundle now for 60% off,
just for this limited
time, I’m only doing that
for two weeks only just
to celebrate it all.
I’m putting in some heavy cream right now.
You can click the first link
in the description below.
It makes each pack only six bucks a pack.
They’re regularly 14.99, so it is more
than 50% off to just grab all of them now.
(soft music)
So the mess is getting real.
Gonna take a few minutes
to clean up a bit.
(soft music)
Now I’m gonna take a break
and have some dinner here.
I got one more thing we gotta
do here for this cooking,
which I’m gonna show you
here in a minute, but
I wanted to show you this is
the bacon cheeseburger bake.
I added some Munster to the top.
I’d love to put some pickles on it,
but I do have some cucumbers,
so I’m gonna sit down
and eat this real quick
and get back to work.
(soft music)
For this to be true low
carb side of things,
I almost said oatmeal, low
carb side of things meatloaves,
I have in my recipe to
crush and use pork rinds;
however, my pork rinds have been eaten.
It happens mamas, doesn’t it?
You plan to cook with stuff
and then it just disappears.
So, because of that, and so for my house
this will mean this won’t
technically be low carb,
still good and healthy,
you use pork rinds,
you’re living low carb, I’m going to use
old fashion oats just to
make do, not a big deal.
It’ll work out lovely.
(bright music)
Okay, so you saw I had a
little bit of hamburger,
a little bit of meatloaf mix left and
I added it to my first two meatloaves.
They were a little on the smaller side
of my eyeballing school.
It’s 10 pounds of ground beef total,
so about two and a half
pounds per meatloaf
is what it should be, but
we’re gonna carry these
out to the freezer now
and then I will show you
how everything looks after our cooking
for a few hours this evening.
(bright music)
So here is how things are
looking in this freezer.
You can see still lots of space.
I’m just trying to let
things freeze overnight
and then I will organize
this and move them around.
You can see we’ve got a
bunch of the slow cooker
meals in that basket and many in here.
Then we have those
bacon cheeseburger bakes
and some of the stuffed peppers there.
And then here’s the Italian chicker,
chicker, yeah, Italian chicker,
Italian chicken and the meatloaves there.
So thank you so much
for cooking my brand new
large family freezer
meals pack number seven.
Right now, as part of my celebration
that I finally after a year got out packs
seven eight and nine that you
all had been asking me for,
I have the entire brand new super duper
mega collection bundle with all nine packs
on sale for a limited time for 60% off.
Just click the first link
in the description below
and get them now while
you can for what ends up
being only about six bucks a pack.
Super cool, and I will
see you again real soon
when I cook up my brand new pack eight
which is another low carb pack and then
we’re gonna cook up pack nine
which is the dairy free pack.
So look for that in just a few days
and I’ll chat with you
in those comments below.
Bye bye.

William Babineau

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