Counting calories ( before and after)| ONLY JUNK FOODS

Some people say that weight loss and weight gain is all about calorie in versus calories out and Some say that that’s not the whole story behind weight loss and weight gain. if you ask for my own opinion personally I think yes calorie in persons calorie out is correct. But I believe that Macronutrients in the calories plays a huge role in determining the calories in versus calorie out equation So I’ll be counting all my calories that I intake but a twist is that I’m gonna eat only junk food and then be consuming Only 1200 calories. Let’s see how it goes I will be doing the same kind of workouts that I regularly do Just the difference is I will be having different kinds of foods with different calorie First meal, we’ve got buns and a glass full of sugar Okay, according to my Apple health data, I burned off hundred and ten calories Which means I get to eat hundred in 10 calories more Wow so, we’re heading out to our uncle’s. Momo party today!! I’m so full I ate like 25 to 30 pieces of veg momo and I’m really stuffed. The thing I’m concerned most about is my digestive system I feel really really bloated Pregnant-like. How do I sleep tonight? Well, why do I do this to myself It’s raining, huh? I’m gonna have this little thingy and your little thing this is like 200 something calories It’s approximately like 600 calories over there is still ours so hungry So my dinner is only this one little piece of samosa because I ate the rest of the calories You can see if from the look on my face, I felt so miserable because I was hungry but I would be exceeding my 1200 calories so You can already see the puffiness in my face and let’s not talk about my belly It’s so damn bloated and I’m compensating that by drinking a lot of water Okay. See you tomorrow Tea and charred selroti (nepali food) one of the classic Nepali breakfast after Tihar right mom? Namaste, welcome to yummy food world just kidding! It’s day 5. No, wait.. day 6 actually i’m making apple pie for the first time so? Our yummy pizza It’s a little messed up Last day of the ‘junk food’ diet – How’s that It’s got little bit cool This pizza is all the way from Lazimpat This is my dinner, Spicy ramen hola So it seems that I did lose 0.5. Kilo weight out of this whole experiment and you can see there’s slight increase in my waistline but that’s not fats. That’s because of the bloating of all the foods that I had Counting calories is effective, but there’s more beyond that I had to skip my meals just to fit the calories Which is not healthy physically or mentally. Because of the high sodium foods I was retaining lots of water and which resulted to bloating so I was constantly bloated counting calories can be beneficial when you’re just starting out like to understand the calories and nutrients in the food but in the long run I think it’s really hard to keep track of each and everything that you put in your body. That’s why instead I just prefer to be mindful and intuitive while I eat and just listen to my body So I hope you guys enjoy the video and find it a little bit of informative. See you in the next video Bye bye Bisous Ciao adios

William Babineau

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