How to Stay Focused (Unusual Biohacking Tips That Work)

– If you’ve got a big
project on your hands, you’re trying to set up
a brand new business, get it cranking, or give it,
you know, starting to do, but for the life of you you
can’t get focused and your energy’s too low, well, I’ve
got some crazy cool tools that are gonna help you achieve
more focus in less time. Let’s take a look. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, it’s Ben Angel here, the author of the upcoming
book the Identity Gap: a 90-Day Mission to Become Unstoppable. Now, through the course of this challenge, I had to go from complete and
utter exhaustion to achieving high levels of energy, but
also high levels of focus. So, what did I do? Well, I traveled across the
country, even to Canada, to make the biohacker Dave Asprey, as well as speaking to brain
health experts, neurologists, and tech startup companies
that are producing gadgets that help to train the
brain to focus a lot easier. I’ve got some of my top
tips to help you get started if you’re struggling with focus right now. And the very first tip is to address nutritional deficiencies, which I spoke at about length in the last video. Now, what we’re leaning is that everything from food sensitivities,
medication, as well as inflammation in the brain and body can
cause cognitive issues. So this can lead to
everything from anxiety, depression, to various different diseases. Now, if you’re nutritionally
deficient, attempting to focus is like driving a car with a handbrake on. It doesn’t matter how much
you try and use willpower, you’re gonna spin your
wheels and you’re not going to get the outcome that you
desire at the end of the day. So number one, address those
nutritional deficiencies. There is one way to do it. And this is particularly
to address cravings. When it comes to cravings,
that’s when our brain switches from the logic
mind into the primal mind, and we are less able to
make logical decisions. And there’s a couple of hacks that I’ve got here for you right now. One is a supplement
called Brain Octane Oil. Now this is full of MCTs. So MCTs are another fuel
source for the brain aside from sugars and carbohydrates. Now as you know, when you
have sugar and carbohydrates, you’re gonna get that energy spike, but then you’re going to come
crashing down afterwards. By supplementing with MCTs,
which helps to produce ketone bodies, a cleaner fuel source for the brain to work on,
your energy increases, but it stays increased for a longer amount of time versus
the carbs and sugars. So grab some MCT oils. It’s coconut-based. I’m sensitive to coconut. And what I’ve found with
Dave Asprey’s brand is that it doesn’t actually have
the coconut proteins in it. So if you are sensitive to
coconut, you should be fine, as it’s fine for me as well. When you are selecting an MCT oil, make sure that it doesn’t
have lauric acid in it. Because lauric acid doesn’t behave the same as the MCTs itself. Be sure to check out for that. Tip two, now this is going
on from the MCT oils. To curb your cravings and
make sure you don’t fluctuate energetically throughout the
day, because as you’ll notice, as your energies peak,
you gain that focus, you gain that clarity, but as it declines, all of a sudden you have
to initiate willpower. So you have to convince yourself to do a task that you don’t
have the energy to do. You may get it done, but what’s your cognitive state when
you’re trying to do it? And that’s where I turn
to, what is a prebiotic? So prebiotic is something
that actually feeds the good, healthy gut bacteria in your stomach. In our Western society, we
don’t get enough of prebiotics. This is a doctor-formulated
one by Dr. David Perlmutter. And he’s been doing incredible research around the microbiome
and how the microbiome affects our general mental wellbeing. In fact some of the
treatment that’s currently being done is helping
individuals with anxiety and depression and treating
them with probiotics, which is otherwise known as the
new psychobiotic revolution. Speaking to a major probiotic
company here in the U.S. who now do gut health tests
in which they tell you what the balance of your healthy
gut bacteria is, it can then proactively try and balance
that bacteria around, which can also potentially
help with anxiety, depression, as well as energy, which is
vital for achieving focus. Tip three, what about nicotine? Using a nootropic, or a
smart drug in this case. Now some of you may be shocked by this, but a nicotine spray, simple
as spraying under the tongue and keeping it under the
tongue for 30 seconds, will help rein in your focus and really dial it in so you can get more done. Now, I was first introduced
to nicotine by Dave Asprey when I visited him at his farm in Canada. Dave, after giving me
a bulletproof coffee, decided to spray some
of this under my tongue. It pretty much instantly
gave me the hiccups and we had to pause the
interview, and I’ll be sharing that interview with you
later in a few months’ time. But what I’ve found in
looking at the research and hearing Dave’s explanation
and looking at the studies is that nicotine is
currently being researched to help everything from
depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, as well as even bipolar. Nicotine in its cigarette
form is one chemical out of over 5,000 other chemicals. So when we take nicotine out of that mix, we can look at it very strategically and look at it based on medical research and see that it has very
real cognitive properties. After suffering from serious
fatigue and exhaustion from the last few years and
experiencing memory loss, I decided to supplement with
nicotine a few times a week to help bring my cognitive abilities back. I wanted to learn more, so
I reached out to a doctor in Victoria, Australia and asked
her opinion on supplementing with nicotine to help
with cognitive function. And in fact, she had actually been using it to help with her medical exams. Would she ever use it in surgery? That’s an absolute no, because higher doses can cause tremors. Now when you look at
nicotine in this form, this is one spray, or one milligram dose. If you were to have a cigarette, that’s anywhere from eight
milligrams to 30 milligrams, a significant difference in dosage. Now there are obviously side
effects to using nicotine. One study found that it can
increase tumor growth in rats. Now the question with this
study and other studies out there linking it to
cancers and tumors is how much nicotine was used
in that particular study? That’s not always clear, and further followup research
does need to be done. So when it comes to having
a low dose of nicotine, which some scientists are in
fact saying that it could be as benign as having a cup
of coffee in the morning, make sure that you research the side effects before you try it. Tip number four. Do some brain training. And I have a really cool device here which looks like something
totally out of Star Trek. But this is called the
Muse Meditation Device. And you can check it
out at ChooseMuse.com. What this device does is
it provides neural feedback as well as auditory
feedback to help you tune in your focus and train
yourself to be more focused. So you plug in your headphones
and you’re gonna hear some music and even a
guided meditation initially. And then, with the audio
track in the background, it’s gonna fluctuate up and
down based on how focused you are and how calm you are,
or how active your mind is. And there’s a setting that you can hear the waves of the ocean. So if your mind becomes
far too overactive, the sound of the ocean is gonna pick up and the waves are gonna
start crashing loudly, at which point you train
your brain to go, alright, I need to calm down now
and calm that ocean. So when you calm down,
the ocean calms down. When you hit peak calm, you’ll start to hear little birds chirp. And they’ve done a whole gamification of the process on the app itself. So you try and outdo yourself and your state of calmness each time. What I’ve found with this
is, particularly with focus, I have noticed that even in the gym, I’m able to get into that state of calm before I go into really
heavy weight workouts. And also when it comes
to working on a project such as writing a book, which
is what I’m doing right now for this project, it’s helping
me to calm my energy down instead of letting my
thoughts run away wild. So this is a very proactive
device and a proactive tool. They’ve even just come out
with a pair of sunglasses that also picks up what the brain is doing and helps to train focus in a slightly different way versus the meditation. They’ve even been using
it to help PTSD sufferers. There’s some serious
research behind these things. Tip number five, check out another device. And these are cool, they’re touch points. So you strap them on either wrist and what happens is they actually vibrate, but they vibrate out of
sync with one another. So this wrist vibrates and then this one, and it goes back and forth constantly. And you can speed it up, slow it down, increase the intensity, or
even decrease the intensity. And what they’ve found
with the research is this really takes any anger or
fear, if you’re sitting in the primal brain and
you’re unable to focus, and it pushes you straight
back into the logical mind. It kind of shortcuts that circuit. I was really skeptical
when I first got these, but reading the research papers, they’ve done some incredible work on them. One study found that up to 75% of people had reduced stress within
30 seconds of wearing these. Now I in fact tried it out on a couple of my friends as guinea pigs. And I put them on one of
my good friends who suffers from a severe phobia of
open ocean and deep water. We had her sit down, look
at images on the computer, at which in the first couple
of minutes she quickly whipped her head around,
because even looking at an image sends her into panic mode. Going next to the ocean,
if a partner has walked off in the past, which has happened, she has even ended up on
her knees on the ground, that’s how real the fear is to her. They’re also being trialed
in autistic children, as well as PTSD sufferers. There’s a case study up
on the website that talks of one child now being able
to go into the supermarket, something that they couldn’t do before because of the overstimulation. And that child is now
wanting to go to Disneyland. Now if you would love to learn more, and, if you love the Information
that I’m sharing right here, please share with your
friends, colleagues, family members, that this
information could help. I’d love to know, have you
experimented with MCT oil, or even nicotine, or these devices? And head over to theIdentityGap.co, that’s theIdentityGap.co,
to take a quick survey that will help shape this
book, that will be out in October of this year
by Entrepreneur Press and Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S. So be sure to head over
to theIdentityGap.co, and I look forward to
sharing more information with you next week, good luck. (upbeat music)

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