Healthy snack: Sweet potato super power smoothie

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hey guys, my name’s Jennifer. – My name’s Mimi. – Rachel. – I’m Alex. – And we’re doing the super smoothie. Okay so first you take
half of a sweet potato. – Gonna wanna peel it. – Yeah you put it into the blender. (giggling) – And then you’re gonna
take half of a banana, peeled and put it in the blender. (banana peel ripping) Okay then you need two thirds of a cup of almond milk or coconut milk. (milk pouring) And a tablespoon of honey. (spoon scraping) (spoon tapping) And then a teaspoon of cinnamon. And you put a cup of ice into the blender. (ice pouring) And then you just blend it. (blender whirring) That’s good. Okay, then you just put it into a cup. (smoothie pouring) That’s it. (giggling)

William Babineau

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