How To Find Healthy Snacks Like a Pro

here are my top 5 healthy snack ideas
so when it comes to snacks it can be
such a headache right what’s next let’s
choose is this healthy this is low-fat
this low calorie so choose this
it’s overwhelming right well it doesn’t
have to be overwhelming and guess what
guys it’s real raw and simple food that
you could take with you this is one of
the first things I do with people they
join the Body Transformation challenge
Xceleration fitness or with the clients
I work with online it’s healthy snacks
they can add through out the day and this is
stuff that leads to people losing 50 60
pounds lowering their body fat and get
those results that everybody wants check
out my top I have one guys fruits
I like apples I like oranges, bananas stuff that
you can take with you and you can grab real
quick and be on your way to work. listen
nobody ever got fat eating fruit so
don’t think it’s bad avocados these are
loaded with fiber
loaded with good energy and loaded with
the healthy fats that your body actually
wants and avocados guys take them and go
almonds really just nuts in general are
very good healthy snacks and you take us
with you bet your dad’s keep in your car
there quick little grabs guys and
they’re also up event

premier protein why do I love these guys so much it’s 30
grams of protein 5 grams of carbs only
one gram of sugar and they’re so quick
all right just this four pack right here
you grab and you go the quicker and more
efficient you are with your snacks more
likely or to do them that’s why I like
type 1 power grilled eggs check these
out guys
I already pre-made they are three rage
par boiled eggs you can take these with
you in a ziploc bag have two of you guys
it’s high quality protein and you all know
the benefits of eggs but it’s so simple
to do it’s easy healthy snack so the
keeping with this guys it shouldn’t be
if you google healthy snack ideas it’s
ridiculous they show you bagels with
ricotta with strawberries all these
really complex and complicated things
what I showed you guys is really raw
food that you can take with you you can
take it with you and it can be part of
your lifestyle part your habits the more
likely you are to do them you know an
earthiness makes more like Ludo is
accountability join my facebook group
online guys it’s 21 days of
accountability or if you’re Oakland
County join the body transformation
challenge is going on it’s complete
accountability look I gave you all these
tips but unless you really join me and
let me help you I can try to get you
those results so if you like these snack
ideas message me tell you on the group
or join our body translation challenge
guys Chase It!

William Babineau

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