Does CBD Stop Pain? How CBD Oil Affects Chronic Pain and Inflammation by Thomas DeLauer

I promised a six month series talking about
I’m going to do one video a month over the
course of six months talking about CBD and
how it affects the body and endocannabinoids
and our natural production of them.
This is mainly just to combat a lot of the
nonsense that’s out there.
All right.
Today, I want to talk about pain and inflammation,
and how CBD affects it, but also how our natural
endocannabinoids affect pain, and how the
modulation of inflammation is really just
a natural process that all has to do with
cyclooxygenase enzymes and also very specific
things called endocannabinoids.
All right.
Let’s talk first about what inflammation really
I’m going to make this quick.
All right.
Inflammation is simply a response to any kind
of trauma or any kind of immune event in your
body, where your body needs an immune response.
Okay, we have two different kinds, acute and
Acute is the kind that you probably know about.
When you bump your elbow, when you get a scratch
or a cut, and it gets swollen.
It gets swollen and red, that’s simple inflammation.
That’s simple cytokine activity triggering
immune cells to fight a given trauma.
Then, we have chronic inflammation.
It’s the inflammation that’s occurring in
our body all the time, really.
It’s constantly happening.
Sometimes, it’s worse than other times.
This has to do with the fact that our cells
become actually sick and we trigger and immune
response, and then it cascades into this vicious
circle, where the immune system responds even
more, and more, and more, yielding to chronic
Now, normally, when we think of fighting inflammation,
we think of an antiinflammatory.
When we talk about antiinflammatory processes
in the body, we think about something known
as a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory, aspirin,
ibuprofen, things like that.
Yes, those do combat inflammation.
Here’s how they actually work.
They act upon something known as the cyclooxygenase
enzymes, COX1 and COX2.
Cyclooxygenase enzymes are a way to actually
slow down inflammation, definitely, by inhibiting
The problem is, as you probably already know,
nonsteroidal antiinflammatories are hard on
the gut.
The reason they’re hard on the gut is because
they stop the production of both COX1 and
One of those cyclooxygenase enzymes we need
to protect our gut.
You see, we actually need a little bit of
inflammation in our gut.
Anyway, I digress.
I want to talk more about how CBD directly
affects inflammatory responses within the
We have these things in our body called endocannabinoids.
They’re endogenous cannabinoids.
A lot of times, when we think of cannabinoids,
we think of only something that’s coming from
cannabis, something that’s illegal, or something
that really is an exogenous thing coming in.
The reality is, we have endogenous cannabinoids.
They’re called endocannabinoids and they have
an antiinflammatory effect on the the body.
They are a very natural thing.
They’re a natural byproduct of fatty acid
metabolism, believe it or not.
These endocannabinoids are naturally occurring
members of what are called the eicosanoid
If you watched some of my other videos, you
know that I talk about eicosapentaenoic acid,
also known as EPA.
If you’ve ever bought a fish oil pill or any
kind of omega 3, you’ve seen eicosapentaenoic
acid, or EPA, on the label, an antiinflammatory
fat that modulates inflammation and does a
multitude of other things within the body.
Well, these endocannabinoids are a naturally
occurring member of that super family.
Within that family, we have a lot of different
things that modulate inflammation.
In this particular case, endocannabinoids
are derived from long chain fatty acids.
They are a byproduct of the breakdown of long
chain fatty acids, meaning it’s a very natural
process to have cannabinoids in our systems.
What ends up happening is they’re produced
by fat.
Then, when they’re actually needed, when they’re
actually solicited to be used for something,
they’re released by the neurons.
We have these fats that are broken down, and
we end up with these overall cannabinoids,
but they don’t get released until the neurons
say so.
The neurons actually see some inflammation
or they see something, they’re going to release
more od these to modulate it.
It’s this natural progression of fats communicating
with neurons to ultimately release these endocannabinoids.
Let’s take it a little bit further to understand
how this works.
Now, that means we have to understand cytokines.
You see, cytokines are signaling proteins
that ultimately recruit inflammation to happen.
Cytokines will trigger specific immune cells
to release inflammation or actually even reduce
inflammation, when given the right circumstances.
Cytokine activity is not always bad.
We do need some cytokine activity.
If we got rid of all the cytokines, we wouldn’t
ever have inflammation or it wouldn’t ever
be able to be modulated up or down, leaving
us in a really sticky situation.
When we get down to CBD, CBD actually modulates
the cytokine production.
It works on cytokine production with very
specific cells though.
Since we don’t want to get rid of all the
cytokine activity, we do want to get rid of
it with specific things.
So, very specific immune cells that overactive
that are causing inflammation in our joints
all the time or causing inflammation in our
brain, they can be become reduced with the
instance of CBD being in the equation, simply
because now we have all the stimulation of
these natural endocannabinoids to reduce that
There’s one specific area of the body that
reduces cytokine activity that’s exceptionally
important, and that’s when it comes down to
T helper cells.
If you ever heard of T cells before, then
you know that there are two kinds.
There are helper cells and there are killer
The helper cells travel around the body and
they slap a label on anything that is potentially
That label allows the killer T cells to come
by later and designate that to be killed.
Basically, has a label, and now the killer
T cell goes ahead and it kills it, so they’re
working in tandem, a two part equation here.
What CBD does is it limits the cytokine activity
of these helper T cells, meaning they are
not as activated in a bad way.
If you have overactive T cells, T helper cells,
they’re going to run around your body, running
rampant, slapping a label on everything, triggering
inflammation and triggering killer T cells
to come around and start an attack on things
that don’t need to be attacked.
You can see how this can lead to a massive
amount of chronic inflammation leading to
joint pain, brain fog, digestive discomfort,
all kinds of different things.
To help this get in really, really, clear,
I’m going to break down one specific kind
of endocannabinoid.
Now, there are a multitude of them, but this
particular one is very common and it’s one
of the most well researched.
It’s called anandamide.
Anandamide is a naturally occurring cannabinoid.
It’s a endocannabinoid that, by using CBD
oil, your body naturally creates more of.
Remember, I’ve talked about this in other
videos, but CBD does not react with the CBD1
and CBD2 receptors.
It does not do that like traditional cannabis
It’s not a recreational drug.
What it does is it allows your body to naturally
create more of the endocannabinoids that are
Endocannabinoids, like Anandamide.
Let’s talk about how that actually works.
Not only does CBD naturally increase anandamide
as is, it also reduces the cytokine activity
that would normally inhibit it.
We’re talking about the cytokine activity
associated with Tumor necrosis factor 1 alpha,
TNF1-a, very, very, common in the world of
By reducing TNF1-a, we reduce the body’s ability
to fight off production of anandamide.
By reducing the activity of Tumor necrosis
factor 1 alpha, we also reduce the activity
of aminohydrolase.
This is a byproduct of fatty acid metabolism
that can actually have a negative effect on
overall endocannabinoid activity.
Basically, all this means is, by reducing
the cytokine activity of these two things,
we are allowing endocannabinoids to do their
jobs better, and we are allowing anandamide
to come into fruition, and we create more
of it.
If you don’t know anandamide, it is very much
so responsible for creating bliss within the
body, reducing inflammation in the joints,
but also reducing inflammation in the brain.
It truly is known as the bliss product of
the body, because that’s the sensation that
best describes what anandamide does.
In knowing that, we have to wonder, well how
exactly does it do that?
Well, it’s because it holds the key to be
able to turn off nuclear factor kappa B, or
at least greatly reduce it.
Nuclear factor kappa B is one of the most
widely researched inflammatory substances
within the body.
It is basically the master control switch,
when it comes down to inflammation.
If we can reduce nuclear factor kappa B, we
can reduce the actual DNA result of inflammation
within our body.
You see, if nuclear factor kappa B is always
elevated, it can change our DNA to be used
to having high amounts of inflammation.
So really, anandamide is one of the keys to
actually getting rid of this problem where
our bodies are getting so accustomed to inflammation
that we’re just adapting to become these inflamed
It truly is allowing our body to turn off
that master switch when it comes down to inflammation.
Mind you, it is doing this all without ever
activating CBD1 or CBD2 receptors within the
I will say that again.
It does not affect CBD1 or CBD2 receptors
in the body.
A lot of marketing collateral out there will
tell you that CBD oil does directly affect
one of the CBD receptors.
Not that case at all.
All CBD oils do the same thing.
They naturally increase the production of
our preexisting endocannabinoids.
Very, very, critical.
I know this was very in depth.
I was talking about cytokines.
I was talking about all kinds of inflammatory
markers in the body, but it’s important that
you know that, at the end of the day, it is
a solid way to modulate and reduce inflammation
in the body without acting about the cyclooxygenase
enzymes that are going to destroy your gut
and lead to a lot of other damaging things
in your life.
As always, if you like these CBD videos, let
me know down in the comment sections below.
I’m going to make sure I keep them coming
to you for the next couple of months, so that
you have a solid understanding of what truly
is going on in the products, but also what’s
going on in your body, not just in a product
that you take.
I’ll see you in the next video.

William Babineau


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