5 Easy Healthy Snacks You’ll LOVE | paleo recipes

so the first healthy snack were making
are of these plantain chips so of course
you’re gonna need a plantain and it’s a
bit different from a banana they’re
green they’re also harder than a banana
so take the peel off and then slice it
into nice thin slices I would say one to
two millimeters and I have this at a
restaurant and they served the plantain
chips with guacamole and that was super
delicious and I figured it would be
really easy to make your own plantain
chips at home and I was right because
they turned out so good so go ahead and
lay them down on a baking sheet and you
want to put down either a silicon mat
parchment paper or at least spray it
then I’m gonna spray the top with a
little bit of avocado oil I like using
the spray because I find it gives a nice
even mist as opposed to the drizzling in
oil and then a pinch of Himalayan salt
you bake them off at 350 for about 12
minutes and you have these perfectly
nice crispy chips they’re so delicious
and the grain free next up we’re making
coconut crunch and these clusters are so
delicious I’m using a little bit of
coconut oil as well as some maple syrup
and then a tablespoon of sugar free and
dairy free chocolate so this can be a
cup a Leo chocolate that you just have
at home just melt down about a
tablespoon of chocolate chips in the
microwave at increments about 15 seconds
until it’s melted and then add that in
and stir until it’s nice and smooth and
then I added in a tablespoon of almond
butter and that’s gonna help thicken it
up a bit you can definitely do any kind
of nut or seed butter here too
I’m adding in a whole cup of coconut
flakes and coconut is just so good for
you it’s high in fiber we have healthy
fats and it’s not too sweet as well so
the stir that until all of it is coated
and then I’m laying that on a silicone
sheet but again you can use parchment
paper or something where it’s not going
to stick and I let that set in the
freezer on sleep for about five minutes
and it was really hard and then you can
also put some Himalayan salt if you are
a person who likes the combo of sweet
and salty
this part is optional but I definitely
like it and these clusters are perfect
for a snack
perfect on chia pudding as well but they
have a little bit of sweetness but not
too much next up we’re making these egg
whites which are really simple I always
like to keep some medium to medium
hard-boiled eggs in my fridge ready to
go for snacks but I’m elevating it
instead of just having an egg I sliced
it down the middle and I’m adding a
slice of nitrate / preservative free
salami in between and the saltiness with
the egg really tastes delicious you
could do this with any kind of leftover
protein if you have some sliced chicken
or sliced turkey at home that would also
taste really good and makes for a really
good high protein snack because with
your snack you want fats and protein
which are not only gonna be satisfying
but also balance your blood sugar next
up we’re making lemon energy bites which
are perfect for spring I feel like is
that the lemon flavor is so nice and
so almond flour lemon juice ground flax
seed and a little bit of almond butter
so this again has that fiber that
healthy fats which are gonna keep us a
full I’m adding in some honey for a
little bit of sweetness as well as some
lemon zest now the local honey is a
great sweetener to use you can use maple
syrup but especially with this time of
year and all the allergies going around
with the pollen and everything consuming
local honey is a great way to fight
against allergies so that’s why I’m
using this in this recipe and then you
should to form it in two bowls and you
have these wonderfully fresh spring
lemon energy bites that are gonna be
satisfying full of protein and full of
fiber as well
these are definitely like my favorite
energy bite recipe right now and then
we’re making this tomato toast so you
guys know how much of a fan I am of
sweet potato toast and that’s also
because it’s a really cost effective way
to have like a gluten-free toast because
some gluten-free breads can either be
expensive or they can be full of bad
things and then I just took half a
tomato that I chopped up added a few
leaves of fresh basil a little pepper a
little salt and that’s it stir that up
and then we’re gonna be placing that on
our toast and I will leave the
instructions for the toast down in the
description box in case you’ve never
made soup potato toast but I highly
recommend always keeping them on hand to
top it with different
like fresh vegetables nut butters and
avocados and things like that so I hope
you enjoyed these healthy snack recipes
I’m going to leave my healthy snacks
playlist right here on the screen so you
can get tons more of ideas because
there’s so many delicious ones in there
and I will see you in my next video bye

William Babineau

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