Healthy Snacks for Kids : Muffins & Cream Cheese as Healthy Snacks for Kids

Hi this is Travis on behalf of Expert Village.
Another great healthy snack that is quick
and easy and you can use the toaster. We are
back to our muffins or bagels. Lots of people
eat those in the mornings. Again the healthy
choice would probably be 100% whole wheat
and organic if you can find it but try to
stick to the whole wheat. It is a lot better
for you. This time instead of adding peanut
butter and jelly we are going to try adding
some cream cheese. Use your favorite brand
because they vary. What is nice is that this
is just plain cream cheese but you can get
cream cheese nowadays in almost any flavor.
You can get them with vegetables there are
vegetable cream cheeses. There are all sorts
of brands and all sorts of flavors. Just pick
out your favorite one. Try them all. They
come in different sizes as you can see I have
got a pretty large quantity here that we picked
up at one of our local stores and this is
a good size for our family. As well you can
use the cream cheese ingredients in some other
recipes to that we will get to in another
section. Toaster muffins pull them out of
the toaster and put some cream cheese on there
and it will be a good breakfast.

William Babineau

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  1. Mmmm That was good :D:D i used dill pickle cream cheese tasted good thanks!

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