William Babineau


  1. It’s so bizarre how people will scorn something that’s naturally good for your body, but feels good about drinking Cows Milk…. mane I tell you

    Not all plant base milk taste amazing but give it a try you will find one that’s best for you.

  2. Crap veganism does plant don't have life bloody hell 5 times the price of milk holyshot sweet milk rofl

  3. I just bought my first almond milk carton, so this is very interesting.

  4. those other two were too skeptical and over critical about the milk, it doesn't kill you, in some cases it is an alternative to animal abuse to cows

  5. This ain’t no black man, that was the whitest taste test I ever seen. Only white people say mm before they even try it fully. 🤣

  6. Lemme have that cow milk! I could care less if the cow is taken at birth for my milk. Fucking vegans

  7. so they don’t hook them up to sum which sucks out the milk from there tittes

  8. Almonds feel pain too. Stop drinking almond milk. Stop almond cruelty. Go airism.

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