Ask the Scientist #59 – Dr. Jeff’s 16 Week Pre-Contest Diet Plan Part 3 of 3

Hello my name is Dr. Jeff Golini, and
welcome to “Ask the Scientist” this show
is about busting myths bringing you the
Hey the last 3 weeks or two weeks
we’ve been talking about Dr. Jeff’s
pre-contest diet. I started with the
first episode with week 16 down to week
12 the separate, second episode went from
12 weeks down to four weeks. So if you
missed the first two you want to go back
and find those and watch those that will
kind of get you into perspective where
we are now at week 4. By now you should
be pretty much ready. If you are not
looking good by week four you messed
something up at the beginning of your
diet and I recommend that you wait to do
the show you never want to get down to
the end and still not be in shape the
whole idea about starting out far enough
and getting your diet under control is
so that when you get closer to the show
you’re not fine tuning you should be
spending time posing you should be
getting rid of that last bit of fat that
you have. So week four down to week 3 again
I don’t make a whole lot of adjustments
in the diet that didn’t happen from 12
to four were eating protein from fish
chicken turkey now when i get to week
I start to actually even cut out the
turkey and rely primarily on fish again
that last little bit of fat i like to
lower those fats solo so that you are
using that carbohydrates as kindling and
all that protein is still going to
muscle-building. I’m still building
muscle at for weeks out
you know you shouldn’t be all
lethargic and tired and barely get to
the gym. You should still have enough
energy if you did everything right you
can maintain your cardio. You should be
looking good and feeling good at week 4
so we’re going to go to fish. Now I like
the white fishes you know tilapia,
halibut, or tuna,
shark depending on where you’re at.
I stay away from again the darker fishes
like salmon. Again just to get that fat
down as low as possible.
Now again there’s a lot of different
plans out there; this is Dr. Jeffs plan.
I never came into a show that I
wasn’t shredded and I always maintain
maximum muscle so again I’m kind of
giving you what I used to do. You got to
find out what’s best for you
so my protein sources would be strictly
whitefish. It was usually baked I didn’t
use any oils or anything again. I’m just
looking at the least amount of ways I can
keep that fat down. Now my carbohydrates
are the same.
I’m utilizing baked potatoes yams brown
rice or sweet potatoes and i’m still
alternating my calories so if my average
calorie intake I wanted to be a 1,000
one day I’m going 1,500 one day I’m
going 500 so I’m alternating them. I’m
finding what is the best range I just
kind of said 500 deficit plus or minus
just for speaking sake; but you can have
a two or three hundred calorie
difference. The whole idea is that you’re
shocking your body, one-day
your little higher and carbs and next
day you’re a little bit lower but you
never lower your protein intake. Now very
crucial, make sure you are eating about
seven small meals throughout the day.
Especially when we get to this point of
the diet because again it’s crucial that
you eat smaller meals and we’re
maintaining that positive nitrogen
Other than that you should still be
maintaining your cardio. Again hopefully
you’re in good shape by now so you don’t
need to increase your cardio maybe you
might even be able to decrease it. So
again it depends on what the mirror is
telling you on how much cardio you need
at that four-week period. We finished up
doing about an hour and a half a day
prior to that.
So you should be able to maintain that
if you’re a little bit behind you might
have to increase that if your little
ahead then you can decrease that. Other
than that you’re going to ride that out
until week one.
Now week one is a whole different
scenario when you get to that point and
I have done a video on the last week, but
that’s more dealing with water.
Stay tuned I’m gonna probably do one
strictly on the last week because it is
pretty complex on you know what you eat
how do you carbohydrate load how to get
rid of water. So next month I will talk
to you about the last week. Anyway I hope
that helps if anyone needs any help with
these diet plans send me an email. I love to
put it in writing for you and give you
some guidance to help you look the best
you can look for your next show.
Take care and I will catch you next time.

William Babineau

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