Health & Fitness : How Many Calories Do You Burn Jump Roping?

Oh yes, jump roping it is good for the heart
but I tell you how many calories are you really burning when you are jump roping? I’m Carol
Ann with Studio Group X and that’s exactly what we’re going to find out. If you’ve got
just a limited time to exercise the most effective thing that you can do is just to grab a jump
rope and start jumping. It really doesn’t take a lot of time and before you know it
you have burned a lot of calories. It is also very convenient if you are traveling a lot,
you can just roll it right up, throw it in your suit case and boom instant cardio work
out so how many calories, here it is. If you are female and you weigh about 135 pounds
you can burn 153 calories in just 15 minutes and if you’re a guy average weight about 190
pounds you are going to burn 216 calories in just 15 minutes, do the math, multiply
that out, in an hour oh my gosh, what is that 800 calories for a guy, man, but let’s see
can you jump rope for an hour? That’s a lot. Alright gang so grab that jump rope and let’s
go. I’m Carol Ann with Studio Group X and we just talked about how many calories you
are going to burn when you are jump roping so let’s get to it and let’s burn those calories.

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