How to Breastfeed : Relieving Blocked Milk Ducts from Breastfeeding

I’m going to talk about how you can relieve
a blocked duct. Some women are prone to blocked ducts, and that happens when your milk gets
stuck in one of the ductal systems and then it backs up behind it. This can be extremely
extremely painful, and if it’s not dealt with quickly, or there’s any avenue for bacteria
into your breast it can become mastitis. If you do feel feverish or achy in any way contact
your obstetrician to get a prescription for antibiotics in case that you do have mastitis.
If you have blocked ducts, which you can have without getting mastitis, the way to deal
with it is, there are several different tools. One of the things is that you’re going to
want to be a nurse on that side first. It hurts a lot, but you kind of have to grin
and bear it. Put the baby to the breast on the side where the block is, and nurse on
that side first. One tip is to put the baby’s chin toward the block, so if the block is
over here, you’re going to want to use, put the baby in this position so his chin is towards
the block. The other thing that you can do, is before you put the baby on is use a hot
compress that you pop in the microwave and just put it around between your bra and your
skin and massage behind with the pads of your fingers behind the blockage in circles down
towards the nipple. It hurts. There’s no way around it, but this will help it pass. So
the heat before, some massage, and put the baby on. The other thing that you can use
is a poultice that we like from Earth Mama Angel Baby. You put it in a little muslin
sack, you seep it for a bit, and you put it on your skin between your bra and your breast
for a few minutes before you nurse or after to help pull it out. The other thing that
works really nicely and we’re not sure why, but is cabbage leaves. Keep it in the fridge
so it’s nice a cool and feels good against your skin. Just pop the top hard part off,
pull out the vein in the back, crunch it up just a little bit. And then you’re going to
lay this against your skin in between your skin and your bra. And do this after you’re
done nursing and again that can help pull the block out. Sometimes blocks can take twenty-four
hours to pass. Just keep using the heat, the massage, and the coolness afterwards. Start
your baby on that side. If it still hurts after the baby’s done nursing, you might want
to try and use your breast pump for a few minutes to pull that blockage out. If it takes
more than twenty-four hours to pass, do call a local lactation consultant and again, if
you’re feeling feverish or flu-like symptoms, call your obstetrician because you might need
a prescription for antibiotics.

William Babineau


  1. great tips, i have had this problem from day 1, my son is now 17 months and i have a lclogged duct as i write this, its so ainful and honestly when i get it i just wish he would wean already… but then it opens and we are both happy again.

  2. Another thing that helps is taking garlic oil, probiotics.

    I like to sometimes also use a cold pack to numb it a little bit before baby latches on. It certainly feels better at least.

  3. My mother has been lactating… She is not pregnant and can not become pregnant. She had a historemictey lesss then a year ago. Is that ok? Bad? Can it be cancer?

  4. Omg it hurts so bad. I cry everytime i relieve my breast….it sucks to have this

  5. JUMP in the Shower & Massage the Blocked Breast under the Hot Water & Exspress Milk & I'm Telling it WORKS !!!!!
    I had this Happen 2 Times OMyGosh it Hurt so Bad !!!!!

  6. I now understand why my sister gave up breast feeding after one of her breasts had a few ducts blocked this is painful. I just dont have that option I do everything Natural and I am sorry but Formula is NOT an option. This was my biggest fear when I first had little john but he is 4 months I wonder why it happen now? and its such a HUGE block
    PS Thanks for the info about chin on the block side.. I was wondering what position was best.

  7. Earth momma angel baby? Isn't that the most annoying name for a brand ever? Srsly.

  8. I was tried all these and none of them worked. Did some reading online and saw that grated raw potato can clear it. Put some on a breastpad going to sleep and it was totally GONE when I woke at 6 am.

  9. The surface of cabbage leaves is home to lots of probiotics! That's why raw cabbage sauerkraut is so good for you, too! 🙂

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