Expert Series – 3 ways to boost your metabolism

Want to lose weight faster?
You need to boost your metabolism.
The speed of your metabolism affects how quickly you burn calories.
So how can you boost it? Here are a few tips:
Number one: HIIT
HIIT workouts produce something called the afterburn effect.
This means that your metabolism is still racing and burning calories long after you finish your training.
Number two: Eat more protein.
Believe it or not, you can actually burn more by eating more!
Your body has to use extra energy to get to the amino acids in protein.
This means that protein has a lower overall calorie count than other macronutrients like carbohydrates.
Number three: Keep active
Moving regularly helps to keep your metabolism high.
If you can get small exercises into your day, your body will be constantly using energy and burning calories.
By boosting your metabolism, you can get more from your training, burn calories more effectively and reach your goals sooner.
For even more on how to boost your metabolism, head over to the Blog.

William Babineau

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