Healthy Pan Fried Chickpeas Snacks Recipe | Garbanzo Snack Recipe

hello everyone please welcome and join
me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to
share with you a quick and easy snacks
recipe and I’m going to use two cup
garbanzo chite chole the chickpeas
I’m going to open it you can open with
the hand can always take advantage off
for the machine it’s really easy and
fast to do it if you have the machine
you always can open it with the hand as
I’ve shown to you I’m going to drain the
water and I’m going to wash it with the
cold water the ingredients I’m going to
use 2 TSP olive oil 1/2 onion 1 TSP
ginger one small green chilli cumin
powder coriander powder black pepper
salt 1/2 teaspoon each parsley flakes 1 TSP and let’s get started get a fry pan and
I’m going to start gas and we’re going
to keep gas on high I’ll bring two TSP
olive oil as the oil start to heat up or
bring ginger and green chilli this is
good enough and now I’m going to bring
onion mix it well we’re going to
cook onion for like a minute or so
cooking over onion for 1 minute
this is all we need I’m going to bring
garbanzo beans mix it well on high gas
we’re going to cook for 5 minutes with in
5 minute this quick and easy recipe is
already that’s how it looks after 1
all together cooking for 3 minutes
this is how it looks now i am to bring all the
spices mix them well
and we are going to cook additional two
minutes we’ll keep stirring so they
don’t get burned
exactly cooking for five minutes they
all done and I’m going to turn off the gas and I’m going to dish out I get my
serving bowl garbanzo beans snack
recipes all ready and you’ve always can
sprinkle some more fresh onion it’s
going to taste really well green chili
it’s very quick and easy to make and
that they are super healthy and super
delicious please try it
and you’re going to like it if you like
this recipe like always please like
share and subscribe easy steps cooking
thank you and I have a good day bye bye

William Babineau

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