How to Make Soy Milk – Soybean Milk Recipe – Homemade soya milk

Welcome to Nishamadhulika.com Today we will milk out of Soya beans. People who don’t like drinking animal milk or have any problem or kids who have lactose problem can consume this soya beans milk. In starting this milk is not liked much by us because we are not used to it. But after consuming it for few days you will start liking it. Preparing soybean milk is very easy. To prepare soybean milk we need soybean seeds. We have taken 1.5 cup soya bean seeds or 300 grams. To make soya bean milk, we will wash and clean the beans and soak in water for 10-12 hours. These are the soaked beans which were soaked for 10 -12 hours. Remove the skin of these beans by rubbing the beans in between your both palms. Dip all the beans in water so that the skin floats on the surface so that it can be removed easily. Soya bean milk can be prepared along with the beans skin also but it would be less useful as compared to beans without skin. Put all the soya beans in a mixture grinder and grind them finely. Add as much water as required as per the quantity of soya beans. Very finely grinned paste is ready.
Now we will place the paste in a utensil in
which we have to boil it. Grind all the seeds like wise. Mix rest of the water in the pan. Put the gas on and boil the paste. For milk take a similar utensil only, so that
it gets boiled properly. Keep stirring it. Dig the spoon till the core of
the pan, so that the soya bean particles don’t settle at the
bottom and don’t get burned. If the milk gets burned it would not taste good. Milk has started boiling. Remove the form created on the surface of milk. Boil milk for 7-8 minutes on medium flame. Milk is ready and now we will strain it. Take a big utensil to strain the milk and use a cloth to strain the milk. Place a sieve on top of the utensil and place a cloth over it. Pour all milk on the cloth. Stir it a spoon so that the milk flows down easily. We are left with the pulp of soya beans. Now we will squeeze it gently so that all the left over milk drops down. We have taken out all milk; now remove the pulp from the cloth. Soya bean milk is ready and the leftover pulp is also very good. It is also called as ‘okra’. This okra can be mixed in flour or besan for cooking missi roti or missi parantha. You will like the missi roti and parantha prepared out of okra. Flavored milk, fruit smoothie or tofu can be prepared out of soya bean milk. Out of 125 gram soya beans seeds almost 1 liter milk can be prepared. We have taken 300 gram soya bean seeds from which we have got 2.15 liter milk. Try this recipe at your home and share your experience with nishamadulika.com See you again on nishamadhulika.com

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