hey YouTube ready for a fish room update
stay tuned hey youtube its brian from www.aquaticsupportsystems.com and Brian’s
fish tanks and I’m just going to take you through all of my tanks and show you
what’s going on this month wanted to get a quick update in before the end of the
month because I hadn’t been able to do much as far as filming updates this
month before I get started though if you’re watching this before cyber monday
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check it out alright let’s get started with the tour all right so we’re gonna
start with the big umbee tank if you’re new to umbeesthese are Kronaheros Umbriferus open-water predator fish from the rio
magdalena river this is Magnus he’s about a six to seven year old um be I
think at this point if you’re not familiar I got them from Mike mann when
you got out of the hobby mr. man’s sick lives on YouTube used to
be a real big youtuber as far as a sick let’s go this is Magnus and his wife is
in the pot over there that’s beast and there’s a big pleco in there but he’s
got a little bit of damage to his new clump in his top right now from hitting
the top of the tank when he was trying to get food but yeah he’s quite a beast
and he’s doing real well his son Optimus right here you can see through
the glare or the reflections he’s an f1 because his daddy and mommy
are Wild caughty and that’s his wife matrix she’s from another pair so these two did
not share a bloodline at all which is pretty neat which is pretty neat when
you’re reading them they recently had a spawn and you can
see there’s still a few fry swimming around but they like usual if I don’t
pull them pretty much ate everything so he’s getting to be a good I don’t know
16 17 18 inches somewhere in there so they’re doing real well we’ll go over
and check out the trimac pair who was divided right now that’s the male
looking real good they’re hungry female she’s recovering because for the second
time now she got beat up a little bit this is gonna be the kind of the down in
the dirty fish room tour because I didn’t do any glass cleaning or anything
like that ahead of time so sorry for the spots or the algae water spots or algae a little spooked let’s give them a
little she’s probably gonna be freaked out now
but I was gonna say it will do a little fish food here some I got some southern
delight small cichlid whoops put way too much in when I’m trying to do it one
habit I’ve got these guys on power feed but I didn’t have a bottle right by the
tanks so small cichlid it is which they still love just trying to close the lid
and I’m down below still got some itis left here probably ten of them or so
these are available for sale if you’re looking for some some Haitiensis is just
a couple in that tank and then some trimack I think I got about five or so
left those are also available and then down below here the big group of Haiti
ounces a bunch of them available as well if you’re looking for Haiti answers the
Red Isletas tank they’re doing good there’s no spot in action from them but
he’s frisky and he’s trying to get here to spawn let’s see what happens but if
you followed my channel for any length of time you know
they usually only spawn successfully about twice a year so that’s a big piece
though for two bits down so we’ll see what happens Haitiensis pair they had a real big
spawn you can see some fries swimming around but didn’t really have anywhere
to put him so I didn’t pull them and they’ve eaten most of them this guy
though just feel real lucky to have this fish
she’s just a sweet awesome looking specimen she’s looking good too
just like they’ve been doing a little bit of lip locking and the fest day over here doing real
good also email is not out at the moment wonder where she is silver dollars are
looking nice also we can’t find a female probably in one
of these tubes to hide back here so yeah she’s back when these sponge
filters you’re not gonna be able to so you can see part of her been there try max and I’ve got the Arowana in this
180 here still trying to figure out what I’m gonna do with the Timac situation
until I can get that pair that I showed you earlier living in harmony none of
these guys are going anywhere with once that happens I’ve made clear off this
tank the silver Arowana is in this tank now too you might notice the reason
behind that got a problem with this – 10 greatest the middle brace is missing I
was just kind of hanging down in the tank right now I came down one day
actually had some guys over buying some shrimp from me and I noticed that this
brace was down and that these lights as well as the the topside got on these
tanks were laying in the water so to care my customers and quickly drain the tank and it’s been
empty now for a couple of weeks I got some silicone and some clamps and
everything I need finally to go ahead and reseal that brace the brace is just
on with silicone it’s just glass same it’s got the same brace on this tank
above it here Oh so it’s just helping place my silicone
so fixity bagging business we’re going to look at some shrimp to a
lot of times I keep the shrimp separate but this month it’s kind of hectic so
I’m gonna keep everything in one video right here we’ve got the red pintos
they’re all eating some shrimp king complete right now which I do sell on
aquatic support systems calm if you’re looking here are the blue dreams it’s
some Reds up here in the savage red tank some of the crayfish are out right now
dwarf Crayfish all these things here I feed the fish
Shrimp King Complete this is a Bloody Mary tank it’s the white /
golden B tank a lot of breeding going on in there lately along with the pentose
really there’s some good breeding here’s the tie bees
and then the crystal blacks with one crystal red in there later that we’re
gonna pull him out and put him with his crystal red brothers these are the super
crystal rats got a few babies and none of these guys are looking great down below are the Taiwan Bee’s mix Taiwan
bee tank a little bit of everything blue bolts Red Bolts bkk pandas shadow pandas and then we’ll take a look at Colossus
real quick here the king kamfa Flowerhorn 9.9 flowerhorn you can see he’s got some
visitors the clown loaches from the 210 that bro are all in here right now
they’re doing just fine together but I’d like to get them back in that 210 where
they have a lot more room because they’re pretty big I like to get close-ups of the patterns
on this guy because they’re just super cool try to make this video not too long
though either down below is the Midas tank I don’t
remember if my last update I talked about this but he killed his female the
white one was one of my favorite female – that I’ve ever owned so I put the –
that was in Cheetos tank in here and then I’ll show you later that the one
that was in the 210 over there is with cheeto now and things can’t be going
better this one surviving Frey is getting to be
pretty big just kind of letting him let him or her do his thing but this guy’s
looking real well it’s not she all right the other flowerhorn is right
here as you can see he’s got a tank night –
this is that male Mota that was in the to town and they don’t get along real
well but he stays in the tube or can outswim him swim the flower horn so
there’s no real problems this mota I was looking so this flower
mr. freckle lip I’ll show you some more shrimp right
below here these are the PR Elle’s pure red lines doing real good
this tank has got some good breeding going on and I’ve got these available
for sale if you’re looking for some any of the stuff that you might be looking
for sale to my email will be below in the description or also you can hit me
up on Facebook or go to aquatic support systems.com and look me up there this is I didn’t even say with these
where this is the one crystal red tank where the colony is kind of depleting so
I’m going to decide if I want to add more to this or mix them in with my
other crystal tank and try something new here
black Pinto tank is doing good I do need to call out some of the missions and the
ones with the blue coloration and I’m but yeah added some of these from Steve
Barbie here real recently to add a different bloodline to the mix and then
my old standby crystal Reds are doing real good
as always breeding like crazy tons of babies I’ve always got them available down
below here when I talked earlier about the down-and-dirty this is probably my
dirtiest tank right now as far as the glass goes but this is the motor pair I
hesitate to call them a pair because they even spawn but there’s a male the
female is probably hiding in her pot over there not much to see there so
we’ll take you upstairs and show you the reef tanks and the office tanks and then
we’ll cut this short alright so here we are at the hundred 25
gallon reef tank and things have been going pretty good overall a little bit
of coral loss this frog spawn here used to be huge you can see it’s just hanging
on by a thread a little bit of a calcium deficiency by way of failed since they
failed the clogged dosing pump but most stuff is doing pretty good in here you
can see the bananas are doing well green star polyps hammer coral the most part
things are doing good the the green nem has been taking walks a lot lately now
it’s kind of tucked in right there it spends a lot of time right here on this
kind of end of the rock structure but it’s constantly moving this frog spawn
over here is having problems as well hoping I can get that to recover
mushrooms are doing good all the plating corals are doing real nice so I moved a
big chunk from the Nano tube over here and glued it onto the side to see if it
would take sorry about the glue job but it doesn’t look good fish are all doing good haven’t added
any fish since the last update we can’t like to hide from the camera
which is weird I don’t have my gel filter on the camera today too so I
apologize in advance but this is gonna probably turn out really blue we know
over here and take a look at the biofuel quick the glass in the bio cube is
pretty dirty today I just decided I should get a video filmed and decided I
didn’t have the time today to go through and film everything
to be honest I’m filling a lot of Black Friday orders that have been coming in
throughout the weekend on the website so it’s been taking most of my time this
holiday weekend but that’s a good thing so some problems in here with some of
the corals too you can see some of the stuff isn’t opened up as good as it
should be right now but it always seems to bounce back in this tank so that nem
right there is closed up right now and the other one seems to have taken a walk
I was in here the other day and I moved a few corals around things are a little
irritated I think but anyway this leather lately – hasn’t seemed to really
been opening up until later in the day like in the evening so it doesn’t look
the greatest right now I’m filming at about 1:30 in the afternoon all right
and we can go in and check out the office next all right well
Chito and his wife have spawned see in the back there is a big pile of
wigglers mixed in with gravel but when I switched this other female up here it
took less than a week now maybe a little more than a week but anyway you may have
some seen a post post on Facebook from me and Instagram last week that came in
and caught them to the tail end of the spawn quite a few wigglers looks like
it’s gonna be a pretty big big clutch of fries so that’s cool she does not like
him going near the pot either she’s on guard the 90 gallon lights are up right
now nothing worse than I’m just having another black beard algae attack in
there and then the shrimp tanks the lights are off so I won’t even bother
showing those to you right now either nothing special to see but yeah that’s
really it for this tour guys again if you’re watching this before cyber monday
which is November 26 2008 een go to www.aquaticsuppor systems.com and get 20%
off all your purchases no minimums I’ll try to remember to put the coupon code
below but otherwise it says it right on the front page homepage of the website
or in the blog make sure you subscribe if you new to this channel make sure you
share this video if you would make sure to hit that like button as well and
until next time stay tuned you

William Babineau


  1. Do you have a video on how you clean your big fish tanks. And your fish are beautiful. Oh where do you get those pipes you have in your tanks they look concrete. And if they are concrete how to you prepare them for tank. I have cichlids.

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    Reef Aquariums are my favorite. 😃

    Thank you for sharing. 👍😃

  5. Brian how do you keep up with all this stuff!! So overwhelming!!! So beautiful

  6. The fish room is epic as always Brian. 38 tanks and how many gallons? I’ll have to have my wife watch this. I only have 19 tanks and she says I have enough. I’ve been lobbying for another rack of tanks. Have a few more pleco species I want to start. 👍

  7. Yeah I love these tours, makes me feel like I'm not crazy for having so many tanks….lol. Great stuff Brian! Fish are amazing!!! The clown loach crew are my favorite!

  8. Make sure to check out our website www.aquaticsupportsystems.com to order fish food, shrimp food and other products!

  9. Great tanks!! I’m jealous of your fish room, wish I had room for that many big tanks!

  10. After spending a ton on filtration systems, I'm so amazed on how Brian keeps it so simple.. He pretty much runs his tanks on simple sponge filters. And his fish are so active and healthy. Am I missing something?..

  11. Might add to the looks of the tank to replace the terra cotta pots with pots that are nicer looking..vases,urns, glazed. Home Depot fake this or that, plastic. Even Mexican pottery since most big Cichlids range into southern Mexico.
    Just an idea.

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