Healthy Food Tips : Prepare Tomatoes for Guacamole

We’ve got our delicious ripe avocado ready,
and now we’re going to get our tomatoes ready. These are beautiful, organic, vine-ripened
tomatoes. The first thing I like to do is cut off the one end where the stem was. Some
people cut off the other end of the tomato, but there is really no reason to cut that
part off because a lot of the nutrients, like in many fruits and vegetables, are in the
skin. We are just going to dice our tomato. You can make the slices, dices any size you
want. Some people like to take the seeds out of the tomato before they put in the guacamole,
but an aging backwards tip is getting adequate fiber in your diet. Tomato seeds just add
fiber into your diet. We are just going to keep chopping these up. I like to keep all
the juice in as well, because it really makes the avocado stick together, almost like a
nice paste.

William Babineau

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