5 Bite Diet | How to Lose Weight Fast

Hello! If you’re looking for the secret
to losing weight fast without surgery
you found the right video! We’ll be back
with that in just a moment.
Hey, thanks for joining us today. We’re
going to be talking about the fastest
way to lose weight and the only way we
know to lose all of it.
It’s discussed extensively in Dr. Alwin
Lewis’s book,
“Why Weight Around” and on his website the
SlimmingStation.com. Thousands of people
have followed this program and achieved
extraordinary success and now you can
So what is the secret? It’s called the
Five Bite Diet.
Quite simply by eating five spectacular
bites of any food for lunch and five
spectacular bites of any food for dinner
you can reset your hungerstat and
achieve weight loss Nirvana. You can get
the same or better results as those who
have undergone a gastric bypass or lap
band but without the dangerous side effects
or expense of surgery. The best part is
that it doesn’t matter what you eat as
long as you stick to five bites. You can
eat a dripping chili cheeseburger, a five
layer lasagna or even a Snickers bar!
Your body will get the fuel it needs
from any food. Fuel comes from sugar and
sugar is in or is produced from
everything we consume. You can lose 15
pounds per week or more by following this
Achieve dramatic success at a blistering
pace and then you are done with dieting!
You will need to eat a lot more–
sometimes a huge amount more–but you
will have learned perfect weight control
during this life changing journey. From
then on you should wake up with
extraordinary energy, look amazing and
feel healthier than you can ever
Thanks so much for watching our short
video. If you’re ready to lose weight
quickly and consistently please click
the link in this video to visit the
slimming station.com. The book is
available for $24.95 and could be the best
investment you ever make for your health.
Thanks again for watching and we’ll see
you next time!

William Babineau

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