Hi Lovelies! (Snaps Fingers) Sorry Hi Lovelies! Welcome back to my Channel if
you are new here, my name is Chinwe Juliet also known as Igbocurls and my Channel is
all about teaching you all how to grow your hair long and healthy. Today I will be teaching you all how to make
a DIY mix that you can use for your hair and skin. Nice, Luscious Hair and Skin butter. Okay, so I will be using this mix for my pre-poo
which I will show you in the next video and just basic ingredients, don’t worry, very
basic ingredients. I’ll be using Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Hempseed Oil and Coconut Oil.
I will link where you can find these ingredients in the description box below so make sure
you click on it before you ask questions in the comment section. Alright, let’s get right into the tutorial. This is what my Shea Butter looks like, I
will be taking my measuring cup and using a full cup of Shea butter for this formula.
Next, I’m taking my A’akuba Naturals Pure Coconut Oil and I am just pouring it into
1/8th of a cup. Then I pour it into my mix and do the same for the rest of my oils. My
Hempseed Oil is by Beautifully Crafted, I will link her instagram handle in the description
box below. The Castor Oil I’ll be using is Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil with
Rosemary. That’s the one I had available, but you can use any of the castor oils or
any castor oil you may have. Once all that is poured in, this is what it looks like,
and I am going to be using my Andrew Jams blender in number 1 and number 2. I am just
going to let you hear what it sounds like. Once you are done, it should look something
like this, beautiful soft batter. Don’t eat it though, this is for your hair and for
your skin. I chose not to put any essential oils in this one because I wanted this to
be very easy and very simple. You can choose to put essential oils, I just wanted this
tutorial to be very basic by not putting any essential oils in. Now, I am taking my 100ml container and I
am just going to pipe it in with my make shift piping bag, it’s really easy, really simple.
You can just scoop it in, whichever way is better for you and this is what it looks like
at the end of the day. It is lovely, I’ll show you all how I used it in my next video
and this is pretty much it. I hope you all loved this tutorial. If you want to see more
videos like this, let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to subscribe like
and share, on your social media pages. Thank you all so much for watching, see you
in my next video. Bye!

William Babineau


  1. hey love you look gorgeous as always !! i got your secret now and i'll surely have your kind of glowing skin..
    please can you make tutorial on how you tie your head wraps?
    thanksss i'll be looking forward to that 😘😘

    i hope to do business with you soon thanks .

  2. You are awesome! 😊 How long does this mixture last? Will it have a long shelf life?

  3. It looks so creamy 😍😍 and i love it. Does it stay creamy cos mine never stayed creamy.

  4. Hey do I have to use the blending thingy to make this. I dont have that 😭😭

  5. First DIY hair something vid that the YouTuber says is easy that is actually easy 😂🤣…or maybe I'm just lazy lol but this actually seems achievable

  6. Lol what if I want to eat it? Thanks for sharing! Love your diy piping bag…

  7. sucks teeth dammit girl. i cant flipping use that. my hair is protien sensitive. i cant use raw shea butter or jamacian black castor oil……………can you make one for protien sensitive people like me????????? if you can figure out how

  8. What if you only have castor oil and Vaseline can you still make it

  9. Are you telling me that big old bucket of Shea butter is less than $5???? Can you get it in store in Nigeria? if so, please could you tell me where. Is the 234# your work # are you vendor? can I receive it like directly

  10. Hi, where did u get yr 100ml jars you used in this video from? They're real nice!

  11. Hello sis. What did you mean when you said these were not essential oils? What are the essential oils and what’s the difference?

  12. pls hw can we get ur Num plsss nd if my hair is soft nd natural pls I need those ur product for my hair.

  13. You have lots of videos…which one tells you exactly how to grow long natural hair?

  14. Chiweh pls what cream are u using on ur skin, and how did u get those lovely white teeth?

  15. What’s good mix for low Coarse hair…hair is always dry and hard feeling…need something that will soften up my waves and shine…and thicken thinning areas

  16. Quel huie as tu utilise? Jai lu beure de karite et huile de coco. Mai's les deux autres huile jai pas lu

  17. Hello. Could you please share which of your videos shows you using your whipped shea on your hair? Thank you.

  18. Great!! but why didn’t you melt the shea butter

  19. Thanks for your vid, appreciate it much 😊! Question though…since it is shea butter and knowing it will harden back depending on the temperature, how do you keep it in that consistent texture?

  20. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about beauty products to make at home try Sarparder Spa Products Starter (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  21. Please can you write the ingredients on the screen?Becouse I am in Germany ,everything I'd in German.

  22. Please how do I get back my edges… They've been cutting badly😭😭😭😭😭😭
    This is really urgent!!!!!!!!!

  23. Great video! I love your attention to detail and always appreciate a detailed description box with links to the products used!

  24. Y’all follow my natural hair instagram page please :

  25. Can one use just this to moisturize ones hair or one still needs a hair moisturizing cream

  26. Hi!! ❤️ does this work for someone who doesn’t have curly hair? I’m between straight and curly hair but I’m more a straight hair person and have frizz, can this work for me?

  27. This looks great!
    How long does this mixter stays before it goes bad?

  28. How long is it good for and just wondering do I store it in the fridge just wondering

  29. Easy video but can one use natural olive oil and glycerine oil instead

  30. Hey Queen 👑, I'm sharing this video with all my friends bc my hair is finally growing out 😆, just wanted to say thank you AGAIN!!!! CONGRATS on the baby!!!! 🖤💙🖤💙🖤💜🖤💜🖤

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  32. Your video is the easiest I've seen. But what should I do if I don't have that whipping machine?

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