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Baigan Choka is to Trinidad what baba
ganoush is to the rest of the world!
Come with me to my kitchen and I’ll make
you a delicious breakfast of baigan
choka and sada roti!
To prepare the baigan, first we will wash
it and dry it, and then make incisions
into which we would add little pieces of
garlic– the garlic will start perfuming
the flesh of the baigan from the inside
and that will your first layer of flavor.
It’s also totally optional if you’re
having a very lazy day!
Look at the base of the eggplant– rumor
has it that the eggplant on the left is
a female and the eggplant on the right
is a male. It is also rumored that the
female has more seeds than the male (hence best to use male). Your homework my friends is to test the
validity of that statement and let me
know if it’s right or wrong!
Next, place the baigan over an open flame,
indoor or outdoor, or in the oven and
roast until the flesh surrenders to the
heat and collapses.

Now let me teach you the art of removing
the flesh –first slice off the stem part
and then you’re going to take your knife
and cut it all the way down the middle
to the base==next pull it apart to expose
the flesh.
Next using a fork, or spoon and a fork,
carefully and gently pull the eggplant
away from the charred skin.
Some people love bits of charred skin in
their choka, I say do whatever makes you
Place it in a bowl and don’t forget
those steamed garlic bits. Here’s another
way to do it but this method may not
work every time,
depending on how soft the baigan is.
Next we’ll peel and thinly slice the
onion, next you can thinly slice or mash
a pound of garlic and you could do the
same for the hot pepper , next mash until
there are no clumps or long strings of
Next heat your favorite cooking oil in a
small pan and when the oil is hot add
the garlic and the onion and sometimes I
add hot pepper here too.
As I’ve mentioned before, you can add
sliced garlic or crushed garlic, cook
until the onions become clear or in this
case brown, but if it’s black you gotta
start back!
You can cook the onions or you can pour
the hot oil over the raw onions. It all
depends on your level of tolerance. I
love a little texture to my eggplant so
I add a lot of raw onions and pepper to
my dish. Keep adding salt until it
reaches your desired level. Whisk
passionately my friends to expedite the
marriage of the ingredients and to make
it light and fluffy!
As you know Baigan Choka is incomplete
without sada roti. Give me a couple of
minutes and then you can join me for
breakfast. I promise you it takes less
than 15 minutes. If you haven’t seen that
video yet I will leave the link below.

William Babineau

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