Cooking With Protein Powder: Does Heat Destroy Whey?

Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
EliteImpactLabs.com with a Muscle in Minutes Q & A, where I provide quick to the point
no BS answers to your bodybuilding and fitness questions. Today’s question is, does heat
destroy whey protein? So you might be asking this question for one of two reasons. Either
you have tub of whey protein that’s been sitting in a warm location for awhile and you’re wondering
if the protein is still good or you are cooking with your whey protein and you want to know
if the, if heating up the whey protein destroys it or affects it in any way. So the simple
answer here is that whey protein just like all proteins are basically a 3D structure
that is made up of individual building blocks called amino acids and when you heat up the
protein you do denature it, which basically means that that 3D protein structure gets
unravelled and broken down a little bit, however, this does not actually affect the whey protein
in any functional way because when you consume whey protein that’s what your body does with
it anyway. It breaks the protein down into the individual amino acid building blocks
to be used throughout your body. So denaturing the protein really isn’t a bad thing whether
you denature the protein when you’re making a protein pancake on your oven or whether
it gets denatured when you chew it up and swallow it and it mixes up with all the digestive
enzymes in the stomach and the acids, etcetera, it really makes no difference. At the end
of day your body is going to break that down into the individual amino acid building blocks
anyway and so denaturing the protein by heating it up really makes no difference from a functional
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