Healthy Snacks For Kids With Nutritionist Adrien Paczosa

I’m Rachelle with dailyRx joined by Adrien
Paczosa, with iLiveWell Nutrition and since March is National Nutrition Month, for all
of you people out there with little ones running around like me, we need to think of some good
ideas, fast ideas, for healthy snacking for kids. And my friend Adrien over here has some
awesome ideas. “So with kids we want to get them in the kitchen – get them active – playing
with their food. So first off we can make our own yogurt parfait and just drizzle some
granola on top. (Omit?? Can I ask just a really quick question – is this really any type of
berry that you would have laying around the house. Yep. Yes, Ok. Yogurt? Yes. And granola.
Love it. Actually it is frozen berries and I let them kind of cool-down everything. Oh
Alright. And that would take less than five minutes and the kids get to laying it and
find all the different colors. And if they make it, and have an interest in it, they
are more likely to eat it. Exactly. 1:44 Next up we got little creepy crawlers. So I’ve
got celery with hummus and carrots. Super cute. And they can even do that for themselves.
Oh Yeah. Next up is popcorn. And while it’s hot, just drizzle some Parmesan cheese on
top to give it a little bit of protein for the kiddos. Awesome. “This one I actually
like, take some of these nuts bars – so like a KIND bar – chopping them up and putting
a little bit of cream cheese on top. Oooohhh. Cause I wanted something creative and I have
a ton of these laying around. Ok and if a kid is spreading something, using their hands,
they are more likely to eat it. Exactly. That is the lesson. Join us next week, we’ll have
some more nutrition tips for you. I’m Rachelle with dailyRx.

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