7 Healthy snacks that will help you lose weight

7 Healthy snacks that will help you lose weight. When experts recommend eating 5 to 6 times
a day, it causes us some anxiety not knowing how to mix the amounts with the time between
meals; there are those who guarantee that snacks between meals should be small and as
natural as possible, those in the opposite position establish that it should be a normal
meal but in smaller quantities. The truth is that everyone must choose the
position that works best because our metabolisms and organisms are different, so what works
for a person to lose weight may not work for another with the same goal. Whatever your position is, here are 7 easy-to-prepare
snack ideas, very low in calories and high in taste and quantity ideal for weight loss. Don’t forget to CLICK on the card on the top
right of this video or the link in the description below and DOWNLOAD my FREE eBooks. 1. Cucumber and tuna rolls: Cucumber is one of those vegetables whose
constitution is 80% water, so it becomes an ideal snack for any time of day. You can cut them into thin slices and wrap
a bit of tuna in water with vegetables as a roll, at the end you seal them with a toothpick
in the middle and that way you do not have to take a fork with you to consume them, you
can eat it cold and place it in a simple container to take it anywhere. The most daring ones sprinkle some spices
on top of it. 2. Lettuce tacos: If you are one of the people who like to eat
something prepared quickly you can prepare ground beef for the whole week, that way you
just have to take a Roman salad and fill it with paprika, onion, meat and a low-calorie
Greek yoghurt-based dressing and ¡ready!, you have some delicious tacos without carbohydrates
that will help you get faster to your goal of losing weight. 3. Tangerine and peanuts: Contrary to what most people think, the express
snack par excellence is mandarin; this fruit has an easily removable peel that guarantees
to keep the fruit fresh and without accidents in any bag you want to carry it, you can also
add a small bag of peanuts to complete your snack, that way you have something practical,
fast and safe to eat while You arrive at your home or when you suffer from an anxiety attack
in the afternoon. 4. Light Gelatin: It is the best ally for those who want to
lose weight because when you start a strict diet usually reduce the portions to which
we are accustomed; This gelatin is 0 calories in its light version, that means that you
can eat a whole pot of it and it will not cause you to gain weight, in this way you
guarantee the feeling of fullness and you end up with the permanent craving to consume
sweet foods. 5. Popcorn: Wanting to lose weight should not be a problem
for your social life, if you are in the situation where you are invited to watch a movie in
the cinema you can quietly consume a smaller presentation of popcorn accompanied by a mineral
water, This way you share with your social circle while staying focused on your goal. 6. Nuts: They are one of the most sought-after options
by those who do not have time to cook or do not like to carry a lot of containers with
them; You can easily find them at any supermarket or bakery and it is an option with many fewer
calories than the piece of pizza that you would surely buy at 4:00 p.m. 7. Homemade granola: If you love cooking, I recommend making your
own granola at home; Take a few flakes of oatmeal, nuts and good fats and so you have
a better option when consuming it instead of the commercial ones loaded with sugar. Please let us know your opinions in the comments
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