All-American Fish Cakes

>>Howard: A few weeks ago we did a recipe
for Southern Fish & Chips using U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish and we got rave reviews.
Growing up, I wasn’t that familiar with catfish, but after I got a chance to visit a catfish
farm in Mississippi, I have to say I was pretty impressed. Nothing fancy, just fresh water
ponds filled with farm-raised catfish. And it was really cool to see how the fish ate
off the top of the water, not the bottom … like I expected.
After we left there we headed into town and we had what they called fish cakes which is
a local version of a … crab cake. Here’s what they did.
They mixed together some breadcrumbs, mayo, a beaten egg, lemon juice, Worcestershire
sauce, yellow mustard and some seasonings. Then they gently tossed in some U.S. Farm-Raised
Catfish that was baked, and then broken into chunks.
After they formed them into cakes, they browned ‘em off in a skillet, which took only minutes.
Now these can be served as is or even topped a dollop of tartar or cocktail sauce. You
gotta go online and get the recipe for what we call, All-American Fish Cakes, so you can treat your family to a fresh tasting
dinner any night of the week. I’m Howard in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, where today we’re
looking for a “fresher” way for you to say “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!®”

William Babineau


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