FREE Products in the Mail – Daily Goodie Box Unboxing! Healthy Snack Subscription Box

William Babineau


  1. that looked like a fun box. also cool shirt.. I wish I could get this but I'm in Canada.

  2. some of that food act sounds so yummy, those little orange chocolate cookies Mmm I could do with some of those right now ahah!

  3. I signed up for this but haven't gotten one yet. Loved watching your video!!

  4. This is such a great box! Totally signed up, we will see it how it goes..

  5. My mom watched this video and was confused about one part so let me clarify: the 'reviews' you do on the products in your box do NOT have to be on Youtube and you don't have to have a channel or make a video or be active on social media. You just type in a quick review on your dashboard in your Daily Goodie Box account, super quick and painless! Thanks for your support everyone 🙂

  6. Hi. I linked to you from a Facebook group. New sub. Please check out my channel if you'd like. Watching more of you this morning.

  7. i lOVE this video. I subscribed, can you subscribe back? 😀 Thanks! keep up the great work and upload more awesome content

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