Can diabetes be reversed? (Guest: Dr. Aaron Ernst) – | THE HEALTH AWAKENING | Ep. 132

– [Narrator] The following
information is intended for educational purposes only,
it is not medical advice. The views expressed do not reflect those of this broadcaster. Should you choose to
implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed Medical Professional. Neither the presenter nor
this broadcaster assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences that may result. – Type 2 diabetes used to be
known as adult onset diabetes, Type 1 diabetes used to be
called juvenile diabetes, both of these definitions have changed. And now there’s even Type 3 diabetes and three of the same
causes for each type. So, what’s going on? And can anything be done
other than taking medicine for the rest of your life? Yes, there are answers for all three types of diabetes according to Dr. Aaron Ernst and he’s about to give
you a Health Awakening. (lively music) And welcome to The Health Awakening. I’m your host Scott Laird. Forget everything you think
you know about diabetes, whether you have it or
not because your world is about to be turned upside down. You’re going to learn that
diabetes is not what you think it is and that all
three forms of diabetes, yes three, can be reversed. You heard right, it can be reversed. Now let’s get into it
with Holistic Practitioner and host of The Ask Dr.
Ernst Show, Dr. Aaron Ernst. Welcome to The Health Awakening. – Thanks for having me. – Now before the cameras came on, we were talking about how there are two different
definitions, I guess, of diabetes, Type 1, 2, and 3, and that is a medical version and then a functional
medicine type of version. So, how does that break down. – I guess it breaks down
as are you looking for what’s going on or are you
looking for what’s causing it? So, medically they’ll say
you’re a Type 1 diabetic, you’re Type 2 diabetic,
you’re Type 3 diabetic as a diagnostic code or a way
of labeling your condition but the challenge with that definition is it doesn’t explain why
you are Type 1 diabetic, two or three. In the functional medicine
world, we would say, well, you’re not actually Type 1, 2, or 3, you are this cause and that’s why you’ve been labeled that way. So, we have Type 1 cause,
toxic induced, Type 2 cause, a microbiome or a gut dysfunction induced, and Type 3, which would be
a neurological induction, So a neurological cause. So, we look at it and say,
there’s three different forms of the creation of diabetes, medicine says, there’s
three types of diabetes, and so it gets a little
complicated but in essence, are you looking for cause or are you looking for just a description. – Hmm. Now, Type 3 we’re going to get into in the third segment of today’s show. We’re going to do segment one of the show will be Type 1.
– Correct. – We’re gonna get into
it here, Type 2 we’ll do in the second segment but Type 3, there’s something on your recent podcast that you said was very interesting
and you did it visually with your fingers you
said, if you have Type 2 and then you let it get out
of control so it becomes a Type 1 and now you’re left with Type 3.
– Type 3. – [Scott] That’s amazing. – Yeah.
– Wow. – [Scott] Okay, so now, first of all the definitions of
childhood diabetes, Type 1, that can no longer be called that because you’ve mentioned
before that more adults have Type 1 now than kids. – And more kids have Type 2
more so than what they used to. So, we used to say, oh,
Type 2 was adult onset, meaning that you are older in your age and all the sudden you now
have high blood sugars. But we have some time
seven, eight, nine year olds that have Type 2 diabetes. As you mentioned, now we’re
having Type 1 showing up in adults that have not
had diabetes at all. So, we used to think Type 1 was genetic and there was nothing you can do about it, and that Type 2 was you’ve burned out all your insulin receptors
you ate too much sugar and therefor you caused
your own condition. And we know that’s not
necessarily the case anymore. – Now you’re mentioning to me also, before the cameras come on, that Type 1 can be caused
by a viral infection. Is that right? – Yeah, so, if you actually
look into the research of it, it’s hard to
explain a genetic disease that shows up seven, eight, nine years into your life because
a true genetic disease is a defect of the DNA,
meaning you have the disease since the moment you were born, or even in utero. Down syndrome, for example, you can’t undo that genetic cause. But Type 1 diabetes, the functional theory that says why it’s not genetic, is that it’s an actual viral or some sort of food-based sensitivity
attack to the pancreas itself. You get exposed to Epstein-Barr
virus, Cytomegalovirus, or a hepatitis, or a herpes style virus, and it goes into the pancreas and destroys the pancreatic cells so
they can’t produce insulin. So, now you’ve become insulin-dependent or you had a sensitivity to
a casein protein from dairy or some sort of other food allergy and it attacked the pancreas
and so now you’ve lost the cells and they can’t produce insulin. – So, how would someone
know, like you said, this can come on later in
life, it’s not a genetic thing. So, it appears when you’re
nine, ten, eleven years old or even as an adult. How would someone know– Well, what’s the trigger
that says to someone, hey you’ve got, maybe
got, Type 1 diabetes. – The first call is gonna be, your sugars are gonna drop pretty
heavily throughout the day and then when you eat something
they skyrocket through the roof where they go
north of a 150, 120, 190, something like that. A Type 1 diabetic often
has to inject insulin to bring their sugar’s down,
so the classic sort of way of knowing, do I have Type 1 diabetes is, am I injecting insulin? But caveat, Type 2
diabetics don’t usually have to inject insulin but if
it becomes uncontrolled all of the sudden, they start
getting prescribed insulin like they’re Type 1. So, that’s where we said, well a Type 2 who’s now injecting insulin,
that’s Type 1, typically. So, you’re on your way to Type 3 and that’s the third type
we have to talk about. – Now, I think it’s
becoming known nowadays that Type 2 diabetes,
yes, it’s what we’ve said for a couple of decades
now, you can reverse and even modern medicine is saying– – Yeah.
– Yes, you can reverse it. – Correct.
– That’s good. – [Scott] But now people are
still saying, no, Type 1, you’ve got it, you’re stuck with it. Is that true? – No, it’s not and it’s
again, because if you believe it’s a genetic sourced disease, you can’t change your
genes so you’re stuck and you gotta inject this
insulin, and monitor yourself, and have pumps, and all
these kinds of thing. But again, functionally, what if it’s a toxic
induced Type 1 diabetes and you remove the toxicity
virus or heavy metal? Well, then the pancreas
could potentially come back to life and start functioning again. What if it’s a microbiome induction and you clean out the
guts, and all the sudden you no longer need 80 units
of insulin, you’re down to 10? What if it’s a neurological cause, vagus nerve is very important
in making the pancreas work, so maybe it’s not
actually what you thought, maybe it’s caused by one of
the three functional types. And you can be tested for all of those. – So, you can you can start
reversing those things. So, with the start with cleanses
and things of that nature? – Yeah and let’s be
careful, I don’t reverse it, I’m not treating it, we
teach our clients or patients to say well, here’s
what you have going on, here is what you need to do to fix that. And if you remove cause, it
doesn’t matter what disease you have, your body can heal by itself. So, in essence the patient,
the client, the person, reverses their own diabetes. – That’s the way our bodies
are built, aren’t they? – Yes, to heal themselves.
– To reverse themselves. – [Aaron] They can’t do it
if it’s interfered with. – Excellent. Okay, while we’re talking
with and Dr. Aaron Ernst about the three types of diabetes and how to reverse each one of them, we’ll be right back with more
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quantity one-time offer to thank you for your support of A Rood Awakening International. Make your Love Gift donation now to receive these special gifts. Call now or visit MonthlyLoveGift.com. (lively music) – Welcome back to The Health Awakening. Before the break we were
talking with our guest, Dr. Aaron Ernst about Type 1 diabetes and I think we pretty
much wrapped that up. So, now we have Type 2 diabetes. – Yes.
– What is it exactly? – [Aaron] Well, it is the
condition that most people think of when you hear the word diabetes. Technically by definition, Type 2 diabetes is someone whose blood sugar is elevated, their A1C marker is elevated, and their doctors are telling them, you need to either diet,
exercise, or take a medication to bring your sugar’s down.
– Hmm. – [Aaron] The reason for the
elevation in a Type 2 diabetic is the insulin receptor,
it’s the protein on the cell that lets insulin land onto
it, is either defective, broken, or has been destroyed, such that they now become
resistant to insulin. – Now how does that come into with leptin. Maybe people have heard this term before. – Yeah. – Leptin resistance, this
is really what it is. – Well, let’s just talk about
resistance from any hormone. You can be testosterone
resistance, insulin resistant, leptin resistant, thyroid
hormone resistance. Resistance simply means the
receptor does not receive the hormone and you
don’t get the signaling that’s supposed to happen from it. Leptin is a hormone that
tells your body to burn fat. So, when people say, I’m having
a hard time losing weight, I’m weight-loss resistant,
I do all the right diets and exercises and I’m gaining weight. That’s leptin resistance.
– Hmm. – [Aaron] Leptin is a
hormone secreted by fat cells to tell the brain we have a lot of fat and you gotta get rid of
us and the brain responds by increasing the leptin response so that the cells burn fat
for energy instead of sugar. Now in a Type 2 diabetic,
here’s what’s weird, their leptin is high,
their insulin is high, and their sugars are high, and
often triglycerides are high. Everything’s high.
– Hmm. – [Aaron] And the only reason
is because the receptors are damaged and here’s the challenge, medicine will not tell them
why the receptors are damaged. So, remember we said there’s
three functional types. The receptor could be damaged
from a toxic induction, there is maybe a heavy metal
inside of it, like a key jammed into door and broken off,
the door will never open because you can’t put a key
in, maybe it’s an induction from a infection in the microbiome, there’s a dysfunctional
dysbiosis, it’s causing an inflammatory process and
the inflammation has damaged the cells so the receptors
die, or it’s neurological. The signaling takes place but
the brain doesn’t know what to do and so it can’t tell the
cells, burn fat, make energy, or do anything else. – I wanna ask about your
journey into that but first, you said something very
interesting where you said, the receptor dies. I’m sure lots of our viewers are saying, can that be reversed? Can that come back? – Absolutely, the receptor is a protein, and your cells make proteins all the time. So, in the internal
environment of the cell, we have DNA and RNA are nucleotides, so we build protein molecule. Now, here’s the challenge. You gotta get the protein
from the inside of the cell all the way up to the top of
the cell through the membrane. So, if the membrane is
damaged, if it’s inflamed, or toxic and it’s thick,
then it can’t push the receptor through so the
insulin receptor never gets to the outside of the cell.
– Hmm. – [Aaron] So, can you
regenerate an insulin receptor? Yes. Can you regenerate the cell membrane? Yes. If that’s the cause of your
diabetes, you fix that, and your sugar’s will go back to normal, your A1C returns to normal,
because now, the system works. – And as you mentioned, you
don’t do that as a physician, someone else has to do that for themselves.
– Yeah. – [Scott] So, how does
someone go about letting that receptor through? – Well, you know, the first
part is finding out what type of diabetes do you have. And again, not Type 1, 2, or 3. Is it a toxic induced
resistance, if it is the only way to get the receptor to
work is remove the toxin. Now we’re talking 80 thousand
known toxins, heavy metals, (whistling)
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, you gotta get tested. Secondly, if it’s a microbiome
problem then, actually, you don’t worry about the
cells, you go to the gut, you clean the gut out and the
cells will naturally reboot. If it’s neurological, the
hardest one of all of ’em, is you have to find where’s
the nerve that’s irritated but in 90% of the cases
of patients I work with, it’s the vagus nerve. It exits behind the skull. So, if the vagus nerve is compressed, you could do the right dieting, you could take the right supplements, but your sugar’s won’t respond
because you’re choking off the life communication between the brain and the organs themselves. – Mm-hm, that is so interesting
because people don’t think that their weight loss problem and they’re diabetic
problem is chiropractic. – Exactly. – Now, you had your own
journey into Type 2 diabetes. Can you tell us what was the ’cause of yours?
– Yeah. – [Aaron] So, here’s the
thing, everyone in my family has Type 2 diabetes and
so, you know, I was told, oh, it’s genetic, you’re gonna get it. And it’s not, Type 2 is not genetic. What I discovered is, as
investigating this cause, is again, you have a toxic type, a microbio
type, and a neurological. I’m a chiropractor, also a
functional medicine doctor, so, my nerves are clear,
so, I know I’m not the neurological type but
my microbiome was leaking and I had toxicities
from mercury and lead. And when I ran the tests, and I took them to my primary care
doctor, and I said okay, here’s all this going on,
can you fix this for me? They went, we don’t have
a medication for that and we don’t even know what to do with it, and we don’t even know
how to read these labs. So, I had to investigate
it myself, personally, I discovered through going
to clinicians and conferences on how to pull heavy
metals and how to rebuild the microbiome. So, here I am, and I just did it myself and then (fingers snapping)
everything reset in 90 days. And I’ve taken thousands of
people through that process. – And yours was, I
believe you said, ferrin. – Yeah, so I had mercury, I
had lead, and I had ferritin, which is a type of oxidized iron that the liver produces when your liver is toxic and congested. Ferritin, if you Google it, and you say, ferritin and diabetes, you will see there are scholarly journals in the National Library of Medicine, even various published diabetic journals that say, high ferritin,
you have diabetes. And so you reduce the ferritin levels and your diabetes clears, ’cause it’s the toxicogenic Type 2. – Did you figure out where that came from? Did you do a reverse of your life and go where did I get this from?
– Well, no, no, no. – [Aaron] So, here’s the thing. Ferritin is produced by
the liver using your iron when you’re sick and toxic,
turning it into ferritin. So, ferritin is iron that’s been oxidized at excessive amounts
due to liver toxicities. – Wow. Talk about internal rust.
– Ingested in the liver. – [Aaron] Basically that’s what it is. It’s rusting of our blood and it gets, the receptors get blocked by the rust and then the insulin can’t land. – Amazing, all right,. Well, we’re talking about
the three types of diabetes with our guest today, Dr. Aaron Ernst. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more from The Health Awakening. (lively music) – [Narrator] The
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The Health Awakening. We’re talking to our guest
today, Dr. Aaron Ernst, about Type 1, 2, and 3 diabetes, and we talked about your
journey through Type 2 and you mentioned
something very interesting about yours, was a heavy metal toxicity. So, mercury, lead, and ferritin. Now, we wanna get into ferritin because how do people get tested for that? – Well, here’s the thing,
your primary doctor running annual physicals and even you
walking in and asking for it is probably not gonna do it. The reason for that is
there are certain standards of, I’ll call it, care that must be done. So, if a medical doctor runs a test and a test comes back abnormal, they are somewhat legally bound
to tell you what you can do to fix it but if there’s no
medication to fix the problem then they often won’t run the test because how can I tell you what to do if there is nothing that we
have available for you to do. – Huh.
– So, often, if you say, hey, dear medical doctor,
please run ferritin. They’ll say, no, you don’t want that. Or they’ll say something
like, it is not covered by your insurance and so you’re
gonna have to pay for it. And so, I’ve even said,
well, how much is it? And they’ll say, well,
we don’t really know ’cause we’ve never run it. Well, can you look it up? No, we’ll see you next week. So, like, you’re gonna
have to sometimes become your own doctor and investigate. The neat thing about today is there’s National Labs across
the entire United States, and even in other countries, where you can go and
request your own labs. You just show up and say, hey, I would like ferritin to be run. And they’ll say it’s 25
dollars or 35 dollars, you know, each lab has a different price. You know, my lab, LabCorp can run ferritin for about 25 dollars. – Now, could they, can
someone go into LabCorp without having a doctor’s
note or whatever you need, they could just go and request a test. – That’s the beauty of now, today, yes. You walk right in, now, you will have to schedule an appointment
and you’ll have to tell them that you’re doing this as self-pay cash, you can’t file insurance,
there’s no medical claim, there’s no diagnosis, but if you know what you’re looking for, you
can come in and pay to get the test run and then they’ll say, where do you want the results sent? And you give them your email address. Now the challenge is, you’re
becoming your own doctor now. And see, that’s what I do, I teach people how to become their own doctor. So, let’s just, real quickly,
teach about ferritin. Ferritin is iron, naturally,
that has been oxidized by your liver because of increased
liver toxicity or stress. So, as ferritin levels climb,
it comes out of the liver but it’s rusted iron so it
goes around in the blood and it clogs your
receptors, it clogs insulin, thyroid, testosterone,
estrogen, progesterone. If it’s a receptor it clogs it. It also gets inside of your joints and so it can create this,
kind of, scratchy sensation. – Hmm.
– Ferritin can be high – [Aaron] for people
wake up in the morning and go, my joints are
stiff in the morning, but by about three hours
later, I’m good to go. Could be ferritin. So, the thing is, if you get it tested, you need to know the reference ranges. Now, the problem is gonna
be, LabCorp is gonna say, it can be as high as three or four hundred but that’s the medical version. It’s funny that they have
a medical version for it but they still don’t test for it. Anyway, if your a male, you
want your ferritin levels to be less than a 150,
and if you’re a female, you want them to be less than 100, but we don’t want ferritin go to low, ’cause like everything else,
too much of something is bad, and too little of something is bad. So, in the 70, 80, 90,
100 range for a woman, 80, 90, 110, 120, 130 for a male. – So, if someone does
chelation, which I’m assuming is the way to get rid of too much ferritin.
– Correct. – [Scott] How can they know that they’re not gonna
get rid of too much? – So, part of it is, you
have to retest yourself. So, if you find a holistic
physician or a wellness coach, or natural practicing doctor,
hopefully they’re gonna say, we’re gonna put you through
a chelation protocol, and we’re gonna retest you in 90 days, and you’re just simply
tracking the number. The challenge is gonna be,
what if your ferritin’s 500? What if it’s 300? What if it’s a thousand? Which I’ve seen before. That’s probably gonna require
some professional assistance. But let’s say it’s 190 and you’re a male. Find a holistic practitioner
who can take you through a heavy metal chelation
or ferritin chelation and then retest it in 90
days and if it comes down, you have become your own doctor and you have healed yourself. – Some folks will say, I’ve
heard of this chelation, I don’t know what it involves. Is it is dropped? What is it? – Well really, chelation can
be a bunch of different methods of pulling something out of your body. As you have talked about with me before, chelation is kind of
like claw-like sounding, like cheleco-grab. Technically, it’s an agent that’s inert, that goes into the body,
and looks for something, grabs it, never lets go,
and is either defecated or urinated out. Now, you have fat soluble
toxins, water soluble toxins. Water comes out through
the kidney, so we would use a water soluble chelator,
fat comes out through the stools and bile, so we
need a fat soluble chelator. And there’s various types of
chelators, zeolites, DMSA, EDTA, it’s a bunch. So, it’s kind of important to know what you’re going after, what
chelator you’re gonna use, can you become your own
doctor and be educated about this stuff? Yes but that’s why it’s good
to find a holistic practitioner who already knows how to do it. They point you in a
direction, do it for 90 days, retest and often, if you get
your ferritin levels down, you’ll see, whoa, my
sugars are doing better. I feel like I’m losing weight,
my testosterone is improving. And it’s not because you took
a drug, it’s ’cause your body is now being cleaned naturally. – Amazing, well, we
haven’t gone into Type 3, that we promised that
we would on this segment but let’s hold on to that–
– Yeah. – [Scott] We’ll save it
for our final segment here. So, we’re talking with Dr. Aaron Ernst about the three types of diabetes and we’ll be right back with
more from The Health Awakening. (lively music) – [Narrator] Sometimes God
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The Health Awakening. We’re talking with our guest
today, Dr. Aaron Ernst, about the three types of diabetes. Type 2, Type 1, now three.
– Now three, yes. – [Scott] Let’s go into three. Where does three come from? – So, three technically is an extension of two Type 2 diabetes
but now into the brain and the cells of the brain. You know, we think Type 2 diabetes, we talk about your body cells but when your brain
becomes insulin resistant, now we have a huge problem, ’cause the brain requires sugar for energy and for it’s production
for everything else. So, it’s gonna be the same
causes as Type 2 diabetes though. We still have a toxic style of Type 3, we have a microbio style of Type 3, and we have a neurological style. So, most people think, when we say Type 3 is now the new Alzheimer’s,
they go wait, wait, wait, what about aluminum being
the cause of Alzheimer’s? Well, see it is, because
it’s the toxicogenic, it’s the aluminum that
blocks the receptors for insulin in the brain. What about the fact people are connecting a microbiome disruption, a
leaky gut, to brain issues? The gut-brain connection. Well see, that’s the microbiome cause. And then what about the
neurological connections? Well, the vagus nerve is a cranial nerve, it’s an extension of the brain. So, Type 3 can still be toxic aluminum, microbiome dysbiosis, and or leaky gut, or vagal nerve compression. – Huh, interesting. So, someone talks about
the enteric nerve system, the super highway between
the brain and the gut, that’s involved. – Yeah, so, we have to think
of it as, Type 3 diabetes is the new term for cognitive decline. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, et cetera. So, it just means your
brain is not receiving the fuel sources it needs to stay alive and stay functional because your receptors are blocked, insulin
resistance of the brain. Now, the neat thing is, the
brain can also use another type of energy called ketones and
ketones come from burning fat but the problem is, most Type
3 diabetics have high leptin, they can’t burn fat, ’cause
they’re also leptin resistant. So, it’s this trap. Medicines trying to find
those cures for Alzheimer’s and the cures for Dementia by medication when really it’s find the
cause of your diabetes of your mind. – Amazing, well, thank you Dr. Ernst, appreciate it.
– Yes, thank you. – [Scott] Thank you for being here today. Thank you for joining us today, our guest has been Dr. Aaron Ernst. You can watch his radio
show and find out more about what he can offer
you at his website, askDrErnst.com, including references to practitioners near you. And we’ll see you next time
for another Health Awakening. (lively music) Thank you for joining us
today on The Health Awakening. You can catch the replay of this episode and see our complete show schedule at HealthAwakening.tv. For more information about our guest today and all they have to offer, please visit their website
on the bottom of your screen. And please remember the
information you saw today is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice, nor
do the views expressed reflect those of this broadcaster. Should you choose to
implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed Medical Professional. Neither the presenter nor
this broadcaster assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences that may result. Thank you. (whooshing)

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