FREE Products in the Mail – Daily Goodie Box Unboxing! Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.
My name is Elle, and today I had an onion bagel for brunch.
Today I’m doing an unboxing for you guys
of Daily Goodie Box.
Is this too much that I’m wearing their t-shirt
and unboxing for them right now?
I’m so mad that you can’t see it in the shot
because it’s really zoomed in
but you know, now you know.
So I’ve done 2 other unboxings
of Daily Goodie Box, so go and
check those out.
The one from last month,
they were trying to do healthy snacks
and heading in that sort of direction.
So I’m not sure if this one is still doing that sort of thing.
Probably? Maybe? We will see.
But their boxes come in a Priority Mail box
so once they ship them they come really fast.
For now it’s in the U.S. only
yadda yadda,
it’s free.
And all you have to do is review their products on your profile
depending on your demographic information
I guess is how they pick who gets a box?
They try to make sure everyone gets a box
It’s a new company, so it does take awhile.
A lot of you guys asked on
my previous videos in the comments section
how long it takes to get one
and I think mine are a little bit different.
Because they liked my first unboxing so much
that they want to send me one every month
so that’s really awesome!
So I’m going to keep doing these for you guys
so I may get them more frequently
than you guys,
or a little quicker,
I’m not really sure.
I think I’m on a different list
to be honest.
So I’m not really sure in that department
I would just say keep being patient
and if they send you an email that you
have one available,
click on it as soon as you can
Keep all of your member profile information up to date,
and answer all the questions,
and all that stuff.
Those are the tips I have
But, without further ado,
let’s see what’s in this month’s Daily Goodie Box
they are free boxes that they send out,
they’re not really aimed towards any gender
they are usually kind of food based
I’m super excited
I think I got this month’s a little late
because it went to my home address
and not here to me at school, so that was my bad.
I guess I didn’t give them this address
I wasn’t sure which one they were sending it to
So this is a little behind, sorry bout that
So this is what they look like,
they have their cute little logo on the box
and it sounds like there’s lots of good stuff in here
This one was a little less heavy than they usually are,
usually these boxes are like HEAVY.
So let’s see what’s in the box
la la la la la
It says ‘Please enjoy all of the free samples and full sized products
included inside’
So here’s how they wrap it in their cute little light blue tissue paper
Oooh! I see some chips on the top
that look yummy
So here’s what it looks like so far
What are these?
These are Protes protein chips
They are vegan, non GMO
in Spicy Chili Lime
I’m not usually into spicy things but these
actually look really good.
They’re from Brooklyn New York
They have 15 grams of protein
that’s awesome,
this bag is really thin
so I feel like there’s not many in there
but that’s a lot of protein for chips then!
What’s this?
The Chia Co
Australian grown chia shots
A 10 pack
These actually came in last month, and I did use
some, I stirred them into some yogurt
and it was really fun, they’re like
really crunchy.
And they don’t really taste like much
it just kind of adds texture.
So I think they say you can put these in smoothies,
yogurt, salads, soups,
so I’m really going to have to start going through these quicker!
My camera has died
during every video I’ve filmed lately,
it’s like it knows.
And I just charged the battery for like 45 minutes
and it’s still flashing red at me.
Clearly I need like 5 back ups!
Anyways, now that I have 2 packs of these chia pods
I’m gonna have to go through these a lot quicker
but they are really cool
they add just a little bit of crunch
sort of like granola,
but a lot smaller.
So what is next?
behind the flap
Crunch Master Multiseed Crackers
crunchy oven baked
gluten free.
These look yummy
There’s not many in here.
I feel like there’s straight up like.. 7.
But, good for a little snack
There’s only 60 calories in here
so if you’re only a little bit peckish
these would be good.
Ooh! Smarty Pants
sample packet
of adult Probiotic Completes.
And a $2 off coupon
non GMO, they’re blueberry
They are vegetarian
Oh these are gummies!
So here’s 1 gummy of
I actually do take those
but I didn’t know they had gummy ones
I actually might buy these in the future
if I like them.
That’s really cool, I’m excited for that!
Probiotics are really good.
Ooh, Bitsy’s Brainfood
Smart Cookies
they’re organic, Orange Chocolate Beet
nut free
Little cookies
that’s very cool
Alphabet Smart Cookies.
Are these for children?
I’m gonna eat them anyway
What on earth?
Quick Dude Shower
Last month we had Dude Wipes,
I gave them to my boyfriend, I feel like I could’ve used them though.
I looked them up and they were on Shark Tank
and it sounds really cool.
They’re kind of like baby wipes
This is fragrance free, naturally soothing
with vitamin E and aloe.
1 shower wipe
And they’re produced with solar energy
It says ‘no shower, no problem.
A QDS makes me feel shower fresh
after every workout
and ready to pummel the day.
‘ So it says grab a wipe, scrub down your body
face, pits, and ‘dude regions’
until you don’t smell.
To be honest, this would be good for camping
I would use these.
It’s like dry shampoo for your body
I’m a little excited
I’m gonna use that
Make some lady wipes, okay?
What is this?
large box? Natralia
Naturally Australian anti-itch soothing
cream. Soothe and relieve
irritated skin
with colloidal oatmeal and menthol.
so it’s a topical analgesic and skin protectant
That sounds cool.
That’s a little random
but if you had an itchy patch of skin,
which, I mean, you’re kind of prone to in the winter.
Ooh, this looks really good.
Australia’s Darrell Leah
Soft Eating Licorice
strawberry flavor.
Made down under.
A lot of Australian stuff
so this is a really big bag
It’s 7 ounces
Are these like Twizzlers?
Cuz I love me some Twizzlers
I’m excited for this
They’re non GMO, no high fructose corn syrup,
and they have natural flavor.
What is this?
Alsa Efficient Sustained Energy
Flavored Energy Drink Mix
They’re gluten free
they’re different mixes.
Pomegranate Blueberry, and
Three Citrus
That sounds really good. They’re vegan and cruelty free
What? They’re vegan and gluten free
dietary supplement
and I guess you just stir them into water?
Those sound like they’d be tasty.
And then a Quest
I’ve heard so many good things about Quest
for weight loss and stuff.
A Beyond Cereal Protein Bar
in Cinnamon Roll.
Mmm, it’s 110 calories
it’s gluten free,
has 12 g of protein
this looks really yummy,
I’m really excited for that.
So each month you get a bigger item,
like the t-shirt was one
in the first box
so I guess the licorice was one for this month?
Because they gave me a whole card about it
And then you get a coupon for free shipping
on any order over $25
for Quest.
So that’s very cool
So that was everything in this box
everything sounds pretty yummy
I’m excited,
I might talk about items while I’m trying them on
Twitter or Snapchat or something
so if you want to follow me there,
my Snapchat I don’t usually put in my description box
but it’s MissGlamBamYT
if you want to follow me there.
I forget to use it sometimes, but when I do,
it’s pretty lit.
Soooo, yeah.
So thanks to Daily Goodie Box for sending me this
You can get your own for free at DailyGoodieBox.com
if you sign up.
in the U.S.
So it’s funny they had so many Australian products
if they’re only in the U.S.
for now.
But of course that could change in the future.
If you want to see more things from them,
you can check out my previous boxes
and I hope you guys like these videos because
I’m gonna keep doing them for a little while.
And I’m excited to do that
I love snacks. I’m really hungry, I might eat some
of these right now
like those little rice crackers or the gluten free ones.
Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it
and let me know what you thought down in the comments
or if you’ve tried anything in this box
or what types of subscription boxes you like
if you know of any free ones.
Let us all know,
I’d love to talk to you guys there,
please subscribe if you’re new to my channel
Join our GlamBamFam
and it means so much to me to see my channel growing
and to have more people watching my videos
here in our little family
and I will see you in my next video!
3, 2, 1, BAM

William Babineau


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