How to Order Keto-Friendly Five Guys!

Hey guys, we’re ordering keto-friendly
Five Guys Burgers and Fries,
coming right up! Hey guys, I’m Aaron.
Welcome to A.D. Keto, your weekly dose of
all things ketogenic diet. Today we are
ordering Five Guys Burgers and Fries, my
favorite burgers in the world! I’ve been
a longtime fan of Five Guys, going back
to my pre-keto days, but I thought that
I’d have to give it up when I started
keto. But that is not the case.
Burgers are actually very friendly
to keto, if you know what you’re doing —
which is: get rid of the bun… and the
fries, unfortunately. So you can order in
the store, but what I like to do is order
online, either with an iOS app, or right
on the computer, which is what we’re
going to do today. All right, so we’re just
gonna come in and go to Five Guys, and
it’s gonna load for a long time.. oh,
they’ve updated their site. So I’m gonna
click locations, and I’m gonna type in my
zip code, where I know it is, and this is
not the one I go to. This is the one I go
to. Click order, and I’m going to… I’m
not in Toledo, Ohio. I’m in Albany, New
York. This is my guy, right here. I don’t
know why it says 0.0 miles, because it’s
not 0.0 miles.
I don’t live at Five Guys. We’re gonna
dive in and order my fantastically
awesome bacon cheeseburger. What? It’s
gonna be awesome.
Okay, so here’s bacon cheeseburger. I’m
going to do no bun, and I’m also gonna do
wrapped in lettuce. You can do both —
I’ve been there a couple of times, and
they say… they ask you if you have an
allergy. I just say, “Nope, it’s personal
preference.” and if you tell them you
want it in a in a bowl, they usually don’t
give it to you wrapped in lettuce, but
I’m gonna request that is wrapped in
lettuce, as well. I’ve tried eating a
burger that’s just lettuce, not in a bowl,
and it is an instant mess. So I’d like to
try to keep it in a bowl, wrapped in
lettuce. That’s the main thing on keto,
just don’t get the bun. And then for my
toppings, I’m going to do… what am I gonna
do? What am I gonna do? Going to do extra
cheese. let’s
do lettuce, extra patty, yes. I’ll do an
extra patty, and when I get there I’m
gonna ask them for a little bit of extra
bacon, which I’ve done in the past as
well, and they’re happy to do that. And
I’m going to pick up. Nine minutes? I
can’t get there in nine minutes.
No, you know what? I’ll do it in nine minutes. Great!
I’ve ordered and it’s gonna be ready in
roughly ten minutes. So it’s about a
twelve-minute drive to Five Guys, and
I’ve got to go. Okay, best
eleven-year-old videographer in the game. Hop in!
Mommy was driving! My knees! My Tananana knees! Knees! Buckle yourself in. Ready? Let’s do it.
Today it was my third day of school. I
was walking one way and my other friends were walking another way so I ran
to catch up with them, and then I hear a
girl scream, and then I just see uh…
some barf. You see some barf. Out of another person’s mouth. Uh-huh. And the people who
were walking with the girl who barfed — one of them slipped and fell in the vomit.
Fell into another person’s barf. Splash.
All right so they’re hooking me up with
extra bacon, which I’m very, very excited about.
One of the benefits and/or
detriments to ordering Five Guys and
putting it in your car, and bringing it home is that the smell stays in your car.
for about a day.
Like, tomorrow, when we go out, the car
will smell of burgers, which is fine with
me. It’s a bunch of tinfoil. [Rip] HA!
So that was absolutely delicious.
One of my favorite things to get on a
Friday night is a burger from Five Guys
with extra bacon, which they totally
hooked me up with. I’m gonna flash the
approximate macros up on the screen
right now. Usually you can look up Five
Guys… Usually? All the time! You can look
up Five Guys on MyFitnessPal,
and just kind of plug in what you had. I
usually enter something like, double
bacon cheeseburger, bunless, and I get
approximate… you know, results for
calories, fat, protein, carbs, that kind of
thing. Let me know what you think about
Five Guys, down in the comments. Are you
huge fans like I am? It’s one of my
favorite things to get on a Friday
night, a bunless burger with all the
bacon. So, if this is your first time here,
please consider subscribing, and that’s
gonna do it for this week! I will see you
I told you it would smell like burgers
in here.

William Babineau


  1. 5 Guys is great food. I've also grown very fond of Mooyah Burgers. Of course you'd have to drive about 2 hours to try it.

  2. I always get extra bacon and it's always N/C but others with me getting the bun are charged for the extra bacon LOL

  3. I prefer Five Guys now over In and Out on keto because of the toppings. I get double with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, grilled onions, jalapenos, lettuce, and pickles 🙂

  4. Didn’t need to hear that story while in route to a food place,that turned me off… anyway thanks for the vid.

  5. I did not know you could order without a bun at Five Guys! Learn something new every day 🙂

  6. Man, that thumbnail looks tasty! Ooh, a barf story in the way to pick up dinner. Awesome!👍🏼😄 I've never eaten Five Guys but I'm gonna rectify that.🍔(Apple needs to provide a bunless burger emoji.)

  7. I LOVE 5 GUYS!!! I know it's sacrilege but I really never liked their fries anyway, but I'm so excited that I can have fast food occasionally!! <3 Hardees used to have a really good low-carb burger that was wrapped neatly in lettuce but they've changed the formula and it is not worth my precious one meal per day anymore, lol.

  8. Soo….. I haven’t had 5 guys before— I was living under a rock, apparently 😨-, and I felt tempted to try them out after watching this. I downloaded the app and picked up the burger, same as you did. And… I’m happy to report that I was able to get extra bacon at no extra charge #feelingslick 😂🙌🏻. Haha. Not bad, not bad. Lol

    Greetings from LI, New York! 😃

  9. Great video, and I am glad to find your channel. I live in ALB region as well and m doing a keto cut now. Keep the good work man!

  10. Not a fan. Overpriced. I didn't even think they were worth it before keto.

  11. I've done this at Mc Donalds and they were very accomodating and it was okay but Five Guys looks better. I've heard that Wendy's is pretty good too.

  12. The hubby and I LOVE Five Guys. We get a bunless bacon cheeseburger from them at least every two weeks since starting keto. It's a bit expensive for our budget considering I can feed the whole house for two to three days on what it costs to buy 3 burgers there, but it's so very delicious. Not having to cook helps too, lol. I love how I can make a mini salad with all the toppings, so when you get an extra patty and extra cheese it's very filling. I thought I would miss the fries, but I don't. 😀

  13. Just came back from 5 Guys in Seabrook, NH. Just went on Keto last month. Was over the moon when I noticed I could order bun-less. My order: double bacon cheeseburger, grilled mushrooms, pickles, lettuce, mayo (came on the side), and sometimes grilled jalapeños. Oh Mama. Fantastic.

  14. Been on Keto for a week and a half. Down 5 lbs. Went to 5 guys today and had the bunless little bacon cheese burger. Very good ,cept I tried to eat it in the lettuce wrap😑. Will try the bowl next time. Thanks

  15. Was the "My Ta na na na knees …. knees" a G&R joke? If so, excellent! XD

  16. They did a poor job of wrapping that burger in lettuce. Looked more like on a bed of lettuce.

    Clearly if this was KETO they wouldn't have PROCESSED FAKE CHEESE FOOD which is known to contain SUGAR and raises your insulin way UP! THIS IS NOT KETO FRIENDLY👎👎👎👎
    #Listen2DrBerg or #ThomasDeluar

  18. Looks delicious, thanks for the tips! However your macros are a bit low… you have there a “Bunless Triple Bacon Cheeseburger (with extra cheese and extra bacon).”
    The extra patty adds 220 calories, the extra slice of cheese adds 70 calories, and what I’m assuming is an extra half portion of bacon adds around 40 calories.
    That brings the total meal to:
    990 calories
    80g Total Fat
    66g Protein
    2g Net Carbs

  19. Keto Five Guys and a vomit story to boot – most excellent! Might be a strong contender to my current fav – keto In n’ Out. Your daughter is adorable, by the way.

  20. Five Guys is ok. I prefer a homemade burger, myself. It’s also cheaper… and really doesn’t take a lot of time to make. (It probably takes me the same amount of time that it takes you to drive to FG, one way!) But… for people that hate cooking or those that are “spontaneous” with their meals, this is a decent option.

  21. I just starting subscripting to your channel….and I like it !!  I have been doing keto for awhile and I had not realized 5 guys did that.  We have In and Out burgers on the west coast..so I mainly eat their ""flying dutchmen"" which looks very much like your burger.  Will definitely check out 5 guys…thank you!!

  22. I’ve been working for five guys for about three years and people come in to order a bunless burger in a lettuce wrap with a bowl all the time! Now that I’ve started the keto diet I’m going to not be as annoyed making those anymore Totally not biased at all haha 😅 From Detroit MI!!

  23. Try wendys baconator without the bun🥓✊ and how many cheat meals can i have per week?

  24. You cant imagine how happy I was while eating this… I couldve sworn i teared up a lil ❤

  25. Love it – the bread is what really attacks our health. Rule of thumb stay away from bread

  26. omg is it bad i miss walking here from dutch quad after class???? was just looking for keto way to order 5 guys but also got some nostalgia

  27. I don't have a five guys near me but i love wendys and they are very happy to wrap my burger in lettuce …i do a Dave's double with bacon too!!

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