DIY Food Hacks! 23 Food Life Hacks for Kids and School!

Fancy ice creams with kooky fruit or chocolate pieces are usually really expensive while you get plain vanilla ones for way cheaper
A big box can cost you as little as a couple of bucks and with the simple hack
I’m about to show you you can transform your vanilla ice cream into the yummiest ice cream you’ve ever had
Grab a pack of your favourite cookies. I went for Oreos, but any other kind will work.
Just as great. Take two of these delicious cookies and pop them in a Ziploc bag. Seal the bag and place it on a sturdy surface
And crush your Oreos with a hammer
I don’t need to crush them completely cuz you still wanna have some bigger chunks in there. This is just perfect for me
Take a spoonful of crushed cookies and pop them on the vanilla ice cream give it a little stir
And you get yourself the most amazing Oreo McFlurry for way cheaper it tastes absolutely divine, and you guys need to give it a try
Did your mom forget to buy you an ice cream
and no problem because you can make it from a cup of fruit yogurt. Make a short slit on the
yogurt’s lid, take a popsicle stick, and push it through the cut like this
Place the yogurt cup in the freezer for an hour or two
When it’s completely frozen, take the lid off and pull the DIY popsicle from the cutter
Ta-da! You got a yummy ice cream that will satisfy your sweet cravings, and you can enjoy it completely guilt-free
Honey, I put the lunch in your bag.
Yes, mom, like always
All you need to make cute banana
messages is a toothpick make small holes in the banana peel close to each other you can write dotted words or make little drawings at
First this holes will look yellow, but after a minute
They will become brown if you leave a banana on the counter
It will get brownie and ripe this happens because bananas contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase
This enzyme reacts with oxygen and cause the banana with a sort of rust which accounts for the dark brown color when making small holes
in the banana peel
We are in a way speeding up this reaction polyphenol oxidase sells first and mix up with oxygen an oxidation reaction
Happens in the parts where we make holes turn brown
But no worries the banana inside will remain totally intact. What a cool oxidation experiment and nonetheless
amazing DIY life hack. These banana messages are so adorable and perfect to brighten up your own or your friends day
Here’s a simple hack to take your fruit salad on another level. Cut a slice of kiwi, watermelon, mango, or other fruit
I went for this kiwi (which, fun fact, has grown on my grandfather’s yard) and take a cookie cutter
Just as you do it with cookie dough, cut a star shape out of the kiwi slice. How cool, right?
You can even try other shapes. This hack is perfect for parties, as you can use the fun fruit shapes to decorate cakes, cupcakes or
even make a gorgeous fruit salad
Kale is very tasty and extremely healthy.
But if you don’t prep it the right way, it can be stringy and hard to chew. The trick is to use a bit of
oil and massage it just scrunch and squeeze your kale three or four times, and it will get all soft, juicy, and yummy
Let’s also add some cherry tomatoes
I showed you this hack with plates in my morning routine and, as you can see, it doesn’t only work with grapes
It’s a great way to cut your tomatoes as well
Just one swipe and you have perfect tomato house. Next time you’re buying
avocados, make sure to check under the stem. If that part looks dark and browny,
stay away from it. If the part under the stem is bright and green,
You know that the avocado is creamy and green on the inside as well
How many times have you bought a nice-looking avocado?
But when you cut it you find out that it’s all brown and slimy. I’ve been there a few times
But it’s not happening again
I like to season my salad with lemon juice. Always roll the lemon before cutting it now
You can simply squeeze it or, even better, check out this epic life hack. Stick the sprayer into your lemon and you’re ready to season
your salad. This hack is just so cool, and it really works amazing
You can use it on your salad, fruit,
or you can even spray some lemon into a glass of water to give it a better taste. You can have your lemon spray ready
In the fridge and it will last you for quite a few days. Time to dig into this yummy salad
You know when you open a fresh pack of milk or juice and you want to pour it into a glass more often than not,
milk will end up everywhere else, just not in the glass
But there’s actually a super easy trick to avoid all this mess all you have to do is turn the milk or juice
around and pour it
backwards, like that. This way, there will always be the opening for the air to go in the bottle while you’re smoothly pouring the milk
out that’s better no mess at all ah
The best part of day is to cozy up in bed with a cup of tea or hot chocolate
I’m adding some honey to make my tea sweeter. Did you know that if you’re stirring your drink in circles
you’re actually doing it wrong? You should stir it back and forth like that
This way the ingredients incorporate way quicker and better. If you’re impatient like me and drink your tea, coffee or chocolate
Way too hot, here’s a solution to your burnt tongue
Dip your tongue in some sugar, and it will relieve the pain instantly. Feels so nice and tastes great, too.
If you want to cut your grapes in half, the easiest way is to lay a plate upside down on a table. Put on a
bunch of grapes and lay another plate on like this. Press the top plate down to keep the grapes in place and cut the grapes
With just one swipe of the knife
Voila! All grapes are cut into perfect halves. This hack is seriously epic for the strawberries. Use a straw to remove the green leaves
Like that, no yummy strawberries go to waste
Cut the kiwi in half and use a spoon to carve out the meat. No more messy filling with a knife:
this literally takes seconds
Lately I’ve been loving mangoes cut along one side up to the pit
That’s in the middle take this mango piece and with the tip of the knife make cuts vertically and horizontally
Cutting all the way to the peel
Then push the middle of the mango upwards and you’ll see perfect cubes
Sticking out cut this with a knife and you have evenly cut mango pieces ready to throw into your fruit salad
When you wanna separate egg yolks from the egg whites, but you mess it up
Just squeeze an empty bottle then release it so that the yolk gets sucked inside
Such a great hack that has saved me so many times
Put some coconut or regular oil into the pan lives in a big cookie mold and pour your pancake mixture inside
This is a great way to make pancakes in fine shapes today
I went for the hearts to release a pancake from the mold you may need some help of a knife and a spoon
Gotta flip it around and my pancakes are all done smelling delicious
Finally it’s time to put together my breakfast of champs
I’m adding some of my fruit salad on the plate a big spoonful of cream and some sprinkles to make it look totally instagram-worthy
How yummy?
There we go while my drink is cooling down
I’m gonna decorate the glass dip the edge of the glass into the lemon juice next dip it in sprinkles
Or sugar instantly you have the prettiest looking glass ever. This is such a great idea for a party
Another way to take your drinks game to the next level is making these beautiful raspberry ice cubes
Throw one raspberry into each of the ice
Cube holes you can use different colored fruits to make colorful ice cubes to fill each hole with water and put in the freezer
What should I have for school lunch bagels
For today’s homework
I want you to read the chapters from 2:00 to 5:00 and also answer the questions at the end of each chapter. Thank you
Finally lunchtime who agrees that lunch break is the best part of the school day sadly no matter how hard we tried to prepare ourselves
A delicious meal sometimes things just don’t go as planned and this happens
Let’s remind – earlier that morning and make some better
decision instead of storing your yummy bagel in a useful lunch box use an old CD container
I know this sounds pretty crazy
But look how perfectly the bagel fits in now you can throw your school lunch in the backpack and the bagels will remain completely intact
Yum, yum make sure to prepare a light and healthy lunch for yourself every day if you’re going for a bagel
Don’t forget to add lots of fresh veggies like tomatoes lettuce and avocado
Special Tricia’s lunch will fill you up plus give you energy for all the fun school adventures and activities

William Babineau

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