7 Healthy Snacks That SATISFY | easy paleo snacks

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today I’m sharing with you some easy keto paleo friendly snacks that are
delicious and ones that I’ve been really reaching for especially being on keto
for the month of March but whether your keto or not all of these make really
great delicious snacks the first one is a seaweed wrap so I like taking sheet of
seaweed you can get these at either like a Chinese food store or Asian food store
Whole Foods Amazon I’m putting a little bit of dairy free cream cheese and then
some cucumber in the middle of it this makes a great savory snack I also throw
in some greens like arugula if I have it and then all you need to do is roll up
your seaweed wrap now if you wanted to fold in I’ll wet the edges to make it
more like a burrito but if you’re eating it right away you can totally eat it
just like this seaweed is really underrated not only is it lower in carbs
but it’s got iodine in it which is great for your thyroid and your health and the
filling possibilities are pretty much endless this is just my favorite way to
have it lately the next one is macadamia nut so I feel like macadamia nuts are
really underrated they’re one of the lowest carb nuts and then I threw in a
teaspoon of keto friendly chocolate chips and I have that together so
macadamia nuts I have all these healthy fats but they’re the lowest carb nut
even compared to almonds and walnuts so they’re a great thing to reach for and a
great way to just diversify your nuts the next thing I’ve been reaching for is
chia pudding and to make way chia pudding I mix one can of coconut milk 1
teaspoon vanilla and 5 tablespoons chia seeds I give this recipe out to all my
patients and they love it making it with canned coconut milk will help keep you
full its keto friendly paleo delicious and a great snack to have on hand and of
course everything will be in the description box below the next one are
these really good egg cups so I take some leaves of butter lettuce you can do
romaine or whatever you have I just like butter lettuce and then I’m taking two
hard-boiled eggs which I just put into boiling water for seven minutes and then
in order to get the shell off I do cool them in an ice water bath for about five
minutes that way the shell really peels off easily
you put them in the egg cups I put a little of the everything bagel seasoning
but you could put hot sauce or any kind of dressing you want you can put avocado
honestly just a little bit of salt is perfect too and then you eat it like
this and it’s a cute little snack it takes like less than five minutes to
make as long as your eggs already done so eggs are a good prep I bring this to
school to clinic sometimes um even on the go so it makes a really great snack
high in protein and healthy fats all that choline and the eggs are really
gonna help your brain next up we’re making some energy bites I’ve had to
modify a bit since being on keto so I thought I would show you guys a lower
carb option so I’m picking coconut flour along with some almond butter and then
some cinnamon super simple and then I am mixing that together and these are great
because there’s only three net carbs for one energy ball but they’re full of
healthy fats and this is a very personally or you know bag friendly
snack that you can bring I keep them in the fridge for a couple weeks and then
if I’m on the go and I think I’m gonna get hungry I just throw one into my bag
into a little baggie it’s also a great way to save money to make sure you have
some snack on you when you’re out in a boat so if you get hungry you’re not
going out to eat you just have your little energy bite that you have already
ready to go and then I’m putting that in a little bit of hemp seeds this is
optional but I just really like these for increasing the omega-3s and the
healthy fats and the protein in my diet there’s really healthy for you so it’s a
great way to add some and you could also do chia seeds you could do coconut but
this is just a great way to get all those nutrients in to yourself in a
little convenient bite next up is a bone broth so if you guys watched my keto
grocery haul bone broth is really good because it’s full of collagen and it’s
gonna be really gut healing honestly for anyone and everyone so I’ve been warming
up a cup of bone broth and having that as Mac because it’s full of protein it
heals the gut and a gut health is just connected to literally everything so
it’s super delicious and then I want to show you guys my recipe for this green
smoothie that I’ve been making that keto friendly and low sugar I started off
with a cup of spinach a scoop of MCT powder a scoop of collagen and then a
little bit of vanilla so I’ve been having either this smoothie
or a chocolate smoothie almost every day since started in Quito if I’m doing
chocolate I’ll just add in a little bit of cacao you can add it on top of the
greens super delicious it’s easy and it’s a great way to get all of those
nutrients in a convenient way that you can bring on the go or have right away
so I hope you guys got some inspiration for these snack ideas it’s been really
fun playing around with more keto friendly ones and all the macros will be
left in the description box below except if you buy your own bone broth I can’t
save for that one but yeah I hope you guys all enjoy and I’ll have
every day

William Babineau


  1. Enjoy these healthy snacks that satisfy because they are full of protein and healthy fats! <3 ALSO I have a FREE EBOOK with my top healthy desserts!! Download it here: bit.ly/5healthydesserts

  2. I have canned coconut milk right now and never thought of making chia pudding with it. Definitely trying that this weekend

  3. just subscribed to get the healthy desserts! excited to see what’s on there

  4. Love this video love to see more. Thank you so much 💙💙 your the best

  5. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL I also have a lifestyle one (Spanish hehe) but I understand English

  6. The Energy Bombs look so good! Few ingredients that I have in my pantry right now. You're the best Liv!

  7. You are amazing!!! I LOVE your videos and they really help me! Thank for all babe❤️❤️❤️

  8. Love your videos and meal ideas! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  11. All of these snacks look super good! I’m a big snacker while going to school or after school snacks so these look great I can wait to try them! Especially those energy bites since I’ve tried your other energy bite recipes and I love them and make them almost every week as like a little sweet snack to have every now and then. And omg that chia seed pudding looks so good. I’m definitely going to make that ASAP! Love your recipes! ❤️😃

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