Can Jamie Eat 1000 Calories of Candy? | A.T. #126

William Babineau


  1. Did you know we actually started the Real vs Gummy challenge videos back in 2016?! You can see the videos that started it all here: https://bit.ly/2YDBuHD

  2. I’ve never had any gummy from Vat19 but by watching Jamie eat all of those gummies, I can feel a cavity forming in my teeth

  3. I'm depressed and I don't smile to much anymore but, this channel can make me laugh and smile. Thanks vat19

  4. Chauncey: the sugar has you idk it has me something else a verb

    Jamie: Heh.. What?

    This was at 6:59

  5. Gummy gummy tongue tell me a time is the best of the best it is the best best best best best best friends that you dumb man

  6. If you dont listen to him talking them it's like an MUKBANG asmr.

  7. ifu watch this in 2019 2020 2021 like this now my question jamie like u r a adult how dont u know that a octopus has 2 eyes not 8 XD

  8. My mom has 5 kids.

    Youngest: in fifth grade

    Oldest: second year of Colleges

    Middle: graduates middle school twin👇

    Second to last: graduates middle school

    Second oldest: senior in high school

  9. What's your favorite new gummy like for the heart comment for brain and subscribe to me for the watermelon and if I didn't mention it just say in the comments

  10. 5:08 doctors ''probably'' have birthdays! The best YouTube channel ever………………. Vat19!

  11. Actually this is not funny this is so stupid and may lead to death by getting a sugar rush or diabetes or getting sooo fat and get a heart attack that means death 😔

  12. 'Has gummy' Ya know, doctors have birthdays too! Give it to them!
    so, I'm guessing that doctors want a ONE AND A HALF POUND gummy of a heart.

  13. All The Gummy Products..

    0:47 “Kosher Gummy Pet Rat”

    1:47 “Gummy Octupus”

    2:39 “Gummy Tongue”

    4:41 “Gummy Heart”

    5:59 “Gummy Watermelon!”

  14. Is it just me who could imagine Jamie doing a gummy asmr?

    Just me?
    I thought so.

  15. The watermelon one is the only rightly priced one (£14.00) where all the over ones are like £30.00

  16. Is the popsicle good because I think I’m going to try it 🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉😍

  17. If i get a gummy heart for somone im definitely telling them to eat there heart out

  18. All this look really good but watching him eat all that is making my teeth physically hurt😬😳😷

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