How to make Ginger Milk Pudding

Hello, This is Tony Welcome to my Video Channel Today I will share Ginger Milk Puidding (hot) It is easy to make But pay attention to certain steps Let see how to make it Here are the ingredients we need Start with ginger Clean it well Scrape off the ginger’s skin After this step Grate the ginger finely Next Squeeze it against a very fine-mesh strainer You see that… I didn’t measure needed portion As i want to share a method that everyone can make it easily which will need lot of ginger juice Don’t worry We will take exceeded juice away only keep the needed amount for now, get as many juice as you can to make this dessert… it required the white powder from ginger which is a kind of yeast If you use the aged ginger which has less juice it contains less liquid so 1 tbsp of its juice equal to 2-3 tbsp of fresh ginger juice Put the ginger aside let the white powder precipitates Then remove the ginger juice but keep only the needed amount It has too much ginger juice What should we do with it? well, you can use it to making other dishes If you want to be success for this dessert you need a lot of ginger juice while the precipitation… Let boil the milk keep in mind use the full fat milk and not skim milk neither the milk with supplements just use the pure milk use the medium low heat add in the sugar boil the milk up to 85 Celsius while boiling the milk Let take out the ginger juice remove the ginger juice gently without shaking the bowl remove the yellow liquid and keep only 1 tbsp Milk is now at 80 Celsius If the sugar is mixed, we are ready Mix well the ginger juice then pour in the milk quickly don’t touch it after Cover it with a dish wait for 10-15 minutes It passed 10 minutes Let check it out if the surface can support a spoon which mean it is solid and it is done!

William Babineau


  1. Thanks for the tip. I am wondering will this give the milk a gingery taste?

  2. I figured it out ginger has a high pectin content which makes the milk jelly like.

  3. Video is very well-presented. Unlike other video presenters, they talk too much and waste viewers time. I have not tried your method yet, but I have confident that your tip works.

  4. Have followed your instructions to cooked the Ginger Milk Pudding and it turned out well in my first attempt. Thanks for your reliable guidance.

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