7 Ways to Know if You’re Fat-Adapted (No Meter Required)

William Babineau


  1. I've done the keto diet before but only lasted a great few weeks, I remember having all of these signs. But this time around, it's been 2 weeks but I'm not peeing a a lot like before :S does that mean I'm definitely​ not keto adapted. Not sure what I've been doing differently

  2. After 14 weeks, I'm not hungry ever! It's very freeing.
    Carb cravings are gone. Lost 22kgs..

  3. I have a question. When or how do I stop(sorry for the bluntness) loose stools. Seems I feel awfully most of the day because of the loose stools. I don’t have a gallbladder so I’m thinking this ha a lot to do with it.

  4. Thank you for your great video. I like your analogy of how becoming fat adapted is not a switch !

  5. You know I like yours shows and I listen to what you got to say. I'm 64 years old and what killing me is every time you say stupid American anything really chaps my hide you need to tone that down a little bit thanks

  6. 2 years keto/IF. Lost 75# first year but ZERO 2nd year. 62. Why did weight loss stop??

  7. Sorry, Ken, you're wrong. The reason you release so much water in the initial stages of ketosis has nothing to do with inflammation and everything to do with your body tapping its glycogen stores. For every gram of glycogen burned, your body releases 2-3 grams of water. Once the glycogen is used up, the water loss stops and you become fat adapted. Please stop spreading this ridiculous myth that people are losing water because of reduced inflammation. That's quackery at its finest.

  8. I get all these signs when I take my vitamins regularly weather I reduce carbs or not. I guess I have to buy strips as I wouldn't be able to tell if im fat adapted if im taking my vitamins.

  9. You look awful! Tired, burned out, stressed, sweaty, nervous.
    Calm down. Take a nap.

  10. 100% facts i was 277 2 weeks ago and now im 252 i only started being keto 2 weeks ago!!!

  11. Anyone know if keto helps with chronic pain? I love Dr Berry’s videos but he doesn’t reply to question here or on IG 😏

  12. In 2 months of carnivore my blood pressure went from 160/90-120/65. I changed nothing other than removing carbs and upping meat intake. I didn't eat less calories if anyting i ate more and didn't gain weight like i would have before. I went of carnivore after 4 months due to family pressure and my BP is back up and i gained 12kgs because i got depressed again.

  13. GREAT VIDEO I WILL FOLLOW YOU ::: You are great :::thank you so much ❤

  14. I just started my keto journey, today is my 4th day. I have 25kg to lose. Good thing is I hate sweet food and stop drinking sweet beverages (except for coffee) since few years ago. My carbs problem mainly comes from rice and bread and my love to fruits. I have no idea eating fruits make me not losing weight due to its natural sugar content. It is easier to skip eating at workplace or when going out. At home is the problem as I keep on snacking junk food especially at night and on weekend. Wish me the best.

  15. Can one become "fat adapted" if they have "insulin resistance" and/or "Fatty Liver" ? Or does Fatty Liver make it more difficult ( or impossible ? ) to become Fat Adapted ?

  16. I'm 5th week on keto and IF OMAD. I have all the signs you've mentioned. I was wondering, why is the pee strip still dark purple? Is it something wrong?

  17. Consider, instead of 23andMe, the NutriGenetic Research Institute DNA test and the organic acid test … that's where I start my functional health clients (complemented by corrective/nutritional chiropractic whenever possible, and microbiome balance/gut integrity) The NGRI genetic test analyzes functional genes in the detox pathways alongside OAT results and signs, symptoms and makes recommendations for supplementation. This test and this software are far superior to 23andMe and the myriad companies running reports based on measly 23andMe data that suggest diets and exercise programs based on genetics (many of whom will not reveal the specific genes with which they come their conclusions.) NGRI's solution is a fully transparent deep dive into your bio-individual biochemistry. Clients have access to the software and can choose to work with me as a coach as they make changes to diet, lifestyle, add supplementation.

  18. Well so far- i did screw up both days I went to my friend's house- I'm just noticing a bit more energy, a bit of cramping on occasion, I'm not as hungry as i used to be (I actually only ate twice today, once was about 8 raspberries and a spoonful of peanut butter, then later a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup), but once I eat I have the strange feeling of feeling full and somehow still vaguely wanting something I can't figure out. But I always have to pee a lot, that's actually normal for me, and my blood pressure wasn't high, so I'm not sure I have much to notice. But the edema thing makes sense- is that why my shoes are looser?

  19. I have to say of all of the Quito websites and subscriptions that I have on YouTube doctor you have been the most helpful in just getting the basics down for Quito. I have just started the keto diet and worry a lot as to what to expect next and how to refine they diet that I'm on so thank you very much for your short videos I really appreciate your hard work on the video is to give us things that may be on our mind to cover. I'll keep watching waiting for another bright idea.

  20. Just a few days after starting keto+IF I went from having to have 10+ coffees per 10 workdays not to fall asleep on meetings to 2 coffees per 10 workdays and they weren't as needed. Still a bit sleepy, but that's my poor sleep discipline. It was a sharp drop after the previous state lasted for years, no other change done

  21. I'm 6 weeks in and still I have a diuresis… can someone help me? I'm not sure if its apart of the fat adaptation or if keto has revealed a exsisting bladder problem. And maybe what i can do.. i take electrolytes for awhile now

  22. For the love of God, SOMEBODY help me!! I've been following Drs. Berry and Boz for a few weeks and have been on keto for about 10 days, in ketosis since day four. Am I totally misunderstanding EVERYTHING y'all are saying? I thought I could eat (within reason) as much fat as possible? I'm IF'ing about 18 hours a day, eating two meals. Can't budge the scale but do feel better. (I'm 57, 172 pounds, 5'7" and 14 years post-menopausal in relatively good health…God is faithful). But now, Maria Emmerich told me I have to LIMIT/restrict my fat intake, as well as carbs to 20 (which I'm doing for the carbs) and have goal protein intake. I went from confident and motivated to discouraged and confused in one heartbeat. PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT!!! Love y'all! xo

  23. I’ll admit that I was terrified of having to go on Keto (my liver specialist enthusiastically suggested it) because of what was told by doctors 30+ years ago; that you need low-fat everything and that too much fat and meat-eating will clog your arteries. I’ve only been Keto for a short while and already notice insane improvements!

    I’m a type 2 diabetic and my blood sugars have been insanely high no matter what I did. On average, they would be around 230 in the morning and almost 500 two hours after eating. Also found out I’m insulin-resistant and have a non-alcoholic fatty liver. First Endocrynologist said I needed to eat 60g of carbs PER MEAL! I felt insanely worse and sought out another Endocrynologist who got me on the right track. Not only do I have more energy with Keto, but my blood sugars are within normal range! What’s crazy is that it happened almost immediately. Insane.

    Thank you for all the hard work and the information you share with your videos, Dr. Berry! 🙏

  24. Great video man. keto had made me think more clear with laser focus. also loads of energy. had a slight skin condition that has cleared up.

  25. Thank you sooooo much for this video. It is awesome, it explains why I'm having these symptoms.

  26. Dr. Berry can you do a video on intermittent fasting over 50? I have been seeing conflicting videos on different timing etc. Would like to hear your take on this.

  27. Thank you for your vids. What I experience as a sign is a consistent inner body warmth I just didn't knew otherwise.

  28. I started the keto diet with the common negativity of my family and friends , however ,. In two weeks I went from 320 lbs to 301 and after three more weeks I am currently at 280

  29. You just answered a question before I asked it. I was going to ask if I needed to buy the Ketosis monitor and strips. THANK YOUUUUU!

  30. Would never have believed all this until trying it for myself. Years of battling sugar & carb cravings, especially in the evening – jam on toast, biscuits, cereal bars, cakes I'd made at 10pm! and never feeling full – all these urges gone after a couple of days keto. Sometimes they come back but are resistable, maybe just a habit trying to reassert itself. Plus the steady energy through the day, including when fasting is a reality
    No bread means no bloating and intestinal discomfort pretty much gone. Couldn't go back to the roller coaster of carbs. Plus Dr Berry's no credit card needed approach has simplified shopping – just don't buy any processed food whatsoever. Weight loss has been a definite 3kg over 3 weeks maybe more.
    Side comment – I would never let one of those AI assistants in my house – they now or very soon will record everything you say. It all adds more data to the personality profile they have on you already. Look into where AI is going with the big tech firms.

  31. Thanks man can’t way to start my carnivore journey, please make a video about bone broth!!💪🏽🙌🏽

  32. How do you find a set of scales that will weigh you correctly? I’m a different weight every time I step on them. I was 460 the 5 minutes later I was 378 then 30 minutes later I was 340. That’s crazy

  33. Just started exactly 3 weeks ago, all 7 signs are now present. I am feeling so accomplished. Thank you so much for this video! Now I don't have to buy a keto mojo

  34. Have you tried CHAFFLES YET? 1 egg, 1/2 cup grated cheese…waffle iron…boom…Chaffle! Great as bread, waffle, taco shell, or with berries and whipped cream…

  35. Lately I’ve been having dreams of eating sugary cookies and eating cereal and pizza. I’m two weeks into keto. I think it’s my body’s last attempt to get me to start eating carbs and sugar again. but it ain’t 👏 gonna 👏happen 👏

  36. I was a regular customer at dunkin doughnuts. Not anymore, lost 30 lbs, I was in high school 40 years ago. Now I’m at my high school weight. Keto works. My wife thinks I’m going to keel over. Never felt better.

  37. I’ve been on keto for three months and have never been in ketosis. Have tried different blood meters still no ketosis. Carbs are never over 20 g, my protein has run from 70 g all the way up to 160 g. Still no ketosis. I weigh 240 have lost 30 pounds. Still no ketosis.

  38. If it was so easy to get into ketosis why are there so many YouTube videos addressing the problem?

  39. I’m on week four of Carnivore and ALL these things you talk about are happening to me! It is SO MOTIVATING! I’ve NEVER…. and I mean NEVER (I’m 57) been able to feel NO CRAVINGS an hour or two after a meal. Now, two meals a day are totally sufficient. I’m flipping out! Thanks for all your helpful videos.

  40. Please help me! I’m a past vegan trying to go carnivore. The other day I almost fainted to unconsciousness. I had to run to get sugar. Why did this happen if I’m using diatary fat and ketones ?

  41. 100% true. Every single goddam point. God I love being in keto. Going off it and feeling shit has made me appreciate being in Ketosis so I am now keto and nothing will deter me

  42. Thanks Dr.Barry i have eaten more fats & haven't kept tract of macros ,i will start back I'm afraid i have gained wt.I need to lose 8lbs…..

  43. I started doing keto way of eating last month and at the earlier stage, I’ve been eating large servings of fatty foods. But this week, I can’t seem to down anything. I can’t decide what I want to eat and end up just extending fast until I figure out what I want. Then, when I am able to prepare food, I end up just eating half of it. Not sure if it’s still healthy? My next plan is to start working out and possibly that will increase my appetite a bit more. Hoping for inputs.

  44. Thank you for the awesome info Dr.Berry! Any idea how to tell you guy bacteria is balanced? We always hear about keeping gut biome and keeping it healthy and part of that is having probiotics what bot. How done know when we have a healthy gut?

  45. I’ve been in ketosis (3.0-6) for 3 months. I’m still waiting to balance adrenals i ingest a lot of salt and fat with good amount of protein and water and I feel like I’m dying. I don’t eat nuts, high oxalate, milk (only raw heavy cream and butter), or any keto junk foods. How long until my hormones recover. I want to stop drinking coffee but I have to have it some days because I have sleep issues and waking up early is exhausting.

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