6 Smoothie Bowl Recipes | Delicious + Healthy Breakfast & Dessert | Naturally Jo

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William Babineau


  1. Healthy..Does this mean that I can tell my parents chocolate is healthy…

  2. I clicked it cuz it was atheistic pleasing to me but I might actually try one

  3. When you want to make it then
    Boooom there is Blast 💥 you don't know even how to use Mixer
    Then boom its dream time 😔📽️

  4. It is like BTS where are you army 😘💗😍💖 #Love you BTS 💞💖

  5. Ugh the bowls always makes my mouth water, and I follow u on Instagram

  6. As my grandma would say, "Stop playing with your food and just eat it!" lol it looks good though!

  7. please tell me I am not the only one that loves smoothie blending!!!!

  8. I thought it was a mermaid tail toy & actual seashells.😅 I love the molds.

  9. ¿Alguien habla español
    Y solo se metió a ver esto porque es de madrugada y tiene hambre? 🤷🤣🤷

  10. uugh I’m hungry.. I like love stuff like healthy foods bc they look so sweet

  11. You playing in each one with the spoon is driving me crazy are you 2?

  12. What kind of blender do you use? I can't ever get my Smoothies that smooth!

  13. Почему я подумала,
    что это слаймы…

  14. What kind of blender is this? Meaning: Name brand and model number (which you can find somewhere on the blender possibly on the bottom) please, I need to buy a new blender my old one that broke didn't make smoothies like this with this thickness and I don't know what to buy so I just thought I would buy the same one you got, lol. Thank You.

  15. so someone is reposting your vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymEE7asqVqc

  16. My mouth is watering from the thumbnail T^T, I wish I can make this (only if I knew how to cook…)

  17. I thought these where slime I Dident read the tittle lol 😂

  18. I like how they used steven univers music at one point and my favorite song to!!!!💙💜💛💖

  19. I always wonder if I am one of the few that don't like bananas at all. But I would love to find a way to make those smoothies without those fruits.

  20. About how many strawberries is a cup of frozen strawberries? Please respond, I’m really struggling here😓

  21. Not often do I see food that's Steven Universe inspired. Thank you!


    …because it’s the only thing I have.

  23. I’m not a smoothie bowl person, but I just popped in to say these are gorgeous.

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