How to Make Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Eat

How to Make Healthy After-School Snacks Your
Kids Will Eat. When it comes to afternoon snacks for your
children, tasting good and being healthy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It just takes a little planning. You will need Planning time Shopping time
Counter space Assorted dairy products Fruits Vegetables and grains. Step 1. Give your children a list of healthy options. If they insist on an empty calorie treat like
potato chips or cookies, see if you can find a recipe for a more nutritious, homemade version
– like baking thinly-sliced yams brushed with a little olive oil until they’re crisp,
or making cookies out of natural peanut butter. Use applesauce instead of butter in baked
goods. Make cookies and muffins with oats, dried
fruit, and nuts. Step 2. Plan your shopping list for a week’s worth
of after-school snacks before going to the grocery store. Decide whether you will prepare snacks ahead
of time or make them daily. If time is an issue, prepare snacks ahead
of time and package them individually for ease of availability. Step 3. Make a dip to accompany some of the snacks. For fruit, make a sweet dip with flavored
yogurt or apple sauce. For veggies make a low-calorie ranch dip. Grains such as baked tortilla chips or whole
wheat crackers go well with salsa or hummus. Step 4. Make snack time interactive. Let the kids construct their own kid-sized
pizzas, or pile assorted fruits onto toothpick skewers for a fruit kabob. Use low-fat mozzarella and a whole-grain English
muffin or pita for kid-sized pizza. Step 5. Freeze bananas and then roll them in low-fat
chocolate sauce and nuts. Make your own frozen pops out of pure pureed
fruit. Or offer them a handful of frozen grapes. Anything fruity that comes out of the freezer
will seem like an ice cream treat. Step 6. Don’t become boxed in by what you feel a
“snack” should look like. It can be a petite portion of whatever your
child likes to eat. The important thing is that it’s nutritious
and not too caloric. Happy noshing! Did you know A healthy after-school snack
helps active kids with fast metabolism to concentrate better on homework.

William Babineau


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  5. @123TryingtoType123 it's not like it's a ton of chocolate that you'll use.

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  11. 1:39
    Dude, that girl just pulled out tofu out of the freezer.
    I don't think ANYTHING that comes out of a freezer will be considered an ice cream treat…

  12. It's good with snacks, but I have to point out that to much fruit is not that good for kids, they should only have about 150g of fruit, and an adult max 300g, because of all the natural sugar.

  13. @zoeybatterup152 i hate sweet potato, too, but TRUST ME!!! if you prepare it the right way, they are AMAZING!!!!! best thing in the world, i tell ya.

  14. @TheBulFamily From McDonald's( i'm gonna guess that that's what you meant) ? Seriously? Well Good luck with that..

  15. do you have any healthy low-cal dry snacks? Track season is coming up in about a month and I need some ideas D;

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