Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar – Cold Peanut Butter – Uncensored

I had to come out here in D.C.
and get it popping, baby. That’s right. [cheers and applause] I had to, man, ’cause it’s
Obama’s last year in office, and I just wanted
to come to Capitol Hill and be close to some
historic shit, you know? And plus, we ain’t gonna see
another black president forever. Oh, no, that’s–
that’s over with. Don’t even–no, that ain’t never
gonna happen again. All them back-to-back
black T-shirts you made, you might as well
burn them motherfuckers. You’re not gonna see Obama leaning against some other
black dude back like… That ain’t happening. Plus, I wanted
to come out here ’cause D.C. got so many
thick-ass women. [women scream] Whoo!
Whoo! Y’all got some
thick women here. And it’s not–it’s not
that ordinary thick. It’s like unusually thick, like a concerned thick. I was walking around today. Saw this girl, thickest– thicker than a motherfucker, thicker than cold peanut butter. I’ma let that marinate
for a minute. Cold peanut butter
thick as hell. You ever try to spread
cold peanut butter? You’ll tear your bread up. You’re like “Ehh-ah! “Damn. Give me another slice.”

William Babineau


  1. is this a black only club? i am white and I dont like any of these jokes

  2. In Black and even i dont get his jokes. Thick as cold peanut butter?

  3. I guess I get the cold peanut butter, because it's just from leaving it in the fridge. Still wasn't that funny.

  4. Song at the end is Robert Owens/Frankie Knuckles.
    Too short of a clip to make any judgement.

  5. Stolen I'm stealing that joke ill give em credit after I get the lol

  6. He's a black comic which is why I was like wow he got a Comedy Central special he must be killing

  7. just saw his special on comedy central. it was fucking hilarious. and anyone who complains about race being a factor for it not being funny is a humorless bitch, plain and simple. it was a crowd of both black and white people and they loved it. love deon

  8. I thought he was awesome~ Love him & sure hope to see more of him!! I kept seeing "Prince" in certain shots of his face- anyone else notice the resemblance ? He is easy on the eyes even if he wasn't funny… But very glad to say he IS funny as shit AND VERY handsome to boot !! MADE ME LAUGH THE ENTIRE SEMINAR !! Hats off to Deon ~ Anyone who doesn't think this guy is hilarious must be either a uppity tight ass, or has no sense of humor and doesn't appreciate most any comedy. So Why waste your time in that case if you aren't a comedy buff/lover, then watch CARTOONS !! PLEASE, he was AWESOME !!

  9. I seen his shit last night high as hell…had me laughing more than kevin hart

  10. Thicker than Cold peanut butter, that's pretty funny. I like Thicker than Cold Oatmeal or Thicker than duck butter tho 😂

  11. I just started making comedy skits. They are titled "The A&M Show" on my youtube channel. Feel free to check them out, feedback is greatly appreciated.

  12. Last I found out, brown people are 71% percent of the world's population. Not even one mentioning of them.

  13. Deon seems to really like black Women. However, it wouldn't surprise me if he had a White wife/GF/Partner. just like Jamie Foxx, Richard Pryor, Tommy Davidson….etc….

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