[Healthy food / 다이어트 레시피] 저칼로리 에그타르트 / 야매 에그타르트 / Low calorie egg tart

Today I’m going to make egg tart that was requested in the comment section!
It doesn’t taste how it looks like though..
I’ll be using these three ingredients for the pie sheets
Stir-fry the ingredients first for a more deeper flavor
you can use any kind of nuts you have at home!
Grind the ingredients using a blender or food processor
no need to grind it into fine pieces
add dried plums and grind! (You can use any type of dried fruit!)
No need to add any extra sweets because of the sweetness from the fruit
I ground the ingredients into very fine pieces!
You can chop them up using your hands if you don’t have a blender or food processor
Dried fruits are easy to cut using a knife
It’s important to slice the dried plums into small pieces!
add a little bit of water to add some viscosity
You can do this while blending the ingredients but I forgot adding water during that step 🙁
If the base stick on together like this, then you’re ready to start making the pie sheets!
Spread this out on a pan
and pat on it
it’ll stick on to your hands because of the dried plums
But it also helps replace butter or other oils so I’ll forgive it haha
Be precise and detailed when doing this!
I’ll be using a whole egg when making the egg filling
It’s better to eat egg whites instead of the yolk when on a diet
The vanilla powder will cover the egg scent! You can use vanilla essence, extract or paste!
Add as much as honey you want!
Add low fat milk! You can also use plain white milk of soy milk
Mix it well! That way you can prevent a fully cooked egg yolk haha
I added some turmeric!
This is to add the yellowness of a normal egg tart!
It’s my special natural coloring haha
but don’t add too much!
Of course this isn’t mandatory!
Pour in the egg filling
Only fill it up 80%!!
I added too much so had to take out a couple spoons 🙁
Bake in a 170C heated oven for 30~35 min.
If it’s a smaller size then cook at 180C for 15min!
Tada! It doesn’t look like egg tart but it is! haha
It’s tastes better when half cooked>_Have it with some tea or salad and that’s a full meal 🙂
It isn’t that flavorful compared to egg tart sold at stores
The nut and egg flavor covers that! It’s a unique and new taste!
The left one is made without turmeric and fully cooked!

William Babineau

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