Healthy Halloween Party Food & Snacks! Easy Recipes!

(mystical music)
(submarine honking)
– Happy Halloween my Munchies.
We always have fun on the
channel around Halloween.
Last year was one of my
personal favorite episodes,
the Oreos.
But it was a little
scarier than we anticipated
and some of you didn’t like
that there was no scare warning
so this year I played it safe
in the narrative department.
Not that this costume isn’t sort of scary.
Thanks to everyone on my Insta story
who voted for me to wear this.
By the skin of your teeth you won.
It was close but I also
really love the other costume
and it wouldn’t be a Halloween
episode on our channel
without a visit from Skully so hey Skully!
– Hey, Alyssia.
Good to see you.
– Yeah, you too.
I’ve never seen you so colorful.
– Pink isn’t usually my
color but I love red.
– Today I’m sharing 10 easy
Halloween themed snacks.
If you’re looking for a last minute treat
for a get together or Halloween night
with friends and family,
here are some healthier ideas to inspire.
What’s up first Skully?
– A jack-o’-lantern platter.
♪ Jack-o’-lantern platter ♪
– [Alyssia] I simply used an
oval tray and various fruits
to make a jack-o’-lantern face.
I’ve got peeled clementines
as the orange pumpkin.
Celery so there are in fact
some veggies as the stalk.
Grapes as the eyes.
Strawberries as the mouth,
and a yogurt fruit dip as the nose.
For the fruit dip, I simply
mix together yogurt, cinnamon,
and a little honey to taste.
All these fruits are
easy to pick up and eat
since there’s no peel to remove
and they’re all quite contained
so it isn’t really a fruit
salad and you could even
serve the platter with
toothpicks or skewers
for self-serving or dipping.
♪ Seven layer spider web dip ha ha ha ha ♪
– [Alyssia] I start with a
can of re-fried black beans
and mix that with taco seasoning
to add a bit of flavor and spice.
I love using re-fried black
beans instead of regular
because they’re delicious
and there’s no crap.
No hydrogenated oils or anything.
Just check the ingredients to make sure
the only things in it are
black beans, water, and salt.
Pretty cool.
Then, into a baking
dish or serving platter,
I layer the beans, some salsa,
lettuce, cheese, olives,
and cover with guacamole.
Be patient and try to get it smooth.
Then I use a little squeeze
bottle to draw on a spider web
with sour cream or Greek yogurt.
Garnish the edge of the dip
with some fresh diced tomatoes,
additional olives and cheese
for color and finesse.
And it wouldn’t be complete
without a black spider.
Serve with chips or if
you wanna keep it lighter,
use your favorite chopped vegetables.
How about a beverage?
♪ I’ve arrived with a punch whoo ♪
– What do you lack in punch?
That reminds me of the accident.
(creepy music)
– [Alyssia] Another easy one,
just combine orange juice,
pineapple juice, mango juice,
and sparkling water in a pitcher.
Boom. Serve it over ice.
(upbeat music)
If you’re an adult and wanna
add a hit of something else
be my guest.
– Alyssia, no no no.
Trust me it’s better without any of that.
– True.
Dress it up by using a
Halloween themed glass,
straw, or garnish.
I found these cute festive
glass straws on Amazon.
I will link them below.
We’re getting crafty with our:
♪ Applesauce mummies ♪
– [Alyssia] No cooking required
and you don’t need to be a crafting whiz.
I simply used white bandage
tape to wrap these squeezie
apple sauce packs and I double
it up to hide the packaging.
And then added some googly
eyes to finish them off.
So cute, enticing,
and if it helps lighten
up on the candy, great.
I’ll link everything I’m
using in the description.
We’ve got a two for one with these fruits.
♪ Pumpkin clementines and boo-nanas ♪
– [Alyssia] Another one
that requires no cooking?
I won’t complain.
I got crafty with sharpies
and drew fun faces
looking like jack-o’-lanterns
on clementines
and ghosts on the bananas.
You’re going to remove the peel
so don’t worry about the ink
but I know some of you still
will so for you I’ve linked
an edible ink marker in
the description box below.
– So sassy.
– You’re not wrong.
Next we’ve got another beverage
and things are getting
spookier by the minute.
♪ Witches brew ♪
– [Alyssia] AKA charcoal lemonade.
I start with freshly squeezed
lemon juice in a pitcher.
Then I add a few capsules
of activated charcoal
and mix to combine.
– What the heck is that?
– This stuff is pretty cool.
It’s like the new wave of superfoods
or super supplements I guess.
But it’s used for anything
ranging from digestion help
and bloating to teeth whitening
to slowing down aging,
helping with kidney function,
and even kids close your ears, hangovers.
Anyway, then I add water to the pitcher
and sweeten to taste.
You could use maple
syrup or liquid stevia.
Anything liquid that will absorb
and then serve it over ice.
Really, it just tastes like lemonade.
You don’t taste the charcoal
but it looks pretty spooky.
Food on a stick is always appropriate
so next I’m sharing these:
♪ Halloween skewers ♪
– [Alyssia] One is black
and orange with black olives
and cheese cubes.
Can’t go wrong there but you could go
with yellow cherry tomatoes, olives,
and mozzarella pearls which
also aren’t a mistake.
This is another fun way to
get some savory elements
into you Halloween spread so
everything isn’t so sweet.
We’re keeping it savory with some:
♪ Goblin guacamole eyes ♪
– [Alyssia] It’s simply cherry
tomatoes with about a third
of the top cut off.
I dry them with paper
towels so it’s easier
to top with some guacamole
and an olive slice.
I must say, that this is
a tasty appetizer bite.
It really helps to balance
out the excessive candy
that I’m going to consume regardless.
– I’m a freak for candy.
– [Alyssia] Last snack of the day.
♪ Witch fingers ♪
– [Alyssia] These are pretty neat.
Almond butter and celery
sticks with an almond.
And I opted for a little
food dye to make it bloody.
You could skip that, use
a plant based food dye,
whatever floats your boat.
But it definitely helps
with the spooky levels
in my opinion.
And those are 10 easy Halloween treats.
Great for last minute party
platters or just a fun night in.
Which is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments
and feel free to share
any fun and easy Halloween
ideas that you like.
Most of these are also in
my newly released holiday
compilation ebook over 150 recipes.
From Halloween, fall,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Available at mindovermunch.com/ebooks
and you get you get 10%
off any package or ebook
of your choice this week
only using the code Skully.
Feel free to check out
any other Halloween videos
from my previous years because
there are some good recipes,
costumes, and editing
effects involved, I must say.
And of course more Skully too.
Like I mentioned in the beginning though,
the little ones beware
of the Oreos episide.
– Oh yeah.
Have a happy and safe Halloween.
– I’ll see you next week.
And remember, especially when
it comes to Halloween candy,
it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

William Babineau

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