Healthy Snacks: Quest Protein Bar, Best Protein Bar ► The Deal Guy

William Babineau


  1. Woah! I've always wanted to try these and these would be a great breakfast option for me before I go to the gym!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Those sound good. I have been allergic to chocolate for years but latest testing shows no more allergy to chocolate. These sounds like a better choice than the candy bars I've been indulging in this week lol.

  3. THESE ARE AWESOME I LOVE THEM! But we never end up buying them because its not in the budget. 🙁

  4. I love these, feel free to send me as many as you want. 😊 Hope your feeling better.

  5. Desperately need these for my diet since I work sooo much! Would love if you hooked me up!

  6. Thanks Matt! You do such a great job, and have saved me SO MUCH money since I subscribed. Stock up on those protein bars to keep up your amazing energy!

  7. Don't know if I have ever tried this, but they would be good for when I have a need for something sweet tasting. (like now, do they do instant shipping…. 😉 )

  8. Quest Bars are the best on the market!! I have yet to find a protein bar that has as much protein and the lowest carb grams as Quest does. They are a winner all around for me, a non-insulin diabetic. I will be ordering today!! Thank you.

  9. But do they really taste like a candy bar or do they taste like a dry protein bar with fake flavoring to make you forget about that dry thick protein taste? Ive tried a lot of them…the huge metrix peanutbutter chocolate chip so far are the only ones that taste good but still leave that dry after taste.Ugh let's face it if it's not green it's not healthy…if it's not pure water we shouldn't be drinking it. If it's not Genie you shouldn't be hosing her off in a wet t shirt……anyway Matt are you getting sick? I can hear a difference in your voice. And just Wanted to say thanks for all the cool freebies so far…especially the last one!! Very awesome…now back to Amy in a white tshirt and a hose or did I say Amy…does it matter? I'll take both….where was I? Oh power bar candy bars right..protein is a tricky thing our bodies can only take in so much…So what's the correct amount to take? I don't know I'm still thinking about that hose and intern Amy And Genie now

  10. Yummy. I'm just waiting for my golf deals. AND, do you think those curved TV's are going to come down in price next month?

  11. )What's up Matt! man usually nobody I know likes these type of protein type bars..but idk..these look pretty darn good..don't know if it's cause I'm hungry ha..or its just cause ur word is as good as gold with all ur loyal followers ha..but Idk..me n my wife just might have to give em a try..thanks Matt..as always awesome vid..ur the BEST!!! ha

  12. How cool is that just like you Matt! I am a person who has sugar lows so always have my go too which is Nature Made Honey and Oats bars although I am sure that these are much better for you. I have tried some of these protein bars in the past and just don't care for the taste and or texture of them. Will have to see how these are because healthy is better.

  13. That is very interesting. My friend for science fair made a health bar kind of like that.

  14. wow, amazing. they actually look really yummy xD surprising, especially coming from a protein bar. Defenetly buying some for when I go to the gym or morning run. Thank you so much Matt, great video once again!

  15. Aw, we love you, too, Matt! That IS a great deal, I know that Quest bars are quite popular, have heard good things about them. My problem with great-tasting protein bars is that I will eat them – a lot of them – like having a bag of candy around. So, altho healthy, not healthy for me. lol

    I'm wondering when the really great white sales will drop. Shouldn't it be sometime soon? I'm in need of so many organizational items like closet organizers or shelving units, and towels and sheets, that sort of thing. I know there are sales out there at the big box stores, but they feel like not-as-great-as-they-used-to-be sales. Or am I just getting too old and waiting for decades-old pricing? Probably the latter, but hey, better than the alternative. 😀

  16. Thanks for finding theese Matt. From what I can find these should work great for diabetics as well. Has 20g of protein only 6-7g of carbs, and 1g if sugar. Just about EVERY diabetic bar I have tried, you can tell it's either a "diet" bar or a "diabetic" bar, so they are like eating cardboard ie no flavor!

  17. I am an avid hiker. This sounds like it would be a great snack to throw in my backpack!

  18. Be totally honest, Matt. What do YOU think of the taste? All too often, these kind of things taste awful. I've never had Quest, though.

  19. Great deal! These are my goto bars of I don't have time for a meal. They are very filling. Thx Matt

  20. I love these bars,but having to buy a case of just one flavor is too much. I like variety.

  21. SNACKS ! YEAhhhhh ! Great Prices ! SWeeeeeet ! Deal ! (literally) ! SWEET ! Thanks ! Love ya Matt !

  22. What!!!! We love you too. (which, by the way, has nothing to do with the fact that you have CANDY!!!!)

  23. Get us healthy with the bars and then send us to the calorie-packed restaurants, I knew I liked you for a reason, lol.

  24. Matt ,Disappointed to find out that there are only 4 different flavors available ,even though the description list a variety box available.I do love these bars just not the three flavors listed.Am I missing something

  25. Thanks Matt. My son asks for these all the time but they are about $2.50 a bar. This is a great deal and hearing your experts say they recommend them make me feel good about him eating them.

  26. This not a deal. GNC has these routinely for $25 a box. Even Giant Eagle sells them for about $24 a box from time to time. Those asking about taste they are fantastic.

  27. Maestro,Protein bars that actually TASTE GOOD!? Hmmm, I'm a little skeptical so I'm going to have to rely on you and your guest's acute (or is that cute) taste buds. At least the various flavors SOUND yummy so my curiosity is piqued. But, of course, the real test is just to try them for myself. Last thing, thank you very much for throwing in the restaurant.com cards as part of your giveaways. Another sweet and yummy deal!

  28. Matt, I just went to the Quest Website to check the nutritional values and Website has one box of bars for $24.99 plus shipping. I'm not seeing that $23.99each if you buy 2 boxes is 50% off. What am I missing on this morning's deal?

  29. Mmmmmmm … you had me at s'mores. I've been trying to do better at eating breakfasts, something I'm really not good at, so this could do the trick on those days I just don't want to bother. Good protein and still low sugars. Hits the right notes. Thank you!!

  30. Love these Quest bars – even better if you microwave them for about 10 seconds – tastes like the real deal!!!

  31. Matt, thank you for the Quest Protein Bars – I buy them often for my travels!

  32. Can you find a great deal on power crunch protein bars…..I know you will love those

  33. I'm excited to try these Matt! I've been on a diet and I've lost 15lbs since october but I have another 30lbs to loose so these will help. thanks, Matt p.s. your assistant in purple is super pretty:)

  34. MY 17 yr old is a runner/ football player and is always looking for extra protein but always complains with the bars I bring home so I'm gonna have to try these!

  35. Thanks for the info. I will have to look for them. I would love to try them. Hint, hint. 👍

  36. I would to have those protein bars after a nice workout and also a restaurant gift card to celebrate my birthday coming up at the end of the month

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