Chicken Cheese Toast Sandwich – Chicken Toast Sandwich On A Pan – Healthy Snack Recipe – Smita

We always eat green vegetable cheese toast.
But if we add chicken to it,
it will be fun right?
So today let’s see the recipe
of Chicken Cheese Toast.
Heat 1 tablespoon of oil into a pan..
..to that add some
garlic paste around 1 teaspoon.
And saute it after adding some pepper powder.
Here I have taken 250 grams
of boneless chicken.
And I have chopped them
finely and saute that too.
It will take around 5 to 6 minutes
to cook the chicken, not more.
While it’s cooking, add in some salt.
We are going to add in some cheese so
I will add in less salt.
Chicken has cooked now.
Let’s turn off the gas and
start preparing for the sandwich.
Here, I have taken sandwich bread.
Let me remove it’s sides.
Apply butter on every slice.
Spread 1 tablespoon mayonnaise on it.
Now onto this put a lot of grated cheese.
And spread it nicely.
Here I have finely chopped
red and yellow bell peppers.
I will spread some of it.
If you want you can also
place lettuce leaves.
And now on this, add cooked chicken.
And now flip the slice
on it and press it a little.
Here I have kept the pan on heat.
I will add some butter on it.
Once the butter melts, keep the sandwiches
on it and let it turn into a crisp toast.
This looks so nice, crisp and brown right?
It has become nicely toast from both the sides.
Let’s keep this aside.
Now let’s cut these
sandwiches into a triangle.
And now let’s serve this on a serving platter.
You can give this Chicken Cheese
Toast sandwich in your kids tiffin.
Or even give them in evening
when they are back home, as a snack.
So do try this recipe and let me know.
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