Doctor Reviews Meatless Burgers | Impossible, Beyond & More!

– I just ordered six different burgers, five of them being vegetarian,
one of them being beef. Will I taste a difference? Which one will I like better? Are vegetarian burgers actually healthy? (doorbell dings) (door clunks) – Enjoy your burgers. (door thuds) (easy going intense bass
beats and digital music) – I’m coming fresh off my
30 day vegan challenge. I hope you enjoyed watching it last week. During my 30 day vegan trial, I actually ate some vegan burgers. And since they’re all the rage, I decided to put them to the test. I want to focus on three things here, looking at all the nutrition facts. First, calories,
Impossible Burger rings in as the most calorie dense, 710 calories, when compared to 630
for the Beyond Burger, 650 for a regular burger. And the lowest being the
quinoa at 510 calories. Next, I want to jump
to the sodium content. I didn’t expect this. But the meatless burgers actually have really high sodium contents, more than the actual beef burger! The beef burger has 780
milligrams of sodium. But the Beyond patty has 950, and the Impossible has 1,210! Even the quinoa has 730. It’s clear that these meatless burgers are trying to up the flavor
by putting more salt in there. Which can be problematic
for those who have high blood pressure, or heart disease. That can put a lot of strain on the heart. And the final macronutrient
I want focus on is protein. I would think the beef burger would have the highest amount of
protein, but that’s not true. Impossible Burger, 47 grams of protein compared to the beef, 39 grams, compared to the Beyond Burger, 33 grams. And then the rest of
these, the black bean, sweet potato and quinoa
are in the low 20s. Why is that important? Well, first of all you need
protein to sustain muscle, especially for myself,
’cause you know I’m trying to be a muscular person. (growls) But also because you need
protein to feel satiated, meaning to feel full. Having the Impossible Burger
have 47 grams of protein will mean that you’ll eat it
and probably feel very full. As opposed to a sweet potato burger, only 20 grams of protein, you still may be hungry
after eating that one. I’m ready to try these burgers. I want to know what they
feel like on my tongue, what they smell like,
what they taste like. And, for you to get my rating. All right, it’s time to
blindfold myself with a tie. Gray what? Christian who? I’m ready for my first burger. – [Staff Member] Give
them a little shuffle, because he saw the stack. – I didn’t see the stack. Why does everyone denying the fact that I’m an honest human being. (plate scrapes) I’m gonna talk about three
things on each of these burgers. One is the scent, the mouth feel, as I like to call it the
mouthiness, and then taste. And then I’ll give it a,
out of five stars, I guess. I feel like that’s reasonable. (light, amusing music) (sighs) Oo, that warm brioche bun. All of them have the same
ingredients, by the way. (breathes in) Scent-wise I
already smell vegetables. It almost smells like a sweet potato, but I don’t want to judge
it just yet, all right. (food crunches) Oh, no I know which one this is. This is the bean one for sure. Is this ever gonna trick anyone to say that they’re eating meat? (lettuce crunches) Wow, big piece of lettuce. Do I have thing in my teeth? Mouthiness, I would say, I could mouth and feel the
bean, which is kind of weird. It doesn’t taste like a regular burger. The fact that it has standard ingredients like lettuce, and tomato and
cheese makes it taste better. But it has a little
bit of sweetness to it. And that taste, right away
you get the bean thing hitting you right in the face, like you’re eating a Chipotle
burrito or something. I’ll probably give this two out of five. Sorry bean burger. (plate scrapes)
Next. Time to hydrate. (lips smacking) (amusing acoustic
orchestral strings music) (plate scrapes) Okay, this one smells decent. Oh my god, this could be, this could be, this could be beef. (sighs) It smells really good. I really feel like this is beef. Let’s give it a taste. (food crunches) (amusing, plucking acoustic
orchestral strings music) See I think this one’s trying
to be beef really hard. I’m still getting a
little vegetable-y kick. This is really good. There’s something about it that I’m not buying that it’s meat. There’s just something,
there’s like a little, mouthfeel is really good,
though, really good. Tastes like beef. It falls apart like
beef, it could be beef, but I don’t think so. I’m’ gonna go ahead and guess this is the Impossible Burger. This one gets three out
of five stars from me. Next! Cleansing the pallette! Why am I yelling? (hiccups) (skin rustling) All right. Burger numero tres. Oh this one’s heavy. (chuckles) Oh yeah! This feels, this is a beef patty. If I’m getting tricked on this, it’s a really embarrassing bit. It smells like a fresh burger. (food crunches) Yeah, this is a beef burger. My protein sensors on my
tongue are lighting up. If it’s not, I swear to god it’s crazy. That tastes like beef,
it smells like beef, the consistency is like beef. It’s not a great burger. I’ll give it like a
four out of five, next. But that was the burger, right? (wrappers crinkling) – [Staff Member] No. – No?! Are you not gonna tell me? All right, burgero numero quatro. Oh my god, this tastes like, to me it smells like pure vegetable. God now I’m confused, is
it a vegetable burger? (food crunches) I don’t know what this one is doing. You know what’s funny? I don’t ask for sauce on any of these, and this one has sauce, so it’s confusing. I have no idea. What do we have left, Beyond, quinoa. This might be the Beyond Burger. It smells kind of like meat. I think this is a Beyond Burger. I think the consistency is
pretty consistent with meat. I want to just take a bite of the patty. It’s really close to beef. It’s like beef, but a little bit sweeter. I’ll give it three out of five stars. All right, (sighs) numero cinco. (amusing syncopated music) Solid weight. It has no real scent. (food crunches) Again with the sauce. Oh my god, what is that? Is this the Beyond or Impossible burger? That’s good! Oh my god, this might
be the Beyond Burger. It’s definitely not meat. (laughs) If it’s meat I’m so embarrassed. I messed up one of the other ones. This is either Impossible or Beyond. Or is this quinoa, god. The taste is weird, it’s a weird taste. (food crunches) I don’t like this taste,
I give it two stars. I don’t know what that is. We’re gonna mark the fifth one as a question mark for now, next? – [Staff Member] Didn’t you just say it was really good? – Like really good in tricking
you with the mouth feel. Saved the best for last. Oh, this one’s got some weight to it. Okay, this is definitely
one of the vegetarian ones. God, I’m getting a little nauseous. This is a quinoa burger. I just got like a huge hit of quinoa. Or no! Sorry, sweet potato. (food crunches) (amusing, syncopated
acoustic orchestral strings) Mouth feel, really bad. It tastes like you’re eating
a sweet burger, it’s not good. One star. (plate scrapes)
Blech! Okay, here’s my list.
(pen clinks) Let’s see how I did here. Burger number one was a black bean burger. I gave it two stars, and
I said it was black beans. Which is correct! The second one was a
quinoa patty, I said beef? I really said it was beef? No I didn’t. I gave it three stars,
wow the quinoa patty’s coming in here and surprising me. Third was the beef patty, I knew that. I gave it four stars. Four was they Beyond Burger
and I got the Beyond Burger. What’s up?! Five was Impossible and
I said, questionable, Beyond, Impossible, or quinoa. I couldn’t get that one. And then the sweet potato
I said it was sweet potato and I gave it one star. I did really good, I got five out of six. Come on, that’s impressive! You guys got to give me some love for getting five out of six. I think the biggest shocker
out of all of this is, I said quinoa patty was questionably beef. I gave it three stars,
and I thought it was an Impossible Burger. I’m surprised the Impossible
Burger kind of let me down. Let’s talk nutrition and health when it comes to these meatless burgers. First, and it’s the thing
that surprised me the most, on the burgers that
tasted very close to meat, they actually had macros
that were quite similar, if not worse than the actual beef burger. For example, the
Impossible Burger has more saturated fat, more calories, more sodium than a traditional beef burger. I can’t really go ahead and
call these health foods, because they’re still indulgences. We should treat them the same
way as we do regular burgers. That you should have
them only occasionally, only as a treat. Because if we fall into
the category of thinking these are health foods, people are gonna start
eating them as part of their regular diets,
and that’s not healthy. I noticed a pattern. The closer they taste to meat, the more likely they are to be unhealthy in terms of their macros. When I say unhealthy, I mean high amounts of saturated fats, high in
calories, high in sodium. Because if you look at the sweet potato, the quinoa, the black bean, those are generally lower
in sodium, lower in fats in comparison to the
Impossible and Beyond Burger which tastes very, very similar
to the actual beef burger. I think the biggest positive
of this meatless burgers is that we can decrease
overall meat consumption. That’s a good thing, not
only for your health, but for the environment, as well. I’m a big fan of meatless Mondays. No one’s saying you have to go vegan in order to be healthy. You can decrease your meat consumption, have a plant-focused diet and
still be incredibly healthy if not healthier, than
if you were following a traditional vegan diet. I actually said that in my vegan video. This is becoming a mega business. And I’m gonna keep a close eye on this, just to make sure that we still
head in the right direction and we don’t start throwing
a bunch of preservatives, and processed ingredients
into these meatless burgers. ‘Cause if something is to change, I want to be the first
to let you guys know. Click here for my 30 day
vegan challenge video, so you can see how I
suffered, where I improved, and what I learned about myself. As always, stay happy and healthy. (easy flowing bass beats
and synthesizer music)

William Babineau


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  10. What you say about "The closer they taste to meat the more likely they are to be unhealthy"–I've always been of the opinion that if you want to do vegetarian/vegan food, there is absolutely no point whatsoever in trying to just ape food that contains meat/animal products (with some exceptions*). Fundamentally, vegetables have a different taste and texture than meat, and you can get lots and lots of healthy, tasty vegetarian/vegan food, but trying to ape meat is always going to end with a product with an uncanny valley taste compared to actual meat, and now that I know that the burgers that are most meat-like are also the least healthy, I feel vindicated.

    Also, you rate the black bean burger quite low, but I've had bean burgers and while they taste nothing like meat, I do find them pretty damn tasty nevertheless. I wouldn't use them in the way that I'd use a beef burger, but I really like bean burgers.

    *Exceptions being that I do use tofu as a paneer substitute, and animal products used in baking (esp. eggs) are mostly there for the mechanical properties rather than the taste, so if I can find something with similar chemical and mechanical properties (and equally plain taste) as egg, I would v. happily use it as an egg substitute in baking. Butter substitutes are a bit trickier, but the important things in butter for baking are fats (including saturated fats) and water, and those can be substituted.

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  15. The only people being "crazed" by meatless burgers are vegans and vegetarians themselves. For them, this is the miraculous "silver bullet" that's going to convert the world to veganism, stop cows from farting so much and "save" the planet.
    For the rest of the world veggie burgers will be the same novelty they've always been — an occasional alternative to beef. Most real burger fans make theirs at home — frequently with home-ground meat. There they can control the fat ratio, the sodium, and enjoy a burger far better than any restaurant.

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    I never buy their marketing crap about how healthy those Vegan Burger and my doubt is cleared when you show me those charts.
    They adding so much stuff that is more dangerous than regular beef meat.
    Just go with regular classic beef meat. Imitation sometimes is far more dangerous than the original.

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  37. When comparing the health quality of the meatless burgers to the meat burgers, you neglected a major component: cholesterol. Impossible & Beyond meatless burgers have 0 cholesterol. A regular meat Whopper has whopping 87 mg. That's a huge difference and a major health consideration, given the health risks of high cholesterol foods.

  38. How can you say the meatless burgers have more saturated fat and sodium than meat burgers? They don't:

    Impossible Burger
    Saturated Fat: 8g


    Sodium: 370mg

    Original Whopper (Beef)
    Saturated fat 12 g
    **Trans fat 1.5 g*** (meatless burgers don't have trans fat! this stuff is extremely unhealthy!!)
    Cholesterol 87 mg
    Sodium 911 mg

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