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– Hey everyone, I’m Lacey
Jones for Gratified Soul. This video is gonna be all
about my February favorites, and I have a lot of them. I even took a poll on the
Instagram stories just to see if you guys wanted a longer
video or kind of keep it short, and you wanted to see all the goods. So that is exactly what
I’m gonna do today. So make sure to stay
tuned to the end, though, because it’s gonna be
a really good giveaway. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) The first brand that I’m gonna show you is something that I’ve been loving. It’s this Living Intentions, I’ve been loving these
activated pumpkin seeds for a while now. However, when I was at
Sprouts the other day they have popcorn and
they have a salsa verde, which is pretty cool. It has spirulina, chlorella, kale, and fermented black garlic. This is delicious; it sounds
like it might not be that good, especially when you hear
all of those things, but I’m in love and it’s dairy-free, it’s vegan, it’s
bioavailable and delicious. They also have a cinnamon twist, so if you’re in a sweets
mood this is amazing, because it has maca root,
mesquite pod, and live probiotics, so you’re helping your gut
and enjoying this food. Best thing also is for three
cups, that’s one serving size, it is 15 only carbs; what? That’s pretty amazing, actually
it’s 13 carbs, that, so. That’s awesome. Some of you might not know
that I have a casein allergy, which means I’m allergic
to the milk protein. So anything that I show you that I eat does not have any dairy,
just to keep note. So it’s very sad that I can no longer have any peanut butter cups
that I absolutely love, even the Justin’s dark
chocolate peanut butter cups. For some reason it still
does something to my stomach, even though it says there’s no dairy. So I found these, these are Free to Be, these are Mint Cups,
and these are delicious. They’re so good. There’s another one that
has I think coconut butter, not by them, it’s another
brand that’s at Whole Foods. This was also where I found
that, and it’s not that good. This one, it’s delicious,
it’s light and refreshing. It’s almost like a peppermint
patty that you’d get and I highly recommend this one. Another thing that I’ve been loving, if you guys have watched my social media, you know I love rosewater
and rose in general. It’s so good for the skin. Well I found this Numi tea,
and this is white rose tea, and this is so delicious, so refreshing. And it’s all made of
100% organic rose buds. And it is incredible,
especially for February, with a little love
month, this was something that kind of kept me going. And you just have it, it’s
perfect, especially at night if you don’t wanna have any sweets. This is gonna make you happy. One of my favorite supplements that I’ve been taking this month where I’ve actually been seeing results because I haven’t been gaining any weight. It could be a lot of things
but I’m also gonna think that it’s this, this is Glucose Stabili-T, and this is amazing at keeping
your insulin levels low by maintaining your blood sugar levels. This also helps with your eyes, it even has the bilberry in it, and the sky-mim-na actually
helps with the sugar craving. This is a good one. If you watched my Chinese New Year video you might have seen this candle, this scent, it’s the Diptique
Ambra one, oh man, so good. This is just perfect for the home. It’s just warm and rich
and perfect for February, in the mood, it’s a very
nice, romantic deep candle. And guys I think you’re
gonna love this one too. It’s got those notes in it
that are just very masculine and deep and warm and I’m in love. And now on to a little bit of skincare. Some of you already
know about my CSM-Rich. This is our organic face
cream that Keith and I have in our complete skin makeover
line, this is incredible. It has ceramides, shea
butter, avocado oil, all of these things that will not mess with any of your other
serums that you put on or cancel anything out. However, I found this at the Detox Market. This is Odacite’s Mo plus P,
so it’s Moringa and petigrain. And it’s amazing; this
is for very dry skin. I’ve tried a few other lines
that are good for hydration, but since it’s still in that middle stage of winter into spring, there’s this weird transition with my skin where I just feel like
I need to boost this. So I take two pumps of
this and a drop of this, and my skin is glowing and hydrated and I’m absolutely in love. You’re gonna start noticing a theme with a bunch of these, because a lot of them have
come from the Detox Market. When I went earlier this month to LA, another thing that I found,
and I’m always in search of a good lip balm that
does not have any petroleum and other nasty chemicals, is this Hurraw. This is amazing and it’s only
four bucks, it’s incredible. It comes in a lot of different flavors, but the one that I’ve been loving and the one that I showed you
guys on my skincare Sunday this last Sunday is the Moon Lip Balm. And this is blue chamomile and vanilla, and it’s just so amazing on the lips. It’s hydrating, you don’t
have to keep reapplying it over and over again. One coat of this and you’re good. Also at night you might
put a little bit more as more of like a lip mask, and you’re good to go in the morning. You’ll have baby soft lips. And then let’s start talking
about green beauty makeup that I have found and I have loved, because there’s a lot
of ones that I’ve found that I did not love. First of all, eyebrows
are important for me. I do not like having weird, crazy brows. And Anastasia’s has been the brand that I’ve been using for a very long time. But I found this very
good too, this is Ecobrow in the color Maryland, that’s the one that I’m wearing right now. And this lasts all day, it is perfect. And the price point is incredible. I’m in love with this Ecobrow. The next thing that I found is brand new. This is the LXMI Melodica Goddess Glow, and it is gorgeous. This is a hydrating treatment,
but it also can be used all over the face or you
can use it like I did today, and use it as a blush and a highlighter. The color is absolutely
incredible, it’s hydrating, it gives you that
beautiful, just fresh glow that’s lit from within. And it’s just so beautiful on the skin. And you can also see it right here. It’s just so nice, natural and
I highly recommend this one. And now on to my favorite brand that I have been dying
to tell you guys about. I found out about this earlier
this month and I’m in love. I bought almost every single thing that they have of each one. It’s the Kjaar Weis. (sighs) It’s beautiful, come
on, first of all the packaging. Let’s talk about the packaging. It’s like you’re opening
a little Cartier box. It’s gorgeous, super luxe and
then the packaging itself, look how gorgeous this is, a
little bit on the heavier side. Twist up, this is their cream foundation. This is the best foundation
that I’ve found so far that is green beauty. I don’t normally use the cream ones where you’re rubbing into your skin, but I just use a Beauty Blender and that’s what I have on right now. And it’s absolutely gorgeous. It can be a sheer to a full coverage, as long as you build it up, and it lasts all day long,
it doesn’t move around and it’s gorgeous. The best thing about this brand is that since the packaging is so incredible, they want you to buy the refills instead of throwing this whole thing away. And you can actually get a cheaper price. So when you get the refills, this is $68 retail for
their cream foundation, but when you buy the foundation it’s only $40 for the refill. There’s a little hole in the back. You pop it out and then
you can put a new one in. And this is just so gorgeous,
I love this packaging so much. It’s very high-end luxury and
it is a very good product. I’m gonna show you a couple
other things that I got too. They have their lipsticks, their lipsticks are also beautiful. They last a long time and
they’re all refillable. There’s this gorgeous blush
I’m not wearing right now, because I wore the Melodica. This is a gorgeous color. This is the Sun Touch that Kjaar Weis has. And same, this packaging
I’m just obsessed with. I’ve been also loving at
their lip balm they have. It’s actually, this is the lip tint, this is in the color Dream State. And you can also get
one of these lip brushes that you can keep in your purse. So that way it doesn’t get all messy and if you’re out and about, you don’t wanna be putting
your fingers in there if you haven’t had a chance
to clean your fingers, so I highly recommend getting a lip brush. And it has this little
cover, it’s perfect, it’s not gonna mess up your purse. And their eyeshadows are incredible. First of all, how cute this? It’s so tiny! So then this color is in Angelic, and it just goes on as a beautiful base. And the cool thing is is that
when you get the refills, so it would come in like this. You can take these and
put them in a Z palette. So that’s what I have right here. These are the two Kjaar Weis,
these are two Sappho ones, but they’re gorgeous. You can also put the sticker
that’s on the back of this, took that off because these
aren’t written on here. But that way you know exactly which colors when you do run out. These last a long time,
they’re extremely beautiful, and they blend so well into the eye. And I just think it’s an incredible way to also save money too,
’cause if you wanted to, you could buy all of these and their tins, but I think it’s great,
saves a lot of room in your makeup bag or if you’re traveling you can throw all of your
things in the Z palette. And if you don’t know what a Z palette is, these come in handy. It’s magnetic so everything
just kind of sticks in there. I got this other Z palette at Amazon, which is also incredible. I kind of like where you can
see through it, so I know, I mean clearly I love
my browns. (laughing) With this one it has a
mirror in it, so that way you can do your makeup or take it with you when you’re on vacation. And these are a few of my ones
that I need to get rid of. Sadly, but as you can tell,
I already found replacements. So it works, and this is a great way to, like I said, save room
on your makeup counter or when you’re traveling, put
everything all in one place. Same goes with, if you
didn’t wanna spend that much at the Kjaar Weis, you can
just get all of the refills and you put those in the Z palette. I think the creams would
probably do better in this. However, if you’re
gonna be using it often, then it wouldn’t dry out, so you can keep it in the Z palette too with the blushes, the foundation, and all the good stuff. So that is another great tip as well. All right, guys, those were
all of my favorite products that I’ve been loving this
February, and it’s kind of a lot, but these are things I’ve
been absolutely loving. And let me tell you,
there’s a lot of products that I’ve tried that I did
not love, so these ones, I couldn’t wait to film this. I was so excited to share with you, especially the Kjaar Weis, I
feel like that’s a treasure. And it’s something that
you’re just gonna love using every day, pick it
up, it’s just beautiful. And now let’s talk about the giveaway. This week’s giveaway is incredible. It is a surprise box of
goodies worth over $190 from the Detox Market. I have amazing things for you, and I’m not even gonna tell
you exactly what it is, but all you have to do is
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I just shared with you guys. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one. (upbeat electronic music)

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