At Standard Process, Healthy Soil Yields Healthy Food

One of my favorite parts about managing
this farm is how fresh the food is that comes off the farm.
So much of America
we’re so far removed from our food, that our food may
have traveled across the entire United
States or from a different continent
everything is absolutely hundred-percent
certified organic, so we’re promising all of
our customers that we don’t use
anything that’s been genetically modified.
And we can promise you this food was harvested today
processed right here at the farm within hours, and never left our property.
We have 35 different crops in a very extensive rotation,
we utilize a lot of cover crops. Pretty
much every single acre of this farm, every year, has a crop grown only to feed this soil.
One our main focuses at Standard Process is to create a living and thriving
Biosystem in our soil itself. So we
focus on the health of soil and are
yields here are exceptional, the food is very healthy because of our focus on the soil and it’s a great way to farm.

William Babineau

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