Child Eating Clay Duck: Any Other Healthy Snack Ideas? Funny Kid Pottery Diet, not Happy Meal

I am so, so excited
it’s simply unbelievable
the great master of ceramics – Carlos
did make for me this little duck
and I can play with this little duck
with these children
quack quack quack
quack quack quack
but children
you know, some funny children here
they are afraid of me
they don’t want to play with me somehow
why? I cannot understand
it also can swim
quack quack
ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha
so, you see
how big this change
which Carlos make by this little duck
now, you know, the issue is that
these children don’t understand me at all
they don’t know english
I don’t speak with them spanish
but I will try to make an experiment
right now
because they did see how
I did behave with this duck
may be if I will give them this duck
they will start to play with me
let see how it will happen
so this is mexican children
they so hungry that they able
to eat ceramic duck
so, I have no more gift
from Carlos
its dead, this duck is dead
this young beautiful boy
yes, this cool boy did eat this duck

William Babineau

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