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hey everyone and welcome it back it to
my channel today I am sharing with you
three delicious healthy desserts that
are made with good free ingredients that
you’re going to love because they all
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this first dessert is caramelized banana
which tastes delicious so of course
you’re going to need a banana and the
more ripe the better so I went ahead and
sliced that lengthwise and I’m putting
that on a pan over medium heat and I
just sprayed it with a little bit of
coconut oil after about three to four
minutes they started to brown and they
kind of get a bit softer so you’ll be
able to tell once that’s done I went
ahead and transferred that to a plate
this is really easy to do you could also
do it in the oven you would just have to
wait for the oven to preheat first so it
would take a bit longer I like using
just a pan method and to that I’m
sprinkling a little bit of cinnamon on
the top cinnamon is great for your
health great for balancing a blood sugar
and then I’m drizzling on top some
almond butter and if you wanted to make
this nut free you could definitely do a
sunflower seed butter or a pumpkin seed
butter as well but I really find the
combo of the banana and any kind of nut
or seed butter to be really delicious
plus the banana is warm so it really
kind of helps to melt the nut butter on
the top and then over top of that I am
going to be sprinkling on some of my
grain free corn oa that I made it’s a
Capelli of granola I will leave the link
to that in the description box but you
can definitely use any of your favorite
kinds of granola but it adds this
wonderful crunch on the top that really
complements the warm caramelized banana
and the nut butter plus this is a
dessert that comes together super easily
but it’s definitely one of my new fave I
cannot believe I haven’t caramelized
banana more before this next up we’re
making Twix cups which is a great little
thing that you can keep in the fridge of
the freezer so – a mixture of coconut
oil coconut flour and vanilla I’m adding
in some maple syrup and then you’re just
going to stir that together and this is
going to make the base of our cookie
because essentially a Twix is kind of
like a shortbread cookie some
caramel and then that’s covered in
chocolate this is a very simple easy
cookie dough that we’re gonna be using
and then I’m going to shape it into
little round circles now if you wanted
to make this into Twix bars you could
definitely just make the cookies into a
round shape and then you would put the
caramel on top and dip it in chocolate
in a round shape and set up a cup but
these cups I find are really easy to
make and then you just store them in the
fridge of the freezer so go ahead and
make I would say about one and a half to
two inch round little cookie squares and
press it that down and this for me made
eight so you would get at eight full
Twix cups out of these little cookies
while those are in the oven I’m going to
be making some caramel with some dates
so I pre soaked these dates in hot water
for one hour you can also do it
overnight and then I’m adding in some
coconut butter which is a bit different
than coconut oil and really helps to
make this caramel real nice and creamy
coconut butter is simply he blended
coconut so if you can’t find coconut
butter you can definitely take coconut
shreds and just blend that until it’s
nice and smooth so I blended up a
caramel and then I made a batch of my
usual paleo chocolate which I will leave
in the description box below it’s simply
a mixture of coconut oil cacao and a
touch of maple syrup putting about a
teaspoon on the bottom of each of my
little silicone molds and you can get
these on Amazon for super cheap or any
kind of like kitchenware house and then
I’m taking one of our cookies that are
done from the oven and I’m pressing that
into the chocolate and these do puff up
a little bit I would even almost make
them a little bit less like thick next
time but this it really gives it the
same ratio of Twix but just if you want
a little less cookie you can definitely
get a little bit more out of it and then
I’m adding some of the caramel mixture
on top which is just the dates the
coconut butter and that little bit of
vanilla and I’m gonna go ahead and do
this to all of them now this caramel
like pace is definitely good for so many
different things if you want to make a
big batch of it and make Twix cups but
you can also make so many other types of
desserts this would be good also on chia
pudding it’s kind of just a good
standard date caramel so if you want to
keep this recipe on hand for all your
caramel needs feel free to do so like I
said it’s very
simple three ingredients you just need
to soak the dates in hot water so that
you really get this nice smooth and
creamy caramel so once you are done
doing that to all of them you’re gonna
go ahead and add on the last little bit
of chocolate on the top now don’t worry
if it’s not absolutely perfect or smooth
on the top you can definitely just press
down the caramel until it’s kind of
hidden into the chocolate and the great
thing about these is that they do set
fairly quickly they set in about 20
minutes and then store it like I said
store them in the freezer and then you
can take one or even sometimes I eat
half of one after dinner and they’re
perfect I brought these over to my
friends Aaron’s house and she loved them
she messaged me she was like oh my god
these Trix cups are amazing so verified
that even your friends will love them
so after yeah you’re done setting that
all you have
you weren’t wonderful Twix cups and I
love the center of these they’re so
deliciously creamy you got the cookie
the caramel and the chocolate and
they’re just so good definitely a staple
definitely an easy dessert to make too
and one that you will have on hand all
the time and then lastly I am making a
peach crisp because peaches are in
season right now or they were when I
filmed this video and so I’m using some
peach and some arrowroot powder along
with some vanilla and the arrowroot or
you can use tapioca it’s kind of the
secret when you’re making a fruit crisp
because it really helps to absorb some
of the moisture so you don’t get a
watery crisps but instead you get nice
kind of a jammy fruit so never skip that
when you’re making fruit crisp always
add that in because it definitely makes
a difference and then for the crisp part
it’s super simple
it’s just almond flour coconut sugar
coconut oil and then you are going to
stir it that together now I like to do
this part before adding in any kind of
crunch or nut it’s a really super simple
little crust recipe that works well in
many different recipes
you guys have probably seen this if you
saw my Rupa strawberry rhubarb fruit
crisp it’s essentially the same thing
and then to that I’m adding in for just
a little bit of crunch some sliced
almonds you can do walnuts you can do
pecans for fall you could even switch up
the peach to an apple and have this
quickly become
have an apple crisp type recipe so then
you transfer that to the top of it and
we’re gonna bake that off for about 25
minutes until the fruit gets nice and
soft and your almonds are all delicious
is it crunchy with your crisp and it’s
nice because they’re kind of like
individual so you kind of get the whole
unto yourself good enough even to have
for breakfast because I’ve definitely
had one of these for breakfast before
and they freeze well too so if you want
to prep a bunch of them in the freezer
and then you can pop them in the oven
when you like all right guys I’m going
to leave my healthy desserts playlist
right here with lots more delicious
desserts that you definitely don’t want
to miss I hope you guys are all having a
great day and I will see you in my next
video bye guys

William Babineau

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