are you wondering what to snack on
without gaining weight snacking one of
your biggest kryptonite’s well it
certainly is one of mine which is why
I’m gonna share with you three of my
favorite snacks and I’m talking really
really good snacks you can have guilt
free so get excited it’s time to get
welcome back Smarties to another episode
of lien living we’re talking about the
not just any snacks we’re talking about
making an ice cream lean again popcorn
lean and guilt-free chips lean and
guilt-free let’s get down to the lean
snacking first things first is ice cream
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that’s kind of
ice cream I’m talking about one of these
things can go my belly no problems so we
need to make this lean again which is
why I’m going to show you my first
recipe of the day which is Elena fine
ice cream first things first is well one
of these this is what I like to call a
lean mixer and we’re gonna put two
frozen pads that’s one half – that’s
easy lean map in the blender then a
sprinkle of way that is about half a
scoop okay so don’t do the full thing
just a – gonna get a little vanilla
flavor as well as a dose of protein last
but not least just a sprinkle of coconut
milk just – not too much we’re gonna
make this nice thick ice cream we’re
going to make a little swirl a little
topping for this ice cream so we’re
gonna do about one just under 1/2 cup
that’s big Zac into the ball
coconut beverage check this one out most
if not all grocery stores will have that
bear except two tablespoons of PB to
sprinkle from a distance I heard jamie
oliver’s say that once so I thought it
was it sounded pretty pretty chef like
in fancy so I figured I’d give it a go
anyone like it let me know but two
tablespoons of the PB 2 and this is
fantastic because it’s dry peanut butter
filled with healthy fats some protein
and obviously
not peanut butter flavor don’t tell
anyone about that dose there you go and
then one tablespoon of cacao and we are
gonna swirl it just a witness he get
that body Burnie bunch of whisk set side
to the blender we go lean we mix this up
until it is just nice and smooth Isis
Isis the ice cream is ready spooning it
out look at it look at that not the
leanest yummiest ice cream ever we
combine the two lean mixes you swirl in
that chocolate Wow look so insane and
then to do one even better just mix it
all in so we got a nice swirl on make
things even better we’re adding a
sprinkle of zero sugar chocolate
chippies you got those in there and
voila you have lean ice cream and then
look at this one serving this is half a
cup of Ben and Jerry’s 340 calories or
you can have this this big bowl lean ice
cream a normal bag of popcorn has over
400 calories 400 calories I can devour a
bag in minutes I’m not kidding you
popcorn is microplane ice cream is
Brody’s popcorn is mine when we’re
together this ice cream popcorn flying
around everywhere so I wanted to get the
two best recipes out of the way first
and foremost and popcorns an easy one
you have two options one get a popcorn
just like that one it’s only 30 bucks on
Amazon and pop your own kernels no
butter abbott and then we season it I’m
gonna give you my recipe for garlicky
karma Johnny season it is amazing it is
way healthier than your butter and your
oily popcorn that you’re gonna get in
the theatres or you’re gonna get in a
box at the grocery store option number
two it is hunt out or sniff out sniff
out the low calorie options at your
grocery store this smart pop has 94
percent less fat than the alternative
has way less calories so this is good
and then we pop it in the microwave and
season it so it’s a seasoned part first
things first is we’re gonna season our
popcorn with some parmesan grated
four to six tablespoons next up is a
dash of salt to taste garlic powder
tablespoon of garlic powder I love
garlic and also garlic’s really healthy
for us and then some dried Italian herbs
again about a tablespoon and you can
play with these measurements this is
your popcorn I’m not gonna tell you how
to do it well I kind of am this is the
lean squad seasoning and there you have
it squaddies you mix it all up
taste it it’s like a little slice of
heaven I love chips I love them so so
much but there are so many calories in
one of these bags nearly 1500 calories
again I can eat this in a sitting no
problem wipe away a whole week’s of lean
work so we’re gonna make a way to have
lean chips while we watch our shows
right yeah that’s right which is why I’m
gonna show you my favorite recipe for
crispy kale chip isse first things first
is you rip the leaves up and you want to
make sure you get rid of the stems no
stems in our chippies that’s important
then we put them on a baking sheet
we salt them up a little bit of olive
oil for some healthy fats and if you’re
like me you can have a little bit of
spice so I’m gonna do a little bit of
paprika and cayenne pepper just to get
that metabolism fired up while I’m
watching those shows then we set the
oven to 375 10 to 15 minutes
say I’ll see that leanness in no time
woo hey Siri tell me in ten minutes that
it’s time to get lean okay hold on I
just took my shirt off I was gonna dip
outside for ten minutes and I didn’t
actually think Siri was listening but
look at this Siri actually set the alarm
and is gonna tell me it’s time to get
lean in ten minutes when the chippies
come out it’s amazing
if only cameras could smell the leanness
those squaddies those are lean chippies
can’t up to many of these these are lean
chips these though you can have too many
right in there about 150 calories gone
in seconds this you can binge on all
night I’ve shown you the read incredible
lean abide snacks through my paper ice
cream popcorn and chips does not get any
better than that I know what you’re
thinking bill why do you not have a
shirt on anymore
both because I’m so excited I’m
literally gonna binge watch Netflix now
while Hudson naps and have all these
snacks and not feel guilty about it
and that’s what the leanness is bel
sorry my taste buds are tingling
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and I will see you guys back here I was
going I would bend it just gonna be God
it’s just too good it’s gonna be a doozy
see you guys there does she love me yes
she loves me the name is loves everyone

William Babineau




    Because, in today's episode of LEAN LIVIN, I show you healthy ways to cut calories in half when compared to some of the most traditional snacks and treats… like Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (which in case you didn't know, has over 1300 calories in one pint)!! Talk about a snack that will ruin your week of progress!!

  2. Your instagram was in my recommendations and almost clicked the “x.” I’m glad I didn’t. You have an awesome personality, great recipes, great workout tips, and you’re genuine; not a show off or a “bro.” Thanks and keep being awesome!

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