7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 1 | Workout #102 | Hana Giang Anh

Hi everyone
It’s been really long since my last workout video
But don’t worry, an abundance of workout video is coming up this June for you
Today will be marked as the starting day of a whole new series
which is also the first one in 2018 from me
and it’s called the “Ultimate 7-day belly fat burning challenge”
In this series, I will provide you guys with not only workout routines but also detailed meal plan day by day
And the most important thing is that
this one is totally free of charge on my youtube channel
The only thing you need to do
is preparing food for the planned meals
and finishing off carefully and correctly the workout that I am about to instruct
I could guarantee you that after this 7-day challenge, distinct results will be attained
However, to anyone who want to cut fat properly
Simply, repeat this 7-day challenge for the second time
So, it will be 14 days in total
And your abs would appear super clearly
When you have successfully achieved your goals
Please let me know by taking a shoot and upload it on facebook with #hanafeedback
Or Instagram is fine
Ok, let’s get started with the first day of this “Ultimate 7-day belly fat burning challenge”
Firstly, before starting this whole new series
I want to explain a bit about the principle that i’m using for burning belly fat in this series
Which is based on a super intensive diet as well as workout routine
But great thing is that it is super time-saving,
only about 15-20 mins per day
and we will focus mostly on HIIT and Tabata
To maximize the result, we must consider nutrition carefully beside all the workouts
Nutrition holds about 70% on deciding whether we will succeed or not
while workout only holds about 30%
To be more specific, appropriate nutrition will cut your belly fat down
while workout will boost your abs up
So, by combining these two factors
you will be able to get a slim and firming belly with clear abs, which is so attractive
Please keeping in mind that
this is not EAT CLEAN diet
but it would be the one helping us on burning fat faster
by cutting off all the inputted sugar and carbs from our diet from one to two weeks, it’s up to you
afterwards, adding them into our daily meals little by little
really carefully and gradually otherwise you will get digestive disorder
Only little by little,
then we will finally get back to EAT CLEAN diet
which we could carry on consistently for the rest of our life
By eliminating all the sugar and carbs from your body,
your belly will be firmly formed
and combining the EAT CLEAN diet with a suitable workout routine will produce a sustainable result
which keep your belly always slim and firm
EAT CLEAN diet is not ultimate enough for fat burning
Therefore, this diet, as a kick start
will help you to reach your goal faster
That’s why I name it “Ultimate Fat-Burning Diet”
There are few more thing that you should be aware of
First, by cutting all sugar and carbs off from your body
it also means that you are separating blood sugar away from your blood
Therefore, you might be feeling quite exhausted
throughout this week
and may also breath much more heavily
and even your urine will have different smell and color
However, after getting along with the flow,
you will automatically be recovered
By and large, feeling tired during this 1-2 week is perfectly fine and normal
You should not worry too much
Instead, keep following my meal plan until the end of the week
so that we could maximize the effectiveness
Only for 1-2 weeks then we could add sugar and carbs gradually into our nutrition
and finally get back to Clean Eating diet
In order to rule all sugar and carbs out of our inputs during this 7 days,
Please strictly follow the meal plans without adding anything else
Even though it’s some really heathy food like juice
since juice contains a huge amount of natural sugar
In the case of EAT CLEAN, that’s great
However, with this fat-burning diet as a kick start,
we are not allowed to intake either sugar or carbs
So, if you really want it to work, please stick to the planned meals that I provide
In terms of serving size,
it should vary depending on different people with different situations
But, generally, just try to fill up your stomach until you feel it’s enough
Neither too hungry nor too full
So, it totally depends on your own demands
Ok, let’s have a look at today’s planned meals
And now, it’s time for today’s workout
For this first week, we will do all the exercises in the early morning while we have just waken up
since we can take advantage of your empty stomaches
to remove all the sugar blood from our body by doing these HIIT and TABATA
We will try to make it in the very early morning at least for the first three days
and today’s workout will be all about HIIT mixing with TABATA
which are quick, intensive and repeated exercises
20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds off
There is a total of 8 different exercises for 4 rounds
Firstly, burpees boards jump
Secondly, C-crunch triple pulse
Thirdly, switching knee tap
Fourthly, reverse crunch
Fifthly, frog jump
Sixthly, plank leg side to side
Seventhly, jump squad
And finally, bicycle twist
About these exercises,
I have arranged all the cardio workout in all the odd numbers’
to raise heart rate, sweat and burn the blood glucose
while all core workout are assigned for the even numbers’
including both internal and external abs
so that you will end up burning belly fat as well as gaining more core muscles
I think this arrangement is super appropriate
If you want to burn fat as quick as possible,
you have to do it as strong as possible within the tracking time
Don’t ever loosen yourself while working out because 20 secs is really short
No pain no gain, right?
I also have a good news for you
that is today’s music was equipped with a timer
so that we don’t need to use the mobile app anymore
just enjoy the workout and follow the vocal instructions to know when should we should be ready, start and finish
Let’s get start
1, 2, 3, go!

Let’s do it
Are you ready
The first one is burpees board jump
We will switch side while jumping

20 secs

we will rest for 10 secs

Start, up for 3 times
C-crunch triple pulse posture
3 times up
Do it as quick as possible to burn as much blood glucose as possible

Move on to the second exercise
Switching knee tap
We will also switch sides

20 secs and quick
So long
Ok, now, reverse crunch
I’m gonna lie on the mat
This one is for your lower abs
Knit your legs together
Leave your arm along your body
and lift your butt up
Do not take a run-up
It is incorrect to do it like this
Leave your heels stay close to your butt

Next, frog jump
We are going to jump like a frog
Open your legs as your waist
Bound your knee up
as high as possible

Make it quick, quick, quick, quick

Next one is plank legs side to side
Set up plank position

Step from side to side
Your body should be a straight line
Don’t move your upper body
Lower you butt
Don’t lift it up like this
cause we are trying to work the internal core out in this exercise

Next one is Jump squad
Also from side to side
In squad posture,
Open your legs a bit wider than your waist
and sit low
Start, one, two, and switch
one, two
Lastly is bicycle twist
Lie down
This exercise is for your oblique muscles
Fingers on your temples
Open your elbow opositely
and twist
Right elbow towards left knee and vice versa
Quicker, everyone

We have one-min recovery
Everyone, breathe deeply before the second round
Omg, so painful, isn’t it?
But I’m really excited since the music motivate me to make it quicker and quicker
You could take advantage of this one minute to have some water
to always stay hydrated
Otherwise you will be dehydrated
Drink more water

I’m so proud of you guys if you have followed me continuously without any stop

Let’s fight for a nice belly
We are nearly there to start the second round

Ready, burpees board jump

Ok, C-crunch triple pulse next

Three, two, one, up

faster, faster
as fast as you can
so that your hear rate will increase

Ok, up for, switching knee tap
Let’s run like a wind, or even like a superman
Can’t even see my legs
Fast, fast, fast
Higher your knees
Catch me

This is for your lower abs, don’t you remember?
knit your legs together, heels close to butt

My nightmare is coming
so tired
cause we have to jump non-stop


C’mon bros
Plank position
Lower your butt, and start


Jump squad is coming

Remember to squad properly
Accumulate concentration on your heels
Don’t let your forefoot suffer
Using heels instead
Lower your butt slightly

Bicycle twist


Let’s do it like you have never done before

Because if we quit it today, we’ll will not getting any better tomorrow

Rest for one minute
Feeling a bit tired
Remember to drink water, i’m going to grab some
Fighting, everyone
Remember that your future depends on your everyday efforts
Unless you start working hard from today, there’s no way you can be better tomorrow
Let’s do it enthusiastically
These exercises are pretty easy for us to follow from the start till the end
The music is also really fast
How are your recovery?
Use your mouth to breathe if you are too tired
Are you ready for the third round?

Quickly lie down
C-crunch triple pulse
Straighten your arms and lift your head up

Faster, faster

Oops, I have skipped one sec ^^, don’t be like me

Because every single second counts
Ok, start
tighten your core to do it faster

Reverse crunch for now and we’ll lie down first
Arms along body, heels are close to butt

Ok, let’s move to frog jump, the most scary one
Ready, go

Higher your legs
Oops, nearly drop this
Lower your body
Stand your elbow right belows your shoulders

Next, jump squad
Let’s do it properly
Focus on your heels

Bicycle twist
Oops, I nearly fall
Start, as quick as possible
Tighten your core

What a valuable minute!
It is like nothing in our day but,
but one-minute recovery now is so precious
Breathe in, breathe out and drink more water
One last round left
And this is the decisive one
Don’t quit
We’ll start with burpees, don’t you remember?
Getting ready
Remember to tighten your core muscle while working out
I feel likes I have no energy left to joke
So painful!
Fighting, everybody!
This is just the very first day
After several days, your body will get used to it and you will feel much better
Let’s finish this off

Next, C-crunch triple pulse

One, two, three
Let’s count till 3
Faster, one, two, three

Switching knee tap

Reverse crunch

We’re nearly there
The very last exercises
We have no reason to quit up to now
Oops, I drop it



The last two
Jump squad and bicycle twist

The closer we are to the end, the more motivated we should be


Last seconds
How are you doing?
Could you do it faster?
Ok, we have done for the first day of “7-day fat-burning challenge”
First day is always the toughest one, right?
Because we not only cut off all the inputted carbs and sugar
but also face pretty challenging workout for the first time
So, fighting!
Overcoming the first two days and you will feel much better
And you may even want to keep doing this further
Thank your for watching my video
Like and share if you enjoy this video
and subscribe my channel if this is the first time you saw me on Youtube

You could also follow my instagram “Hanagianganh”
to know more about CLEAN EATING and what I eat day by day to carry it on
Ok, see you later, bye and don’t forget to catch me up on tomorrow

William Babineau


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  54. Hana ơi sào em có đc để 1 síu hạt nệm ko ạ hay sào ko hả chị?

  55. chị na ơi tập xong e cảm thấy hơi chóng mặt thì có bị gì không ạ ?

  56. Chị ơi nếu ngày1 bữa sáng em k ăn thịt hun khói với cà chua bi có sao k ạ

  57. c hana ơi, e bị huyết áp thấp, tập bài này có được không ạ?

  58. e tập xong thấy 2 cánh tay đau nhiều hơn bụng thì có phải e tập sai k

  59. Mai bắt đầu luônn. Để lại sau 7 ngày nhé! 1m64 48kg, eo 64

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