Easy Chicken Casserole with a Crispy Fried Onion Flavored Topping – Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipes

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present
a very easy dinner recipe. My quick and
easy chicken casserole. This low-carb
casserole is packed with flavor and
texture and is perfect for those busy
days when your time is short. Let’s
get started. You’ll need 22 ounces of
cooked chicken breasts and a can of
french style green beans. Prep the
chicken by cutting into half-inch pieces
and set aside. To a large mixing bowl, add
some sour cream; mayonnaise; 1 can of
cream of chicken soup; add just a bit of
salt; ground black pepper; garlic powder;
dried thyme; and just a little cayenne
pepper. Give this a mix to combine.
Now add two stalks of diced celery; the
green beans; and 4 ounces of finely
shredded cheddar cheese. Give this
another mix. Finally, add our chicken to
the bowl and give a final mix to combine.
Lightly oil a 9 by 13 inch baking dish
and pour the mix into the dish. Use a
spoon to distribute it evenly. Bake
uncovered in the middle of a preheated
350°F oven for 20 to 25 minutes or
until it’s slightly browned on top. While
our casserole is baking, we’ll work on
the topping. Add an entire 3 ounce bag of
pork rinds to a food processor and pulse
until chopped. We don’t want to
completely grind the pork rinds here. We
want to leave some whole pieces for
texture and flavor. Remove the casserole
from the oven. Evenly distribute the pork
rinds over the casserole. Now sprinkle a quarter cup of
grated Parmesan cheese over the top and
a half a tablespoon of onion powder. This
will give us the flavor and texture of
the crispy fried onions we’ve always
loved on casseroles, but without all the
carbs. Place back in the oven for five
additional minutes. Remove and let stand
for about five to ten minutes. Serve hot.
Garnished with a little dried parsley
and enjoy! There you have it folks! My
quick and easy chicken casserole. A
deliciously easy, low carb dinner recipe.
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next time!

William Babineau

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