8 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Know To Lose Weight

Hey there.
I heard you’re looking to get in shape.
While there are hundreds of fitness hacks
available, a lot of them are bogus.
Here are 8 weight loss myths you need to know.
Is salt actually healthy?
Is diet-soda as bad as people think?
Does green tea really help you lose weight?
We’re talking all of that AND more…
But first, while it may not burn calories,
it doesn’t hurt to exercise your mind.
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Now let’s talk diet myths.
“Salt is absolute garbage for you.”
I say this with confidence…
It’s common to hear that salt is unhealthy,
but this is a misconception.
While it’s reasonable to assume considering
the best junk foods are loaded with sodium,
your body actually needs salt!
This might be a weird question, but how do
you like your blood?
Okay, that came off wrong.
I’m just trying to keep your attention.
But seriously, do you like having healthy
Salt is an essential nutrient that helps control
your blood pressure.
It’s recommended that you consume 2300mg
of sodium a day.
With that being said, it’s easy to overdo
The average North American is estimated to
consume around 3400mg.
The next time somebody asks why you’re so
“salty”, let them know.
“Carbs are the devil.”
VOICE OF VIEWER: Give me a break.
Nobody actually talks like that.
Alright, I don’t think people say it in
that exact wording, but like salt, carbs are
often thought of as poison for your health.
In reality, this is also a misconception.
Carbohydrates are your body’s primary energy
source, providing essential fibres.
While it’s recommended that you consume
an average of 225 to 325 grams of carbs per
day, those looking to improve their fitness
are told to have between 50 and 150 grams.
The real shocker is that carb consumption
is necessary to lose weight.
But keep in mind, it’s the type of carbs
that matter.
If you’re just beginning your weight loss
journey, make sure you stay away from things
like white bread and pasta.
Things such as quinoa, oranges and bananas
are good to go.
“Gluten-free diets are ALWAYS the answer!”
VOICE OF VIEWER: Is that supposed to be sarcasm?
I’ve been on a gluten free diet for close
to a year now.
I’m seeing results…
I think.
If you hear someone recommend the gluten-free
thing, it’s not always a great idea.
This might not be what you want to hear, but
I’ll just say it.
There’s no concrete evidence showing that
gluten-free diets result in actual weight
It does however have other health benefits.
A gluten-free diet is meant to help those
suffering from celiac’s disease.
This is an autoimmune disorder with harmful
effects on your lower intestine.
1 out of every 133 Americans are said to suffer
from the disease.
That’s roughly 1.7 million people.
Since their bodies are unable to properly
absorb gluten, most people simply cut the
protein out of their diet.
With that being said, an estimated 2.7 million
people who don’t have celiac’s disease
also follow a gluten-free meal plan.
This can be due to the fact that cutting back
on gluten can help other gastrointestinal
symptoms that are unrelated to celiac’s
While this is shown to have benefits, cutting
gluten is not without risks.
Cutting gluten from your diet can result in
calcium, fiber and iron deficiencies among
“Want to lose weight quick?
Starve yourself!”
Repeat after me.
Never do this.
If you’re new to the world of fitness, it’s
reasonable to assume that cutting food is
the best way to drop weight.
In reality, depriving your body of food is
While removing 50% of your intake can help
you lose weight, it will also decrease your
muscle mass by 5%.
Over time, this will also decrease the size
of your organs by 20%.
When cutting calories, you need to be sure
you’re not doing it too quickly.
If your consumption is cut in half right away,
your blood pressure will drop dramatically.
This may also lead to dehydration, dizziness,
weakness and a slower heart rate.
What you want to do is gradually lessen your
portion size at the dinner table.
Simply missing meals will make you tired and
If you would like to learn more about having
a happier outlook on life, check out our video
on 9 Tips for Living Happily.
“Cardio is the key.”
VOICE OF VIEWER: You clearly don’t know
what you’re talking about.
I should be the one giving away health tips.
Cardio is all you need…
Isn’t it?
If you’re going for that smaller waistline,
your first instinct may be to head outdoors
for a run.
It’s no wonder.
Regular workout routines can increase your
life expectancy by 7 years!
You are 90% more likely to burn calories running
than you are walking.
But while good exercise is beneficial, many
tend to subscribe solely to cardio as a way
to lose weight.
They don’t realize that this is one of several
ingredients to having a healthy body.
Your diet is also crucial to this process.
Did you know that a 200 pound person sheds
an average of only 106 calories after one
mile of jogging?
At this rate, you want to make sure that your
menu’s a little healthier.
A steady diet of Big Mac’s and pizzas is
not ideal for getting into shape.
“Yoga isn’t real exercise.”
Those of you who aren’t into yoga are probably
nodding in agreement.
However, if you do happen to practice the
ancient art of “downward dog”, you might
take offense to this notion.
Yoga is an extremely significant exercise.
There are actually several great poses that
can help you shed pounds.
These include the boat pose, the upward plank
and the warrior pose.
We know, to an outsider, these positions might
seem fairly dramatic.
But truth be told, you don’t realize how
great they can be for your mental and physical
The average yoga class lasts between 75 to
90 minutes.
Depending on your body weight, 90 solid minutes
of hot power yoga can burn up to 930 calories.
For all you adrenaline junkies, you may want
to think twice the next time you call yoga
“Just drink your green tea and shut up.”
This one may prove to be the most divisive
on our list.
Green tea is among the most popular detox
items on the market.
Before we go any further, we’ll say this.
Yes, green tea is incredibly healthy.
Containing several vitamins and minerals,
the drink helps prevent tooth decay, maintains
healthy skin and lowers blood pressure.
There is even some research to support that
it helps cure cancers.
But let’s get real.
Several myths about green tea just aren’t
For example, green tea does NOT burn away
belly fat.
At least not while acting alone.
There are plenty of people who would love
to think sitting back with a hot cup will
just magically make your gut disappear.
If that were true, the wizard who made that
potion should be getting some serious royalty
In reality, you also need to be working physically
for these results.
Nobody simply loses fat by guzzling a drink.
There is also a misconception that green tea
boosts your metabolism.
Unfortunately, this is also inaccurate.
Green tea can increase your energy, which
is helpful if you’re looking to stay active.
Try your best to have some green tea and head
for a run outside.
“Diet Coke is a good replacement.”
Let’s be honest, you knew at least some
sort of diet drink was going to appear eventually.
Diet coke is among the most controversial
soft drinks in existence.
Try drinking it in a social circle without
one of your friends yammering on about how
it will one day kill you.
Throughout the years, Diet Coke has been talked
about in negative and positive light.
And to be honest, there’s inaccuracy on
both ends.
For instance, people trying to lose weight
are made to believe the switch from regular
coke to diet is a way to go.
Diet Coke has been proven to actually contribute
to weight gain.
Yes, diet coke is great if you are watching
your calorie intake.
The artificial sweetener found in the soda
is one menacing ingredient.
Once consumed, your pancreas mistakes it for
sugar, releasing insulin.
Since there is no actual sugar, your body
becomes confused and messes up the metabolic
While this may be a rude awakening for anyone
who drinks diet soda as a replacement, look
on the bright side…
There is actually no confirmed link between
diet Coke and diabetes, something that was
once widely reported.
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