I Stopped Drinking Coffee For A Week And I’m Never Doing It Again

This week was terrible.
I hated it, and I’m
never doing this again.
I’m Abby. I love coffee,
and I am giving it up for a week
because Business Insider’s making me.
I drink coffee every day,
multiple times a day,
many different types: cold, hot.
And I’m gonna give it up, I guess.
I have no idea how many
cups of coffee I drink.
Just like a constant
state of refilling my mug.
At home, it’s harder because
I have to make it myself
and I’m lazy, so I’ll usually
just have one French press
’cause that’s as much as I can deal with.
I think the max is like
several cold brews.
I can drink it cold much
faster, which is very dangerous
’cause I drink a lotta coffee,
and then I talk twice as
fast and twice as much,
and so I think I end up
lowering productivity of my team overall.
My biggest challenges are
gonna be not drinking coffee.
I think it’s gonna be, like,
getting into the swing of things
in the morning is gonna be tough.
So tomorrow will be my
first day without coffee.
I am not excited for it, pretty sad,
but I’m going to be too
tired to complain about it.
Today was my first day without coffee.
Honestly, I forgot.
I didn’t drink coffee
because I am very sick.
The hardest part about
not having coffee today
was around 3 p.m. when I realized
I still had to keep working.
But as the week goes on,
and I get over this illness,
and I get angrier
and angrier about not getting coffee,
I think it’s gonna get worse.
It is day three, no coffee.
I’m not sick anymore, and I’m
feeling the caffeine loss.
Right after lunch is when I will usually
go and get my second or
third coffee of the day.
And I couldn’t do that today,
so I almost fell asleep at my desk.
I just want it back.
Right around 2 or 3 p.m. is
when I start to lose all focus.
I feel significantly more
tired today in the afternoon.
Here’s when I want coffee
in general during the day.
I want it right when I get to work.
That’s part of my routine:
And then I want it immediately after lunch
’cause I eat too much and I
make myself tired that way,
so I’ve gotta combat it
with another cup of coffee.
The first one is the easiest to skip
because there’s more to do
at the beginning of the day,
and so I get distracted.
But the post-lunch cups are a necessity.
Everybody around me is drinking coffee.
The desk to my right has a coffee.
She’s got a standing desk,
and I’m not standing,
so the coffee is right at my
eye level, which is torture.
I can smell it. I can see it.
For whatever reason, people
got monster-size coffees today.
I feel like it was to torture me.
So I’m not looking forward to
the next few days without coffee.
I’m really looking forward to being done.
The plan was to get up around 9
and start packing my apartment.
It’s now 11:30.
I can’t get over this tired hump
without a cup of coffee.
OK, so this week was different
than I thought it would be.
It wasn’t really like
things got really hard
and then it was fine. Some
days were harder than others.
The days that I was home were hardest
because I didn’t have anything to focus on
other than wanting coffee,
and then the occasional afternoon at work,
mostly because it disrupted my routine.
I was more tired at times,
but I think the biggest hurdle to get over
was just not having that
as a part of my day.
So I would get to work in the morning,
not get my cup of coffee,
and then immediately just be grumpy.
And then, finishing the
day was also difficult
because I’m used to having
that second pick-me-up.
I was like, “I don’t really
wanna do this, but I have to.”
And usually, with my cup of coffee,
I’m like, “All right, it’s time to work.”
So I think it was more an attitude change
than a productivity change.
I definitely had less headaches this week,
almost none, probably ’cause
I was drinking more water
and less caffeine.
That being said, I still want the coffee.
People kept hiding their coffee from me,
so I at least know that I made
other people uncomfortable
throughout this while I was uncomfortable.
I don’t wanna cut coffee out.
Coffee and I, we’re like this,
and I’m not willing to lose
that relationship quite yet.
Thank you.
It’s perfect.
This is the best kind of ice too.

William Babineau


  1. Most terrible experiment ever. First she was sick then didn't even replace the coffee with something else

  2. What happened to day 2, and day 4 🤔 ? I wonder if this channel is turning in to another buzzfeed.

  3. There's another one. The horror. I remember the guy who skipped breakfast for a week and hated it.

  4. I don't even drink coffee anymore and I can survive easily with a protein shake

  5. Everybody calling it addiction is an idiot.
    Addictions by definition are having negative consequences on your life.
    It might be addictive but drinking it daily is not an addiction unless you are too poor to buy it or have some other medical condition and need to stop.
    This is not the case for most people. Most people just use it as a stimulant.
    Using drugs/food to effect us is not new. It is not bad.

  6. Of course it felt bad .. your body can't function normally if you're addicted to cafeïne and you go without

  7. Quitting coffee is the best decision i ever made! My mind is focused, at peace, feel full of balanced stream of energy, and emotionally feeling zen!

  8. I know a lot of people like coffee but this lady sounds like she's addicted think the maximum is like 3 cups she's talking like she drinks it 24/7 I drink two cups of coffee I get jittery I can't imagine what this woman is like but weren't you supposed to give her an alternative drink like tea instead of making her go completely without it and record what the benefits were? Not to mention coffee is a laxative so if you're drinking more than three cups a day wouldn't she be going to the bathroom a lot? What was the point of the experiment? Other than hearing her complain?

  9. I’ve have not drinken coffee since I was born. Us legends living without coffee

    I looked on an enciclopedia and yes drinken is a word

  10. I’m so thankful I never started drinking coffee, I didn’t enjoyed the taste and I can concentrate fine without coffee.

  11. The comments are full of coffee drug addicts, 2 tweekers a Coke head and ironically no marijuana abusers.

  12. Isn’t this supposed to be a science channel? Where is the science here? This is purely anecdotal evidence about someone’s grumpiness.

  13. I like the aroma of coffee but never liked its taste; I adore how coffee is made by others who know what they’re doing but I just never was a coffee drinker. Yes to boring warm water

  14. Not much science here…just Americans saying “coffee”… A LOT!
    Ironically with the coffee tasting among the worst I have ever tasted in the world.

  15. I would have lied and faked the exhaustion. You pay me to work! Not be a damn guinea pig.

  16. Let's just be clear that you switches the axes on that graph and it looks…. bad. Lol

  17. Ah yes, America. The country where caffeine addiction is widespread and accepted but using Adderall on your exams is immoral lmao

  18. I haven't been drinking coffee for years. It sucks at first, but after about a month you should be good. Whenever I do drink coffee now, it give me a kick so powerful it's uncomfortable.
    I even have to avoid black tea, since I get a rush from that too.
    I do love coffee though, tastes great.

  19. WTF. How is this on "Science" Insider? This is bloggy. The lowest form of content.

  20. Wow! No withdrawal headaches?! Lucky. That's why I can't abandon the stuff. . .

  21. "I went a week without drinking and I'm never doing it again" these are the same people who would hypocritically criticize someone with any other type of addiction

  22. Science insider team, focus on where you positioned your channel at and don't flow with meaningless trends please. We've chosen to subscribe for a specific topics with specific quality.

  23. This is addiction, challange her for a month of no coffee, might cure her from caffeine addiction

  24. We CAN'T drink coffee too often bc our digestive organs will work hard to digest their coffee and we cannot force our digestive organs to work too hard….

  25. It says Tech insider on the top right.But this is science insider…

  26. Next do someone who actually gets caffiene withdrawals… Some people don't turn into demons. Do a part 2 with someone you need a straight jacket to take coffee away from 😆

  27. For any good result you gotta do it longer than a week. She only did it long enough for it to suck.

  28. She doesn't even try to find other alternative. Tea, energy drink or whatever.

  29. You have a caffeine dependency. You need it to get by because you’re addicted.

  30. I've given it up before, it's not that hard but it does make it harder to concentrate.. I dont think I drink nearly as much as her though.

  31. I quite coffee for about 3 years on the recommendation from my doctor that it'll lower my cholesterol….I put on 40lb during that period but my cholesterol levels dropped drastically.
    I'm back on coffee now, I skip it during weekends but I do worry that it is an addiction.

  32. never drank coffee, and after seeing this i never want to drink it.

  33. Probably if you quit the sugar in all that coffe, you would lose some weight.

  34. Hmmm, dependency, withdrawals and relapse. Nah guys caffeine totally isn't an addictive drug, I just need it to give me that little extra boost in the morning… Haha I totally don't rely on it to function haha

  35. Never doing what? Coffee? Or giving up coffee for a week? The title isn't worded well.

  36. Drinking coffee is not about drinking coffee at all. It's about what it represents: the fact that there is something nature can offer us to drink that is not unnatural and that it's not dangerous at the very least.

    This girl, on the other hand, is just romanticizing coffee drinking to fit a narrative that can be made into a video. Like, get a life, b*tj

  37. Why is Business Insider on Science Insider? Dislike.

  38. The coffee is not the real problem. She’s a chubby fat chick. That’s the problem. She needs to run a mile, and pick up a weight.

  39. You can die from coffee but not from cannabis let that sink in like a massive rip

  40. I was drinking 2 or at least 1 coffee per day and then I stopped. I didn't drink coffee for years but nothing changed, I felt exactly the same…. Now I have cup of coffee from time to time and still feel the same. Nowadays people consider everything "addiction"

  41. Honestly, studies research that coffee is good for your health if you just drink one cup of coffee/day. But 3-4 coffee/day? I can't imagine that at all

  42. I stopped drinking coffee because im too lazy to make it not because I had to

  43. I couldn't stand more than a minute of this. I don't think I've ever heard such horrible, infuriating vocal fry IN MY LIFE. I might as well have been listening to Kim Kardashian. 😡

  44. Cruel torture. It was painful just to watch this poor woman suffer (as I sit, hugging my coffee…)

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